Top 5 Possible Quarterback Moves for 2017

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: QB on the move this upcoming NFL season.  As sure enough as Nick does not like the PSU (now NY Jet) QB who shall not be named and as sure enough as Ben loves him some 80s/90s rap/hip hop, sure enough is that QBs will be on the move every year in the NFL season.  Let’s look at a few QBs that could have new uniforms in 2017 and where they could play.

Jimmy Garoppolo – New England Patriots.  Bill Belichick could take a guy from Taco Bell, put him in at QB for a game, and we’d see rumors that he’ll be traded for a 1st round pick.  The Jimmy Garoppolo contest is on come March 9th.  You’ll see Cleveland on just about every QB list.  A QB under Hue Jackson has a shot to shine.  If you listen to the podcast, you’ll hear the love for Josh McCown who has played well in Cleveland.  I think he’d be an interesting fit.  A dark horse to think about as well is Chicago.  Cutler is gone.  Brian Hoyer can play well for 4 or 5 games until he’s hurt.  Will they roll the dice?  It wouldn’t be the worst move.  If the Patriots really are looking for a 1, I don’t think he goes anywhere.  If they’re looking for a 2, the Patriots should be calling Cleveland.  It’s a good move for both clubs.  It would allow Cleveland to work on their defense and offensive line with their 1st round picks.  If you’re a QB and you can throw to Terrelle Pryor (wooo for western PA) and Corey Coleman, you have to feel good about that.

Fantasy Take – If Garoppolo remains with the Patriots, his fantasy value is nothing, unless Tom Brady goes down. He’s still even a skeptical dynasty pick, as Brady wants to play for 4-5 more years. If he gets moved to a team like Cleveland, then obviously his fantasy value does increase, but it’s still tough to say by how much. It’s tough to believe that his value sky rockets moving to a team like the Browns. The opportunity will be there, but that’s still a bad team.

Kirk Cousins – Washington Redskins.  How could Washington let him go?  They can’t, right?  They aren’t going to start Colt McCoy.  Cousins was franchised in 2016 and he proved he’s worthy of a long-term deal.  The rumor is that the team and Cousins are far apart.  Does he even want to play there?  I would imagine yes.  The staring WR group will look different with Jackson and Garcon gone.  Jamison Crowder proved to play well as did Jordan Reed, when healthy.  But where else could he go?  Enter San Francisco.  Kyle Shanahan was a huge Kirk Cousins supporter when he was drafted.  Shanhan was the Washington OC at that point.  If the Skins to not sign Cousins long-term and they don’t franchise him, they could place the non-exclusive franchise tag on him which would allow Cousins to flirt… “negotiate” with other teams.  If another team signs him, they’d have to give two first round picks.  If Jay Cutler (in 2009) can be moved for two first round picks, then Kirk Cousins certainly can.  SF and Cleveland are QB needy.  They are most likely the front runners.

Fantasy Take – Cousins is going to be an asset wherever he ends up. Washington will use the franchise tag on him again, but it is highly unlikely that Cousins makes it past 2017 as a Redskin. The smart money right now is that he ends up with the Niners, as Kyle Shanahan was his initial supporter, and I think that they will work something out for him to end up there. I highly doubt he moves going into 2017.

Tony Romo – Dallas Cowboys.  I think we can all agree that Tony Romo will not be with the Cowboys in 2017.  Dak Prescott is the man there now.  Would he take the short trip to Houston?  The Texans have room under the cap even with the Osweiler trade.  Give Romo a shot ($3-$6 million for 1 year deal?) and at worst, you’re right back where you were with Osweiler/Savage QB battle.  At best, if Romo can stay healthy, you’ve got a QB who has proven he can play.  The Texans are a great football team.  Talented WRs, talented RB, good offensive line, great defense.  Their one weakness is QB and Tony Romo can rectify that.  That said, there is the worry of him being hurt.  There’s also the rumors of him going to Denver.  Presumably he’d battle with Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian.  I don’t expect that.  I don’t see Romo going to Cleveland either.

Fantasy Take – Romo is highly likely to end up being moved and being a starting QB in 2017. His knock is his injury history, which undoubtedly led to Dallas taking a flier on Dak Prescott in 2016. The move to the Texans is the best case for both sides, as I think Romo under center [presumably he stays healthy] makes the Texans a dangerous team.

Brian Hoyer – Chicago Bears.  Someone put respeck on his name.  I don’t know what that means but the kids say it.  Brian Hoyer has a pattern.  He gets picked up by a team to be the backup.  The starting QB goes down.  Hoyer plays well for a while and gets hurt (or in case of Texans: completely bombs in playoff game)  See: Cleveland, Houston, Chicago.  Could this be the year he’s drafted to START?  Stranger things have happened.  He’s played in Cleveland and Houston already.  Maybe he stays with Chicago?  Cutler is out.  Barkley probably isn’t the answer.  Maybe Chicago drafts someone and Hoyer is the bridge QB.  Could Kyle Shanahan have eyes for him?  They worked together in Cleveland.  Hoyer had a successful record in Cleveland.  How many Browns QBs can say THAT?  One thing is for sure, if he goes somewhere to be the backup, you’ll see him start at least one game.  It’s just what happens.

Fantasy Take – This was discussed and predicted on the Fantasy Football Universe Podcast last year. The take is the same this year: Hoyer signed as capable backup, starter gets injured, Hoyer plays well. He’s going to be a valuable commodity for a team looking for a capable backup [c’mon Pittsburgh, this could be a decent bridge], that can start games more than capably if necessary.

Tyrod Taylor – Buffalo Bills.  Could he be released by Buffalo?  Yes.  He COULD.  Let’s just go with the easy prediction.  Hue Jackson wants a veteran QB (maybe not as veteran as Josh McCown) and Browns QB coach, David Lee has worked with and likes Tyrod Taylor. Taylor does give a unique look for the Browns.  They have offensive talent and Tyrod can make plays with his legs.  I’m not saying he’ll change the game in Cleveland but the Browns could and have done worse.

Fantasy Take – Taylor has been a pretty good fantasy quarterback, despite not really having a ton of talent around him. A move back to the AFC North could be beneficial to him, and I think that he could be a top 15 quarterback in 2017.


2017 QB Predictions:
Tony Romo – Texans
Jimmy Garoppolo – Patriots
Kirk Cousins – Redskins
Brian Hoyer – 49ers
Tyrod Taylor – Browns

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