Each week, after we update the NFL ADP, we will look at who have been risers and fallers during the week. This list will likely not see a ton of movement week to week, but one of the most important, and under looked, parts of fantasy sports is how the draft will go down. News one way or another can significantly send someone’s stock up or down. I usually look at news that sends a players ADP down because if it is superfluous, I can get a nice player at a discount.

With that said, here are some risers and fallers this week:


Robert Griffin III – It shouldn’t be a surprise, but RG III makes the biggest jump this week at 79 spots up. Part of this is likely due to some realization that he is going to be the starting quarterback for the Browns week 1, barring something Cleveland-esque or injury. While all of his weapons are basically in their first or second year, it is an offense that has a ton of upside if things go right. It’s not like he jumped into the first round of the draft; he’s still sitting around the 12th round, but could be a great buy late in drafts. He has a favorable schedule to start the year.

Charles Clay – Tight End is always a tough position to decipher if you don’t end up Gronkowski. I somehow always end up in a position to not take him, so I usually end up waiting for someone I think has upside. One of those guys was Clay last year. He didn’t have a great year by any stretch of the imagination, but if you use a two tight end strategy and play them based off matchup, you could find great success. I would imagine his rise would have to do with Sammy Watkins injury woes and the realization by fantasy players that there are no real receiving threats outside of Watkins and that Clay could see increases usage. I do think Clay is in a good spot to improve on his 500 yard, 3 touchdown campaign of 2015.

Paxton Lynch – News broke last week that there was a wide-open competition at quarterback for the Denver Broncos. This had to have been expected, since there isn’t much of a reason to move up to draft a QB unless you plan on them threatening to start. Denver has two excellent receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. They have a few other receivers that could certainly develop too. This isn’t a rookie getting drafted into a much tougher situation like Cody Kessler or Jared Goff, for example. I don’t think he is a guy who should be starting in year one, but honestly, we’ve seen worse.


Mark Sanchez – It shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that Sanchez finds himself here. Do you really have faith that Mark Sanchez can win a competition with a rookie? Do you have faith even if he does that he will keep his job? Would you have really even thought about drafting him? He’s on the wrong end of his career right now, and it is likely that even if he does get the nod as starting quarterback that he will do enough to warrant using him in your league.

Javorius Allen – I don’t know if it is the thought of a healthy Forsett or the addition of Trent Richardson [just kidding] or the drafting of Kenneth Dixon, but Allen’s stock seems to be on the decline. He is the type of player I would have some late round interest in. I still believe he is a talented back, and Forsett is no spring chicken in terms of running backs. Kenneth Dixon hasn’t proven anything yet, but I am a big believer in him. Ultimately, he is a guy who could have value in 2016, and as far as I’m concerned, the further he falls, the better.

Darren McFadden – All aboard the Ezekiel Elliot train. Well, everyone but me at least. Jerry’s backfield is very crowded these days, with Elliot, Alfred Morris and McFadden headlining the group. Everyone salivates at the idea of Elliot playing behind the Dallas line, and I get it. The upside there is real. We saw guys like McFadden have big years behind that line. However, I just don’t think it is a great idea to be drafting Elliot in the first round, which appears to be his new landing spot. I do think there is still value in McFadden, even if for nothing more than a handcuff. It’s tough to say how things will pan out going into the season, but we do know Dallas will run the ball.