Each week, we want to look at players that are rising and falling in NFL mock drafts. This will help you get an idea of where value lies when it comes to your actual NFL fantasy football drafts.


JuJu Smith-Schuster – Up 100 – WR Pittsburgh Steelers

JuJu is in one of the best offenses in the NFL, and could see some pretty solid production even in year one. The receiving situation in Pittsburgh beyond Antonio Brown really is a question mark, and it would not shock me to see Smith-Schuster end up with some attention even early on in the year.

The question is, though, will he be worth drafting? Right now, he is being drafted on average in about the 12th round. If you are thinking he could end up being the number two on this team, that is not the worst place to take him. I am still a bit leery about this situation, but I get the idea of why you would want him.

Jay Cutler – Up 74 – QB Miami Dolphins

That was quick. More than quick, probably unnecessary. Cutler was signed this past week as Ryan Tannehill partially tore his left ACL. It is not all bad for the Dolphins, though. Cutler has experience in Adam Gase’s offense, so the learning curve will be favorable. This offense is actually in a pretty good position.

I do not hate Cutler, but I just do not think it is worth looking into him yet. The possibility of being a QB2 is there, but I do not see too much of a chance that he has a huge year. You would be drafting him late, so it is not all that bad.

Jamaal Williams – Up 38 – RB Green Bay Packers

Williams was a pretty highly touted pick coming out of the draft to a team that might be somewhat unsettled in the backfield. Williams has a ton of talent and I do not think the Packers are completely sold on Montgomery being a full time running back in 2017.

He has now moved roughly into the 10th round in 12 team leagues, and that is on average. I am expecting about a 40/40/20 split between Montgomery/Williams/Jones in 2017, but I think there can be a ton of value especially if Williams can emerge with his 40% as a goal line specialist.


Charles Clay – Down 91 – TE Buffalo Bills

The Bills offense beyond Taylor, McCoy and Watkins is pretty sketchy at this point. Zay Jones has a very real chance to be a solid number two in this offense. Clay could very well end up with a solid role and is not really being taken seriously despite being solid overall.

I think he could finish as a TE1 depending on how things roll out, but if this offense takes a step forward in 2017, I cannot imagine him not having a solid role with it.

Zach Miller – Down 61 – TE Chicago Bears

Apparently, this week is going to be about tight ends falling off. Miller makes a ton of sense as well. He is getting older, has a ton of injury history and the Bears just used a draft pick to bring in Adam Shaheen. There have even been rumors that Miller might not even make the team.

I think that is probably a push, though it could be a real possibility. When he was on the field, he did have a pretty good amount of upside, so if he stays on the time and a top the depth chart, he could be someone you would want to look at the first few weeks on the waiver wire if your tight end is not performing.

Ryan Mathews – Down 57 – RB Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles backfield has been all over the place in the backfield. At various points, Mathews, Smallwood, Pumphrey and Blount being possible candidates for a big year. As things have leveled out, it looks like Mathews could be on the wrong side of that equation.

The rumor has been over the past few weeks is that he was a likely cut candidate. He will resurface with another team if he is cut. I do not think he is the most talented running back in the league, but he is talented enough to latch on with another team.