Week eight was completely different from what we saw in weeks six and seven, where the chalk plays seemingly all just fell apart. You’re going to have that in any sport, but that doesn’t make it any less frustrating. I hope these brief game breakdowns help you to understand a bit about what could very well happen this week in the world of fantasy football.

Atlanta Falcons @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Week nine kicks off with arguably the most exciting game for fantasy purposes as the Falcons travel to take on the Bucs. This games will likely skew the Thursday night cash games, which usually don’t feature too many players from the game, as they have been low scoring or have teams that lack fantasy potential. In cash games, I’d use a few players, and it tournaments I’d either go hard or stay off completely.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Baltimore Ravens

The Steelers quarterback position is currently a big question mark for the Steelers coming off their bye week, but it does look like Ben will probably miss. I think that leaves Le’Veon Bell as the only true option here. The Ravens aren’t exactly full of fantasy options themselves, so this could end up being a situation you can end up avoiding almost entirely.

Dallas Cowboys @ Cleveland Browns

The Cowboys will travel north to take on the winless Browns in what should surely be a romp. Ezekiel Elliott should be considered the top play at the running back position this week, despite the fact that the Browns haven’t been awful against the run. I think you can probably grab a few guys from each team and run them separately in tournaments and have some luck.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs

I am hoping we see folks jumping to the Blake Bortles bandwagon after his huge performance during junk time in week 8. While it is likely that this team could end in junk time, there is a real chance that Bortles may not be the quarterback during that time. Another massive beat down like we saw could result in Bortles being benched. This looks like it could be a Chiefs defense week.

New York Jets @ Miami Dolphins

This is going to be a very interesting situation to say the least. I’m expecting high ownership on Jay Ajayi despite the fact that this is a bad matchup on paper. This could end up being a rather sneaky game for fantasy purposes, as I could see several plays in this game turning into nice plays.

Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants

This divisional matchup could be rather bland. The Giants offense isn’t exactly doing big things, and the Eagles defense has stayed surprisingly consistent. I could clearly see this being a very low scoring game, and overall, I think you can find better plays in other games.

Detroit Lions @ Minnesota Vikings

Just like the matchup above, this could end up being a rather low scoring affair, but there could be some fantasy goodness in there. The Vikings defense again will likely be a very high owned option, while guys like Theo Riddick and Kyle Rudolph could end up finding their way into multiple fantasy lineups this weekend.

Carolina Panthers @ Los Angeles Rams

This Panthers defense made Carson Palmer look relatively stupid this past weekend. He was a perfect example of a guy who had a horrible football game that translated well into fantasy production. I highly doubt we will get a similar result from Case Keenum, but the point here is that I’m looking forward to multiple lineups with the Carolina defense.

New Orleans Saints @ San Francisco 49ers

Typically, we want to target the Saints at home, but this could ultimately be an opportunity to do it on the road. The running back situation is very much up in the air right now, and that is the first place I would want to attack. I think there is a lot of tournament appeal to the 49ers as well, and this should still be a game that is chock full of fantasy goodness.

Tennessee Titans @ San Diego Chargers

This as well could be another game that has some good fantasy prospects, as both of these teams can be had on the defensive side of things. This sets up for DeMarco Murray to have another big game, while Philip Rivers should be able to find some success through the air, making him an interesting option as well.

Indianapolis Colts @ Green Bay Packers

Aaron Rodgers has to be strongly considered as this Packers team has absolutely no running game, and everything is running through him. The Colts defense is atrocious, and this sets up for another 30+ point game. The best thing that could happen here is that Indianapolis stays in the game, and we could see Rodgers put up the biggest performance from a quarterback all year.

Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

The Sunday night game could very well end up completely and totally one sided, as I just don’t see the Raiders being able to hang with the Broncos. I’m sure we’ll see high ownership on Devontae Booker, but I think there are some other guys here who have some fantasy appeal as well.

Buffalo Bills @ Seattle Seahawks

I could not think of a less exciting Monday Night Football game, as this will feature two teams will unexciting offenses and pretty strong defenses. For me, I’ll likely side with the Seattle defense, and spend most of this game looking forward to week 10 of the season.