NFL Preseason DFS Friday Picks Week 2

Here we go with another edition of our NFL Preseason DFS Breakdown. So far, the preseason has been pretty successful, and our picks should be helping you make at least a little cash, as we get ready to go all in on the NFL season. This will be yet another interesting slate of DFS football, as it is very short with only 3 games on the slate. With that few options, I will basically just break down a few at each position. Saturday is a much bigger slate, and we will focus on breaking that down tomorrow.

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Dak Prescott (Dallas Cowboys) vs. Miami Dolphins

When I look at the options on the slate, no one sticks out more than Prescott. If you took our advice and played him last weekend, chances are that you had a nice night. Even though the starting unit is probably going to play a little more tonight, I still think Prescott will see ample time. Romo will start, but I think Jerry Jones and company are going to want to see more out of Prescott. They’ve got to decide if he is their backup or if they need to start looking elsewhere.


Darius Jackson (Dallas Cowboys) vs. Miami Dolphins 

One thing you need to accept on short slates is that often times you’ll have to use combinations you wouldn’t normally use, such as QB/RB instead of QB/WR or QB/TE. This is one of those situations. Ezekiel Elliott and Darren McFadden won’t be playing. Alfred Morris will get the start, but he’ll likely only play one quarter. This should leave a lot of opportunity for the Eastern Michigan product against what was one of the worst rushing defense situations in the NFL last year. I think they’ll give him another look this week, and should be able to produce a nice outing.

Isaiah Pead (Miami Dolphins) at Dallas Cowboys

The Dolphins get the benefit of another bad run defense in the Dallas Cowboys. There are a lot of backs in the Dolphins backfield at this point, and they are going to have to figure out who they want to keep. Obviously, Foster, Ajayi and Drake are safe, but there are still a number of guys fighting to impress. I think that Pead is likely to see a fair amount of run in the second half of the game, and if he is able to produce like he did last week, there is a good chance at a nice preseason outing.


Charone Peake (New York Jets) at Washington Redskins

I had a bit of a tough time liking some guys I really liked, but I think Peake fits in well here. First, he looked the best out of any Jets receivers in the opener. OK, not a big deal, it’s the preseason. I get it. However, with this team running a lot of four wide receiver sets, that can mean quite a bit. He looked sharp in his time on the field last week, and this is a considerably better matchup against a Redskins defense that really struggled to contain the pass in 2015.

Keenan Allen (San Diego Chargers) vs. Arizona Cardinals 

This is definitely more of a gut call than anything else. It hasn’t been confirmed that Allen will play yet, but it looks as if he will. If he does, it is tough to say exactly how much he will play. Something tells me that the goal will to be to get him back up to game speed, and you’ll see him stay on the field with the first team offense as long as they play. Allen is a PPR monster, who has tons of upside if he can stay healthy. I think he could see a handful of receptions and decent yardage of he can play through the first quarter.


Troy Niklas (Arizona Cardinals) at San Diego Chargers

Niklas was just promoted to first string offense this week, and I am not surprised. Jermaine Gresham hasn’t been able to stay healthy, and Niklas is a high upside player. I expect the Cardinals to really try to work him into their offense this year, and he makes for a nice play on the preseason slate. He could see a little extra time with the second team as well.


If I was going to go with one defense, I’d probably look to the Washington Redskins against the New York Jets. If the first team doesn’t score, I think there is a good chance that the second team will struggle. Also, Christian Hackenberg is likely to get some playing time, and I think he’ll have a tough time acclimating.