Welcome back to another edition of our NHL Breakdown! We are already moving through the afternoon slate with Arizona committing penalties by the second, giving the Flyers every opportunity to put the puck in the net. I am looking forward to tonight’s slate a bit more, even though it is smaller with just 4 games.

Enough with the verbiage, on to the games!


Johnny Gaudreau- What if I told you my perfect world tonight would be a 6-5 game between Calgary and Ottawa with all 11 goals being score via power play goals? OK, unrealistic scenario aside, this game offers the most upside to me. Johnny Hockey plays remarkably better hockey at home, so he is the anchor for me tonight.

Max Pacioretty- There was a time that Pacioretty was the first guy I put in my lineup. That time has passed. However, Pac-Man gets the home matchup against the awful Maple Leafs tonight, so he has to be considered. His price really isn’t prohibitive for the upside he brings, either.

Josh Leivo- Same game, different team. Also, you probably don’t know who he is. That’s fine. I just found out he existed today myself. The Canadiens haven’t exactly been lights out on defense, so I think Toronto COULD score tonight. Leivo has a nice 4 game point streak going on, and is just above minimum price. I think you could do a lot worse.

Tyler Toffoli- My cash games tonight will have both Toffoli and Kopitar on it. I think that is a great strategy, as you get exposure to the top 2 lines and the top power play line. LA should be able to do what the Sharks couldn’t yesterday and score some goals and I think he should have his name attached to at least one.

Mark Stone- Back to the Ottawa/Calgary game. Stone is the guy I think I want to target the most here, as he has a fair price and should see ample opportunities to score tonight.

Jerome Iginla- Buyer beware- this game is being played outside in some less than favorable conditions potentially. Still, I am anti-Red Wings at this point as they have screwed me through and through, and Colorado has been on the up and up. Yes, that is biased, but I do believe Iginla will light the lamp tonight.


Sean Monahan- I am playing Monahan for the same reason as Gaudreau: much better at home. Exposure to top line and top power play. My prediction is that the two of them combine for 3 scoring situations.

Anze Kopitar- I mentioned all the reasons I like Kopitar in my description of Toffoli. Kopitar scored in his return to the ice and I think Buffalo will come in riding high off of a big victory over the Sharks and be met with force by Kopitar and company.

Matt Duchene- I feel dirty just going 1/2/3 in terms of pricing at the center position, but there wasn’t a ton I liked elsewhere. I guess that is me tipping my hand a bit, but whatever. I think Duchene will have a good showing outdoors tonight and should be in your lineups.


Erik Karlsson- I’m hoping that Karlsson doesn’t do what Brent Burns did yesterday and find a way to stay off the score sheet. Actually, Burns picked up a negative. Against Buffalo. Geez. Moving on, this game should see the most scoring, and Karlsson is the most consistent on this team. Make him fit in your lineups tonight.

Mark Giordano- Yep, another expensive defensemen. I’m sorry! You cannot deny the matchup is there for him tonight and I think he should be involved with the scoring somehow.

Andrei Markov- I played Markov a TON last year to good results and surprisingly haven’t yet this year. Perhaps it is because he has not been as spectacular. He has played well over his last four, gets a dream matchup tonight, and is pretty cheap. That, my friends, is the perfect combination.


Jhonas Enroth- Assuming that LA will save Quick for the more important matchup tomorrow, that leaves Enroth as the likely netminder tonight. You cannot love playing him, but this is some type a revenge game for him. He is actually not my top choice tonight, but I like him for the price and matchup.

Mike Condon- When you see Toronto on the board, the first thing you should do in cash game is select the opposing goalie. Tonight we get a real treat, as Condon is pretty cheap, on a night where putting the top players in your lineup I think is a must. I am just looking for the W here. Give me 5 points, and I will be a happy man!

That is it for this afternoon! We will see you tonight, and good luck!