Who Does the Jabari Parker Injury Help?

It was quite unfortunate to see that Jabari Parker is set to lose another season to a torn ACL. He’s likely to miss some time into the next season as well, which for a talented young player that is still developing is awful. This isn’t even taking into consideration that the Bucks were one of the only teams able to consistently give the Cavs problems this year due to their size.

Anytime one door closes, however, another one opens. The biggest question is going to be who sees their minutes and production increase with Jabari Parker off the floor. Let’s take a look at who stands to benefit the most from this unfortunate situation.

Giannis Antetekuonmpo

I know it sounds strange saying that Giannis is going to benefit, considering he’s a ceiling level player as it is, but in both games without Jabari, his production has been up from what it had been weeks prior. Even though he had some good outings, I don’t think we saw what the ceiling would be for him yet. He’s certainly capable of putting up over 70 fantasy points in a game, and I think we’ll start to see that sooner rather than later.

So far without Jabari, he’s averaging about 37 minutes per game. If the game stays close, and he can manage to stay out of foul trouble, I think we could certainly see him get over 40 minutes because Jason Kidd has no one else on that bench that can come close to putting together the type of game that Giannis could. He’s going to be a strong play until his price gets up near that $12k mark on both FanDuel and DraftKings. He’s a non issue in season long leagues because he was a top 10 pick.

Thon Maker

Maker is a point per minute monster. The biggest issue is that he isn’t getting that many minutes. He’s very raw, and he’s the type of player who can accumulate fouls very quickly. Still, in the two games without Parker on the court, Maker has put up a little over a fantasy point per minute. He’s got the size to be a truly special NBA asset, but he is still very raw.

Jason Kidd initially decided to start Maker against the Lakers, which just didn’t work out very well. Once being moved back to the bench role in the second half of that game, he had about 15 fantasy points in 10 minutes in the third and fourth quarter. The next game, against the Pacers, he also had a nice game, this time specifically because he was off the bench the entire game. The issue with him is that I think he’s in play more during games that aren’t close than the ones that are.

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Malcolm Brogdon

I want to say congratulations to Matthew Dellavedova for tricking the Bucks into believing he was a quality basketball player. He did it to the fans in Cleveland because he once [notice that is singular] shut down Stephen Curry in the NBA Finals. Unfortunately, Cleveland fans aren’t very difficult to trick. He is currently being out played by all accounts by a second round rookie from Virginia in Malcolm Brogdon. I don’t think it will be much longer before he’s back on the bench.

In back to back games, Brogdon has not only been a much better defensive player [Bucks a combined +35 with him on the floor vs. -22 with Delly], but he is also a far more astute offensive player already as well. The big winner of this Jabari Parker injury isn’t necessarily going to be a forward; it is going to be the person who can step up and take over the production Parker was putting up. While it is entirely possible that a group of players do it, I wouldn’t be shocked if Brogdon was the guy who really wins here.

Michael Beasley

We’ve all seen the upside of what Beasley can put together. He’s been on many fantasy tournament winning lineups because he’s constantly priced cheap, and will have big games a few times a year. It’s happened in back to back years with the Heat and the Rockets. I think Beasley is a lot like Thon Maker. Their games are no where near the same at all, but just in the fact that I think Beasley works best when he is the third or fourth scorer on the time and particularly coming off the bench.

That’s not what the case is here. He’s a guy who can definitely score, but I truly question at this point in his career if he can be the number two guy on the team, and that’s what we are talking about here. I look at him as being a more useful DFS play than someone you want to grab in your season long leagues, unless he starts to show the consistency we want.

Mirza Teletovic

Mirza has been known to be electric. He had a huge year last year in Phoenix, but you could see the writing on the wall when he signed a deal to come over to Milwaukee. His year has been a total loss from a fantasy prospective, but this injury certainly helps to open up some opportunities for him. He’s had one good game since the injury occurred, so there is definitely something to build off of there. Will it materialize though?

I don’t think so. He’s also seen in 20 minutes in both of those game. I think part of it is that Jason Kidd is trying to figure things out, but I think the bigger part is the idea that I don’t think that Teletovic really fits in this offense. He should, and you’d think that Jason Kidd of all people would figure it out, but it’s not coming together. He’s a great DFS option in places, but overall I don’t think he’s going to be the winner.

Greg Monroe

Of everyone on this list, you would have thought that Greg Monroe would have been the no brainer. Jason Kidd is sticking to his guns, though, and is refusing to move Monroe and Brogdon off the bench because of how well they play together. I think this is a huge mistake, because Beasley and Teletovic should and could be enough fire power off the bench, as well as John Henson and Thon Maker, that it would make sense to surround Giannis with the top talent left on the team.

I would put Monroe as a close second to Brogdon as far as who I want. I think both should be available enough in leagues, and honestly, this could be the daily fantasy player in me, but Brogdon is just a bit cheaper than Monroe and I think that makes a difference. As the year goes on, I won’t be shocked if we see Monroe around the 32 minute mark per game.

I hope this helps give you some perspective on how this injury works out.

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