NFL FanDuel and DraftKings DFS Picks – 2016 Wildcard Weekend

Wildcard weekend is upon us, and even though we’ve got four games on the slate, it is more than enough for us to play daily fantasy. I won’t be putting out our normal amount of picks due to the fact that we’ve got such a small slate, but these should still help to put together good lineups this weekend.

Prices are FD/DK


Aaron Rodgers (8600/7900) – It’s really tough to look past Aaron Rodgers at this point, because he is playing better than any other quarterback has all year. The Giants defense has been pretty good against the pass, but this is playoff time, so we aren’t going to pay too much attention to that. With the running game as invisible as it is, I think it’s highly likely that Rodgers will be the top quarterback again this week.

Russell Wilson (7700/7000) – Wilson really stuck us last week in an ideal matchup against the Niners, but like I said above, this is playoff football. In addition to that, Detroit has been very bad against the pass this year, so he should be able to find plenty of room to work this weekend. He’s the only one I see with Rodgers like upside on this slate because of his ability to run the ball.


LeVeon Bell (10300/10300) – In my opinion, there is such a vast gap between Bell and the next best back on this slate, so it’s pretty clear that we should start building our lineups here. Yes, the cost is out of this world, but it could end up being possible that his production will not be able to be made up anywhere else. As a result, he’s my top overall play on wild card weekend. Miami has also struggled to defend the running game this year.

Paul Perkins (5900/4100) – I think there are a lot of ways you can go at RB2 on this slate, but Perkins is the direct I’d go. His play has been ticking up recently, and I think the Giants will keep him involved with things this week. I’d expect them to have to pass the ball more, and I think that is one of the things Perkins does well, or at least he did well at UCLA. The price is great, especially on DraftKings, and certainly balances the high cost of Le’Veon Bell.


Odell Beckham Jr. (8900/9100) –As I just said above with Perkins, I think Eli and the Giants are going to have to pass the ball a lot to win this game. Beckham is his most sure handed option, but it could be difficult to fit these players together as a result of their prices. I don’t think it’s as necessary to spend up at receiver with Bell on this slate, but I don’t think you can go wrong with fitting Beckham in there if you can. He should be able to beat anyone that the Packers put on him, so he’s a high ceiling play this weekend.

Jordy Nelson (8500/8000) – If I was going to be left with the decision to use Beckham or Nelson this weekend, it would be Nelson. It has some to do with the slight discount that you get, but mostly because I think that he’s just more reliable in big game situations. I will be using a lot of Rodgers/Bell/Nelson lineups this weekend, and I wouldn’t be shocked if that core ends up winning someone a tournament.

Devante Parker (6000/4200) – We are going to have to find some places to spend down this weekend, and even though Parker isn’t a bottom of the barrel option, he’s still pretty cheap. I think the Dolphins are another team that very well could have to pass the ball quite a bit to find success against the Steelers, and Parker is an excellent way to differentiate from those who go with Landry. His price on DraftKings is awesome.


Jimmy Graham (6600/5300) – It’s crazy to think of the year Graham has put up, falling a little under 1,000 yards while scoring some touchdowns. It was truly a nice bounce back campaign for him. He’s priced pretty nicely for this contest, and we know how the Lions have been against the tight end position at parts of the year. I could see this being a big game for Graham.

Eric Ebron (5700/3900) – The Seahawks, likewise, have been hurt by tight ends this season. If I am going anywhere other than Graham on this slate, I am highly likely to start looking at targets, and that is where Ebron jumps out at me. The price is really nice, and he should be able to come close to hitting double-digit points, and more if he can get into the endzone.


Green Bay Packers (4600/3200) – In the playoffs, the defenses can be a true crapshoot. I think the obvious play will be the Seahawks at home, and I see nothing wrong with it. If I was going to try to differentiate, I think it would be with the Packers at home against the Giants. We’ve seen good Eli and bad Eli, and if bad Eli shows up this weekend, the Packers defense could end up with a big game.