The start of the fantasy football season is just two months away. Each week, I will take a look at some of the top stories and investigate their fantasy implications.

Isaiah Crowell posts stupid photo to Instagram.

It is probably a good idea for sports stars to get rid of social media. I won’t mention Crowell’s unspeakable post, but nonetheless, it probably hurt him more than the team has let on. This team will likely be playing from behind a lot again, and the passing game is better than it has been for a few years, which may or may not be saying something. Duke Johnson is a more sure-handed receiver, which I believe puts him above Crowell for fantasy purposes this year.

There have been no movement in talks between the Jets and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

This is bad news for all fantasy assets in New York. Fitzpatrick works well in this offense, and this directly affects the fantasy production of everyone on the team. If they are unable to get Fitzpatrick signed, it is likely that Geno Smith will be in the driver’s seat again, with Bryce Petty or, God forbid, Christian Hackenberg, vying to take the job from him.

No drop off in production from Drew Brees/1,200 yard floor for Brandin Cooks?

Some Saints “news” came out this week that Sean Payton hadn’t seen a drop off from Brees. I hadn’t thought this would be the year it would happen, and I am drafting him based off another year of stellar production. With Marques Colston out of the picture, Cooks should now be the main dog in New Orleans. He is currently being drafted around the 30th pick, which makes him an excellent pick in that range.

Justin Forsett is having the best offseason among Ravens RB’s, and looks to be their guy

I will take this with somewhat of a grain of salt. Forsett is a good runner, with a history of injuries. The team drafted Buck Allen in 2015 and Kenneth Dixon in 2016, and I can’t imagine their plan is to let them sit around. He could certainly have a good year if he can stay healthy, but I am not buying it. I think that Dixon is the cream of the crop here, and while he shouldn’t start immediately, I think they’ll find ways to get him the ball. Still, Forsett’s ADP off 88th overall can be appealing.

Adrian Peterson is still running 4.49 – 4.55 40-yard dashes

There doesn’t appear to be any end in sight for Adrian Peterson. He is still running very quickly, coming in close to where he ran this drills out of college. He is clearly an athletic freak. I am hoping that the Laqoun Treadwell signing will cause draftees to assume the team wants to focus more on the passing game, and look to other options than Peterson. He is still in the league’s elite at the position. His ADP is currently 6th overall, and we have him at 7th overall and 3rd at his position.

Tom Brady appeal denied; Final step: Supreme Court

It looks highly unlikely that Brady will be playing those first four games of the season. The only way it would happen is if the Supreme Court would accept his appeal. If it did, then he would be free to play until the conclusion of the trial. I am no legal expert, but it is doubtful that he will be playing these first four games. He is currently being draft 68th overall, and is 9th on our QB list because of the looming suspension. However, he is the best quarterback in the NFL at this point, and being able to pick him up in the 5th-7th round is laughable even if he is missing four games. Kirk Cousins and Ryan Tannehill are both being drafted very late, and could be targets to use in the first four weeks of the season with pretty high ceilings. I will have an article detailing this in the coming days.

Cleveland Browns DE Desmond Bryant likely done for the year

Well, if the Cleveland Browns defense wasn’t already fun enough to pick on, we now have one of their top players on that side of the ball done for the year. The Browns are in serious rebuilding mode and it is a step down in quality for who should replace Bryant. At this point, it would be advisable to start your guys playing against the Browns every week, and be prepared to see a lot of their opponents on DFS rosters.