Top 10 Wide Receiver Punts – Fantasy Football

It seems that the fantasy football community has been shifting into tiers recently. I will rank my players numerically and divide them into tiers for the people who still enjoy the good ole’ rankings system (which there is nothing wrong with) and for the followers who enjoy the flexibility of tiers (my preference). Now, we must understand tiers can change from one site to another. My rankings have more tiers than most because I am confident in my skills at separating players by 5-10 points.  In my opinion tiers help you be a little more free when it comes to draft day, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Today I will write about the good, the mediocre and the ugly out of one of my lower tiers. The wide receiver 10th tier consists of receivers 57-66 in my rankings. The ADP of receivers being ranked this low are right around the 13-14th round. These players can turn out to be some of the more consistent starters on your team. Yes, they can also be a wasted pick and your first transaction drop to make room for the guy sitting in the 12th tier. Maybe it’s a toss-up, maybe it’s luck, maybe it’s skill to get a player in the final 2 rounds who will be on your team at the end of the season. Whatever you want to call it, I find it the most intriguing part of the offseason research.

Nick Faber’s Tier 10 Rankings (6/15/17)

  1. Mike Williams – LAC
  2. Zay Jones – BUF
  3. Kevin White – CHI
  4. Sterling Shepard – NYG
  5. Ted Ginn – NO
  6. Tyler Lockett – SEA
  7. Paul Richardson – SEA
  8. Tyler Boyd – CIN
  9. John Ross – CIN
  10. Taylor Gabriel – ATL

THE GOOD: There’s actually 4-5 players that I’m falling head over heels for in this tier. Lockett, Boyd, Gabriel are some honorable mentions for the good part of this article but I’ll quickly highlight my favorite 2. Zay Jones is my favorite out of this tier. He has a lot of hype and put into a position to quickly succeed. With Maclin going to Baltimore it seems as if Jones’ inside track to earning the WR2 spot is in the clear. Eric Decker does still linger and may go to Buffalo for a look around. As of now, though, I’m jumping on the rookie’s hype train. Kevin White is the other receiver I’m liking a lot as a late round flier from this tier. 19 receptions, 187 yards, 0 touchdowns in 2 years in the NFL. He shouldn’t be taken before round 13 in any drafts unless he impresses a ton in mini camp and preseason moving his ADP up. I understand about his tendency of finding the IR but that’s not scaring me off this year. 4 games last year, no less than 6 targets in any game played and as much as 14 in a game against the Cowboys. Glennon will throw the ball and it’s either going to Meredith, Wright or White. I’ll take my chances on the third year wideout.

The Mediocre: The honorable mentions for the mediocre grouping is the rookie Mike Williams, too many targets for Rivers, and Shepard, I like him in the slot but not as much upside. Ted Ginn is the first mention for this grouping, in the wake of, Brees talking him up already. Ginn is a speedster with a second year receiver leading their teams way. I foresee an injury on the horizon for a Saint’s receiver and Ginn to step up with a couple big games. Paul Richardson is the other player that’s staying in the back of my mind. As much as I don’t want to draft him, he has the potential to be great for the Seahawks. A healthy Wilson should increase all the Seattle receivers. Baldwin will get his share and, like I said earlier, I’m loving the third year receiver Lockett. However, Richardson is a sneaky 4th year receiver who has size and hands that can gain Wilson’s trust.

The Ugly: There’s only one player not either honorably mentioned or discussed in this article and it’s the electric, rookie, John Ross, who I’m not buying at all in 2017. Yes I’ll take him in the last round over my tier 11/12 guys for the simple fact that he could scorch down the sideline. But, don’t be surprised when the newest rankings come out next week, and Ross finds himself in the tier 11 grouping. He’s injury prone with an NFL injury already. I’m not putting any money down on him competing in all 16 games. I bought high on Boyd last year and I’m going back to the well with him this year. I’ll give Ross a year or 2 to really find his stride.

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