NHL DFS Picks – 12/16/16

We are back with another NHL DFS Breakdown. Thursday was nice in giving us a pretty good size slate, and we’re back on Friday with what looks to be a nice seven game slate full of games that should be exciting. These picks should be usable in either cash games or tournaments tonight.

Prices listed are FD/DK.


Sidney Crosby (9300/8600) – Tonight is a night that hockey is being played, so obviously Sidney Crosby is a good option. He’s someone I firmly believe you can build your lineup around tonight, despite the ridiculous cost. The Penguins should be able to beat the Kings who have been traveling for awhile now, and are coming off a game last night.

Nathan MacKinnon (7200/6600) – The Panthers will continue their road trip tonight as they coast into Colorado to take on the Avalanche. If you want to save some money at the position and have around the same upside, but a lower floor, I think MacKinnon is a good option for you. He’sl playing excellent hockey and should be able to take advantage of a team that hasn’t been doing too well.

Tomas Plekanec (5600/5500) – Plekanec is cheap, but is a heart attack waiting to happen for his fantasy owners. Since jumping to the top line, he’s had games of 26.4, 0, 32 and 6.4, hardly the consistency we would like. Moreso, those are huge, huge jumps. I think I could still stomach him tonight against a San Jose team that doesn’t seem to play very well on the road.

Henrik Sedin (5200/4400) – I have no faith left in the Lightning. Admittedly, I don’t pay attention so much to win/loss records, just how I know a team performs from a fantasy capacity, so I could be way off, but I feel like they’ve spiraled. They get a Canucks team that is bad, but frustrating, and the Canucks are on their home ice. The Sedin twins have been favorites of mine for awhile, although they haven’t been as potent yet this year. I find this to be a nice spot to toss them in your lineup, as you are getting a nice salary relief with him.

Wings –

Tyler Toffoli (5900/5400) – I really don’t like the spot for the Kings tonight, but as he proved last night, Tyler Toffoli makes for a nice tournament play. He doesn’t have the consistency of Jeff Carter, but he can still score and I think if the goaltending for the Penguins isn’t clicking tonight, he could be a guy who takes advantage of it.

Reilly Smith (4900/4600) – Colorado can certainly be susceptible to giving up some goals, so I think in tournament it might not be a bad idea to have some exposure. Smith isn’t an everyday scorer, but I think he’s in a decent enough position today where I could see it getting done. This is an excellent price to pay on a night where I do feel like I want to spend up with some heavy hitters.

Daniel Sedin (6700/5500) – I already mentioned one Sedin, so why not the other? Daniel has been the more consistent of the two, and is priced attractively in this matchup here. I think I can stomach using both of the Sedin’s in my cash game lineups, as I can see them connecting for at least one score tonight, but there is upside for more if things go right.

Jonathan Drouin (5500/5700) – Typically, with Vancouver on the slate, you’d think we’d be writing up the other side of the puck. Injuries are taking their toll on this Lightning team, and they don’t even have the benefit of skating on home ice tonight. Still, I can see a guy like Drouin having to do more with the puck tonight, and if that is the case, he could very well turn out a nice fantasy performance at a nice price.

Defensemen –

Rasmus Ristolainen (5400/5900) – One game we haven’t touched on yet is the Islanders/Sabres game, which could very well be a great one to target, especially with +/- a thing of the past. Ristolainen has been very good all year, but has been on point lately. The price is right where I would expect it to be, and he’s one of my top players of the night.

Johnny Boychuk (5000/4900) – On the flip side of the game, I could see a guy like Johnny Boychuk or Nick Leddy being in a good position. Normally, I go with the cheaper option, but today, I’ll step it up with Boychuk, who I think can put together a nice fantasy outing. I think this game should see a handful of goals scored and Boychuk should be a part of it.

Matt Niskanen (4800/4600) – Niskanen brings me back to the time where I was first starting out in NHL DFS. Kris Letang and Ollie Maata were both on the DL and Niskanen was basically free and hitting the score sheet every night. Things certainly have changed, and while Niskanen hasn’t been as potent with the Capitals, he’s still in a nice position tonight. His play has come around lately, and I think you could see him have a good game at this price.

Tyson Barrie (5100/4800) – I’m a big fan of using two players from a team in my cash game lineups, so I end up with roughly 4x2 stacks, whereas my tournaments are the opposite at 2x4. Anyone, Barrie is a guy who I have no issue pairing with MacKinnon, and I think the duo could be in a good spot tonight to connect for a couple of goals.

Goalies –

Pittsburgh Goalie – Matt Murray is projected to be the starting goalie tonight for the Penguins, and I think he makes a great cash game and tournament play. I think most know by now I have a long standing hatred with MAF, so the only way I am playing a Pittsburgh goalie is if Murray is in the net.

Vancouver Goalie – This isn’t a pay I think you can trust in cash games, but then again, I do think the Lightning are in a bad spot right now. Injuries are mounting, and the more quality players removed from the ice should translate to success for the opposition. The Vancouver goalie will be $8k or under, so you are getting a big steal here in what could end up giving you the salary necessary to build your better team at other positions.