Week two of the preseason is still underway, with three games remaining on Sunday and Monday. =Saturday came and went with nine games to recap. I’m breaking this article down into A & B. Article A, this one, will highlight the first five games. Telling you my thoughts on certain players who caught my eye in a good way or a bad way. Talking about certain teams as a whole who really excelled or who did the complete opposite. If you’re team didn’t make this article, be patient and side B will be released tomorrow.

Carolina vs Tennessee:

Talking running backs from this game, two players really stuck out to me. Derrick Henry, getting the start for Tennessee, may have scored two touchdowns., one in which Henry could have moon walked into the end zone and one impressive run. Be that as it may, Henry didn’t impress me. Touchdowns are great and if Murray goes down, sure I’ll be buying into the Henry hype. He seems to lack that acceleration burst. His power is noticeable, but in the NFL, it’s not much. It seems to be Murray’s position and I don’t expect Henry to take much from him. The other running back that caught my eye is the same player I’ve talked down about all offseason. Ever since being drafted, I thought Christian McCaffrey was not going to succeed in his first year in the NFL. I will gladly admit, my gut may have been sleeping on this one. ‘Run CMC’ looked extremely impressive. I’m going back on my word and saying I might be reaching just a little bit more for McCaffrey, especially in PPR formats. I didn’t want to believe his quickness and agility would fit well into the NFL. It does, he does, go get him.

Kansas City vs Cincinnati:

Talking rookies when discussing this game. I’ll start with the visiting Chiefs. Kareem Hunt had some explosive plays and showed very capable pass catching ability.Ware was their workhorse last season, but the Chiefs wanted someone who could add a little more explosiveness. Ware will probably get all red zone carries, but in PPR, Hunt might be the running back you want out of the Chief’s backfield.  The Bengals’ Joe Mixon was a very debated NFL prospect. The Bengal’s didn’t care. They drafted Mixon in the second round to challenge the always injured Giovani Bernard and the ever so unimpressive Jeremy Hill. Early reports were that Mixon would be thrusted into the starting role and expected 20, or more, carries a game. Then, right before the first preseason game, that was reversed. Now Mixon is number two in the depth chart and Jeremy Hill is in the pole position. Hill looked like he always does, efficient enough to run in the NFL. This isn’t about Hill though. Mixon looked like he was lost when given the rock. He couldn’t hit holes and when we did get to see him scat around, like he was known for in college, he looked fun to watch but three yards later not impressive.

Indianapolis vs Dallas:

Let us discuss two things here. For starters, was Darren McFadden foreshadowing how well he is going to run for six weeks? Or was this just a case of Dallas proving they are way ahead of Indianapolis’ defense? McFadden looked like a beast with a chip on his shoulder in week two of preseason. Piling up eight yard runs like they were sea shells on a beach. One after one, he embarrassed the Colts. Sure, a fumble deep in Colts territory looked tough. But, after 6 of the last 8 plays were given to you, you’d be a little winded also. I don’t foresee that as a continuing issue or one that’ll make head coach, Jason Garrett, rethink the starter while Zeke is gone. The second thing I want to touch on: don’t draft a single Colt unless your gut assures you Luck will be playing at some point. The Colts look downright dreadful with Tolzien starting.

NY Jets vs Detroit:

I’m just not going to talk much about anyone on the Jets team. If Hackenberg needs to start any game for the Jets this season, I will surely be streaming any defense against them. They were awful in every aspect of the game, offensively. Powell did look like the only player to even contemplate drafting, but I wouldn’t. Matt Stafford looked good though. Only two incompletions, both of which were dropped by either Tate or Jones. Stafford to Jones for a touchdown was as if they practiced that so much it’s engraved in their heads. Abdullah looked explosive. The focus today is that Stafford is picking up right where he was before the broken finger last year. If it’s hard to go back that far, Stafford was a top 3 MVP candidate. Jim Bob Cooter knows how to run this offense and work with Stafford. Detroit looks good, but the Jets look awful.

Green Bay vs Washington:

For Green Bay I want to focus on just how good they are. Aaron Rodgers, yet again, proves to the world with just one drive that he’s the best. Every throw is on point and everyone on the team got to touch the rock. Would have preferred to see a little more out of a big sleeper in my eyes, Jamaal Williams. If he would have scored the one red zone carry he got, that would have been exceptional. But, Rodgers looked at Jordy, Cobb, Adams and the touchdown receiver, Bennett. I wouldn’t say getting nothing but Packers is a smart draft strategy, but on most Sunday’s that might be beneficial. Washington looked a little dull to me. I wanted to see Cousins and Pryor or Crowder to really make me fall in love with Washington this year. But they didn’t. One good touchdown throw from Cousins, was broken up on it’s way to Vernon Davis. If Jordan Reed would have been healthy and playing though, I would put money on him to go up and make that catch. Washington has one more week to make me fall in love with them.