Welcome back to another edition of our NHL Breakdown! Today, we get 6 games, which is a little less than I like, but I will still take it on a Sunday.

While yesterday I was focusing on 4-2×2 stacks, which I still am considering today, I am also looking at targeting power play lines, specifically with Dallas and Edmonton, both playing teams in the bottom 5 of penalty kill percentage. For today, I might amend my 4-2×2 rule into 2-3×2’s and then 1 2×2 for my cash games. We’ll see.

Enough with the verbiage, on to the games!


Jamie Benn- Normally, I am all about targeting the second lines on the road, but I will make an exception in this one. I really like the shot of Benn and Seguin combining for a few goals on the power play, so that is going to sway me into them in my cash game lineup.

Gustav Nyquist- Speaking of second lines on the road, Nyquist fits that role perfectly. Even though I like Crawford as a goalie tonight, I don’t think he gets a clean sheet. The first line of Detroit is absolutely neutered at this point, but I don’t think anyone in the league is going to let them run free. I expect Nyquist to have an easier chance at putting the puck in the net.

Robby Fabri- Again with the second line, the rookie is in a good position here with vet Paul Statsny along side him. He has some big games under his belt, and today against Minnesota can be another one.

Phil Kessel- Any Pittsburgh line can score, but I like this one today. Kessel is a known goal scorer and New Jersey has been substandard in recent weeks. I like his shots at least a helper.

Mark Stone- I am going to have some Ottawa love here as well, because Dallas likes to give up goals too. Stone is an easy play for me, as this is the more powerful scoring line at this point. Usually I would go with the top line at home, but not tonight. 

Charlie Coyle-Coyle seems to be playing well with Parise and Koivu, and although St. Louis can be tight, I think this unit will have an opportunities and if they can take advantage of them, you can find a goal at a reasonable price.



Tyler Seguin- If you like Benn on the power play, you should like Seguin as well. I have no questions about their potential tonight. I just hope they can pull through, as they have not been playing great as of late. Could this be the night for a double digit performance?

Connor McDavid- For the same reason I like Benn and Seguin, I like Hall and McDavid. Winnipeg is bottom five in penalty kill, and Edmonton has shown they can put the puck in the net. I think they are perfect cash game targets, but also have some benefits in tournaments.

Riley Sheahan- This won’t be for the faint of heart, and is better served for tournaments, but being on the second line with Nyquist puts Sheahan in a position where I think he could be involved in some way with a goal today.


Erik Karlsson- I like Karlsson to be in for a big game today. I think this could be a situation where he can take advantage of a Dallas team that gives up goals and Karlsson being the point man on the power play doesn’t hurt.

Kris Letang- Any time the Penguins are on the schedule, you have to look at Letang. He is one of the few defensemen who can put up double digit points. New Jersey has been slipping slately, and even if they play at a slow pace, I think there is a spot for Pittsbugh to score some goals.

Alex Goligoski – With John Klingberg out, Goligoski becames the point man on the power play. This is a highly favorable matchup for him, and you can have him at a very low price.


Corey Crawford- If I am paying up for goalie today, it would likely be for Crawford at home against the Red Wings. I think this is a good opportunity for Chicago to get the win, and I have to believe that he shouldn’t let a ton of shots past him.

Matthew Murray- As soon as I saw this slate, I kept saying that I hope Murray somehow starts. I do not think the prospects are good for him to get a shutout or anything, but I think he is cheap, and on a day where I think it is possible that I want to focus on spending on my skaters, I might just take the cheap goalie.

That is it for this evening! We will see you tonight, and good luck!