We’re under way! The NFL’s preseason has swung with a loaded bat, dropping seven games on us like a sack of rocks. After a grueling week of teaser games we’re back and ready to go. It may seem like just yesterday the Patriots made the most astonishing comeback in sports, or that the Patriots decided to get one of the best receivers in the game, or 31 other teams tried to make their team as good as New England’s.

Some games I see more fit to indulge a little deeper and examine more players. Some games, the teams look too good or bad to really decipher their strong points and weaknesses. So enjoy my notes of all the preseason games from Thursday.

Sammy Watkins, first four throws in his direction. There seems to be some kind of chemistry between Taylor and Watkins. For the last two months I’ve been selling Sammy for his injury issues, his trends that go down. Quickly admitting to a possible lapse of judgement, the Bills proved me wrong on every throw to start the preseason. Now Sammy just has to show me he can stay healthy for 16 games. A player that reminds me of a car that gets recalled. It’s fixed now, you can trust it they say convincingly. NOTE: Watkins traded to the Rams.

Jonathan Williams looks explosive. He hits the holes hard and shows his patience early. The more I watch, the more he shows the skills I watch for. The eye catching runs. Some players can make a name by being in the tackles and having their head down on every run. Some players make those catchy runs that really make you reexamine your earlier thoughts.

Taylor looks good. Not great. Expect this all season. Avoiding.

The Dalvin Cook show! Minnesota wanted to confirm that Cook can handle the load. Prove the skilled runner can be productive during live play. Seemed to be the first two drives foreshadowed the future. Not that Cook will be the main guy, but that the running back will be heavily involved. I won’t confirm that it’ll be Cook’s spot simply because he was the only one, out of the three players vying for the starting role, to get carries. Yet, the eyes don’t lie and Cook looks like he’ll fit right in, in the NFL.

Austin Hooper was targeted more times than expected in the Super Bowl. Maybe he has the chance to break out this season, but we’ll want to see if he’s involved in the first drive. Play number one; beautiful play designed for Hooper. Right back to where we were a few months ago. Hooper will be involved more this year, be ready.

Atlanta looks good….

If Flacco isn’t out there. I’m not starting a single Raven, except for West.

I like West and see a potential of workhorse. He doesn’t look great on every run, though, he looks like the guy. The best chance of hitting a hole fast with motivation. There’s a fine line between a great runner and a workhorse runner, yet both can be helpful at their respective times for your fantasy team.

I’m not drafting Robert Kelly, or any Redskins running back. Life is too hard without having to decide if they will look like they know what they’re doing. Let someone else make the mistake of predicting the Redskins rushing attack.

100% avoiding Perine. Going to be a few games before he looks comfortable.

Might as well let Trubisky start week one. Admit the failure of the Glennon signing before you embarrass yourself even more. We all make mistakes and in a few years when Trubisky is peaking, the Bears make the playoffs at 8-8. You can look back at the Mike Glennon training camp era and laugh.

I’m not going to be surprised when we look back at the season and realize C.J. Anderson played 14 games, averaged 20+ carries a game and is a top 10 running back. He’ll be overvalued next year, but this year, he may be a steal in the ‘early-mid’ rounds.

Kamara could be great. Too bad he’s buried on New Orleans.

Ted Ginn Jr. can’t catch! He may be good for a few 45 yard touchdowns, but will let every Saint’s fan down on multiple third downs. Predictably, the most important ones.

The Brown’s offense looks bad.

Do you remember in middle school when you were captain for flag football. You chose this kid named Pete because he was the tallest kid in your class. Thinking to yourself, this kid is 6’4 and I’m 4’8, he’s got to be skilled at football. Soon there after, realizing he is just tall and lanky with no sense of coordination. That’s Brock Osweiler. He can’t throw his way out of a paper bag.

Crowell won’t be successful if Brock starts. Fact.

Carson Wentz is fun to watch. He can evade pressure, make accurate throws. Just show me you can stay calm in the fourth quarter this year.

Green Bay showed me three things. First, Adams should repeat his stats. Second, I’m drafting Jamaal Williams, reason being that he will get touchdowns. Third, Rodgers didn’t even play yet moves up in my rankings. His supporting cast proved to be stunning.