The above image is the image from the first article I wrote on ResearchFantasy.

I have been running ResearchFantasy pretty much by myself since the NBA All-Star Break in 2016. While that might not be a lot of time, it amounted to well over 1,000 pieces of content – honestly, that is like 2.5 pieces of content a day.

It really did not make much of an impact on me. I am a balancer. I have learned over the years to balance personal and professional like few others can. However, my career path took a turn in July, and I have since then found myself incapable of handling the balance of ResearchFantasy and starting a new business.

I also came to realize that the business model in which ResearchFantasy was using is not sustainable in the market currently. I was never able to turn this into a situation where this could contribute enough to my bottom line to warrant continuing. I have some great ideas in mind as to how to change this, but it is going to take time – time I do not have right now.

I am taking a hiatus from my daily articles and other content on ResearchFantasy. Ideally, I would love to return to a more limited capacity around the start of the NBA season. It is my favorite fantasy sport by far, and I will hopefully have by business in a position to afford me the time and, most importantly, funding to continue this endeavor.

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to read an article, purchase a premium package or just talk DFS with me. I think for the most part we always put out at least decent content. Sometimes it was at the top of the pile, and I know other times it lacked. I think that is common in this industry.

I look forward to coming back with something that will be a better reflection of what I originally planned for ResearchFantasy. I look forward to reconnecting with you then.

Nicholas Volinchak.