NFL Breakdown – Week 6

This should be a high scoring week of fantasy football, as we now enter the sixth week of NFL action. The article isn’t designed to give you our favorite plays, as much as it is to vet out how we think the action could go down. These breakdowns won’t be very long, but are designed to act as an overview.


Denver @ San Diego


The last three weeks of Thursday night games have produced one top DFS producer: Blount, Green and Johnson. Who could it be this week? Unlike most games, this has a lot of options to choose from, or it could be none at all. I’d venture this to be another low scoring Thursday.


San Francisco @ Buffalo


Colin Kaepernick is now the starting quarterback of the Niners, and I am not so sure that is a good thing. I think that is a tough position for him to come back to, and I could see this being a game where you would likely want to look more toward the Buffalo side of things.


Philadelphia @ Washington


Philadelphia fell short after coming off their bye week, but look to rebound against a relatively weak Redskins team. I really want to find a reason to play an Eagles running back against what is a weak Washington run stop, but they’ve given little reason to want to give them any type of trust.


Cleveland @ Tennessee


This game will be a battle between two teams that have given up a ton of points to opposing defenses early on in the year. I think Tennessee will be a highly owned defense, but don’t sleep on Cleveland, as Marcus Mariota has been all kinds of awful on his home turf.


Baltimore @ New York Giants


Baltimore has been pretty good on defense this year, and for the most part, we’ve really seen some struggles out of the Giants offense. Eventually, one has to expect Odell Beckham to have a big game. I can’t say that I feel confident about it happening this week, but it could.


Carolina @ New Orleans


Without a doubt, this will probably be where many fantasy lineups start and stop. We know that Drew Brees is pretty darn good at home, and this Panthers secondary is a joke. Cam Newton had a monster game last year against the Saints, and if he is playing, has to be considered one of the top options on the slate.

Jacksonville @ Chicago


I am interested to see how high the ownership of Jordan Howard, Brian Hoyer and Cameron Meredith with be, but I’m guessing they will be up there. I think there is a reason to look into this game for fantasy action, as both of these defenses are pretty bad.


Los Angeles @ Detroit


I was high on Todd Gurley last week, and I have to admit that I was pretty lucky to get the result I did with him. The Rams apparently don’t understand blocking edge rushers when running the ball, and until they do, Gurley won’t have the running room. There are some options here, but this isn’t a game overall that I am too high on.


Pittsburgh @ Miami


Miami has a ton of problems right now, and I cannot fathom how they are going to be able to get out from underneath them. Regardless, I think the Steelers secondary have enough holes that I think Miami could keep this close and I like this game to provide a lot of fantasy goodness.


Cincinnati @ New England


I cannot fathom seeing the Tom Brady train stopping this week, and I think we are due for that monster Gronk game. It could be Edelman too, who knows? Either way, Brady is Brady and should definitely be on your radar of plays at the position this week.


Kansas City @ Oakland


Oakland is always a great target for fantasy production, and I cannot see this week being any different. The Chiefs running game makes for an interesting mess with Charles coming back, but the Raiders are in the same boat for the most part. I think there are a few guys you can use here in either format.


Atlanta @ Seattle


I cannot suggest anyone on the Atlanta side of the ball, despite all being tremendously talented in this road matchup against the Seahawks. Seattle, on the other hand, has a few guys that could end up putting some pretty good numbers up this week against a mostly poor Atlanta defense.


Dallas @ Green Bay


Raise your hand if you thought both of these teams would be sporting pretty solid defenses through the first quarter of the season. Yeah, not too many. I’m inclined to believe that Rodgers should be able to make things happen for the Packers, and I think Zeke should get it done against the Packers front.


Indianapolis @ Houston


Houston has been pretty good against the passing game in 2016, and Andrew Luck has been pretty average to be honest. We do know the Indianapolis defense lacks a lot, and I think this could be a great spot for the Houston offense to get back on track, especially in the running game.


New York Jets @ Arizona


I really want to believe that I can use the Cardinals defense, but they’ve let us down in good spots before. Brandon Marshall is a big physical receiver, and I think he’s going to be tough to shut down. I think there are a number of options on the Cardinals side of the ball that could be in play this week as well.