NHL DFS Picks – 10/17/16

The beginning of the NHL season has been action packed and high scoring, and I don’t see any reason why it will end now. This slate has only four games, which marks back to back days of small slates. There two other days this week with 2 and 3 games, and this just seems unnecessary. The NBA used to do this, where Tuesdays and Thursdays had 2-3 games, but Adam Silver made a correction to that to spread the games out more evenly, and it provides a much better viewing experience. The NHL still seems to be a bit behind on things like this, so expect gaps in this article this week.


Evgeni Malkin – I’m shorting the list of wingers and defenders today as there are about half as many games on the slate than usual. Malkin gets a terrific matchup against a Colorado team that is going to struggle defensively, and definitely should against one of the better offenses in the league. Malkin is skating on the top line with Sidney Crosby out, and should see plenty of chances to get the puck into the twine tonight.

Kyl e Turris – Typically for road games, you are told to focus on the second lines, as they have the better road matchups. While that may be true, it isn’t exactly set in stone that they will be the only line to succeed. This Ottawa team can be aggressive, and could be one of the top scoring teams in the league this year. Especially since we don’t have to worry about +/- anymore, this is a great line to look into.


Blake Wheeler – I don’t like what I have seen out of Boston defensively this year. They are coming off a game where they just got beat into submission by the Maple Leafs, and continue their road trip into Winnipeg. I’ll gladly look into this top line of Winnipeg with the home ice advantage to do some damage tonight.

Mats Zuccarello – If I had to guess, I’d say that I think that the Ranger options could come in a little underowned in this one. The Sharks have only given up 3 goals this year, and even on the road, they have to have your eye. Still, I think the Rangers can manage to put a goal or two in the net, and I would suspect that Zuccarello can find his way into being involved.

Gustav Nyquist – Ottawa might score a lot of goals, but they can also give them up too. Nyquist is at home, and isn’t skating on the top line, which should cause people to stay off of him. Despite having an assist in each game thus far this year, he has been very, very quiet, only putting together one shot on goal. I’d expect that to change sooner rather than later.

Joonas Donskoi – The last time I wrote one of these, I put over the second line of the Sharks. Well, it didn’t come through huge, though Logan Couture was able to score a goal. Donskoi was left off the score sheet, but I like how this sets up for the second line again tonight, and think that Donskoi could be a good option to differentiate from the crowd.

Defensemen –

Dustin Byfuglien – Of the more expensive options on the slate, I could see Byfuglien being the lowest owned. He has a prime matchup, and should certainly be able to take advantage of it. I can see Winnipeg putting up a handful of goals, and Byfuglien could have his hands in on a few.

Mike Green – I think that Detroit as well should manage to put a few goals in tonight, and I like Green’s chances of getting a helper or two. He is also likely to take some shots on goal, and this helps to inflate his overall score. I don’t mind him in any format tonight.


Marc-Andre Fleury – Honestly, I don’t know if I used Fleury one single time last year. Regardless of that seemingly random comment, I cannot figure a way to talk myself out of using him tonight. I think he’s got the best matchup, and he has the highest probability of a win. On a short slate like this, that is all I am looking for. I am not going to talk myself out of it, and just go with what I think is the surest thing.

Martin Jones – If for whatever reason you want to go off of Fleury, I would be fine with running Jones, even on the road. He has started off pretty solidly on the year, and I am not completely sold on this Rangers team. There is basically no difference at price, so it shouldn’t affect your roster construction.