Things are certainly heating up moving into the middle of July, with the football season hovering around the month and a half point from starting. Each week, we take a look at three players who are rising and three who are falling in NFL fantasy football drafts.


Darren McFadden – RB – Dallas Cowboys – ADP: 180

It should really be of no surprise that McFadden finds himself on this list. He’s the backup for a team that will almost certainly lose their starting running back for a few games to start out the season. We know that Dallas is a run first offense, and it’s likely that fantasy players value McFadden’s early season potential.

Considering he’s falling in the late rounds or completely undrafted in 12 team drafts, it’s worth a punt on McFadden even if he’s only going to be usable for two weeks. Running back is always a tough position to fill, and McFadden ran well in 2015 behind this offensive line.

Robert Turbin – RB – Indianpolis Colts – ADP: 210

Perhaps is is just happenstance, or perhaps there is a growing movement of players that think this is the end of the road for Frank Gore. Each year, we talk about it being the end, but it hasn’t been. Surely, though, it will be eventually.

Turbin was taking some of the goal line work away from Gore, which lowers Gore’s value considerably. If Turbin continues to do that, or if Gore were to be injured, he would make a good add as part of a strong offense. However, with Gore healthy, there is really no need to go this route as of yet.

Rex Burkhead – RB – New England Patriots – ADP: 189

Burkhead isn’t getting drafted on ESPN or CBS, but does make the list at Fantasy Football Calculator. Last week, he was one of our top fallers. Clearly, fantasy players just don’t know what to do with him. He’s on an offense with way too many pieces, but yet, he rises this week.

This could partially be a reaction to the news that Dion Lewis could be on the roster bubble. It’s unlikely that Burkhead would fill the Blount role, a newly created term for something that really didn’t exist prior to last year. He’s got some upside, but only circumstantially, making him undraftable.


Jalen Richard – RB – Oakland Raiders – ADP: 238

Someone has to be the odd man out in the Raiders running back situation. Marshawn Lynch has the potential to dominate the backfield this year, and DeAndre Washington has some upside that could keep Richard mitigated enough this year that it gives players cause for concern when drafting.

Truthfully, I cannot imagine even considering drafting Richard unless there was news about injuries to Lynch. The drafting of handcuffs is one of the silliest fantasy football strategies there is, but because of the mass appeal of it, players think it is the right move to make. Don’t be that gal/guy.

Ryan Fitzpatrick – QB – New York Jets – ADP: 176

To be honest, I was shocked more than anything to find out that Fitzpatrick was being drafted at all. The Jets are a football wasteland, and could very easily be the worst team in the NFL with no hopes for the year even prior to the season starting. They are so bad that we aren’t even hearing talk about San Francisco/Chicago/Cleveland coming close.

Now rumors are coming out of Jets camp that Fitzpatrick might not end up being the starting quarterback. This after earlier reports this offseason that there were jokes being made of Christian Hackenberg hitting reporters with passes due to his inability to control the football. I’d have to imagine Fitzpatrick starts the year, but I could see him being benched at some point.

Jared Cook – TE – Oakland Raiders – ADP: 178

Cook is actually being drafted on all three sites, which is somewhat surprising. Really, he’s been one of the most highly talked about tight ends coming into fantasy football drafts for years and can never seem to actually come through when you take the risk of drafting him. Maybe a new home will help him out?

Probably not. Cook is the most overrated tight end we’ve seen in years and I can’t see his situation getting any better any time soon. He’s an easy avoid in fantasy drafts, and his ADP should probably be even lower than this.