Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight we are looking at a 6 game slate, which is small, but playable.

Two games on the slate are under 200: UTA/PHO and IND/NY. Three games are under 210: CHI/MIL, MEM/ORL and BOS/LAL. One game is over 220: POR/GS. I wouldn’t pay a ton of attention to the spread, as anything can happen in April in the NBA.

On to the action!

Points Guards:

Stephen Curry- The Warriors finally lost at home Friday night, and that cannot possibly be happy. I fully expect them to come out tonight and just jack up shots and make Portland really regret what Boston did to them on Friday.

Isaiah Thomas- Speaking of Boston, it is hard to look away from Isaiah today with his team set to take on the Lakers. Taking point guards against the Lakers has been a great idea for the last few years, and nothing changes things tonight.

Jerian Grant- With Calderon out tonight, it will be the combination of Grant and Galloway leading the point. Grant is just above minimum price, which gives him the chance of making great value on tonight’s slate.

Shooting Guards:

Jimmy Butler- Providing Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson are out, Butler becomes a no brainers. Milwaukee is one of my favorite teams to target, and Butler showed how good he could be by putting up over 70 fantasy points yesterday.

Khris Middleton – Middleton had a rough time over the previous two weeks, but finally flashed that talent we saw all year against Orlando. Butler is going to be spending far too much time focused on playing offense to defend tonight.

Langston Galloway – Like I said above, Galloway and Grant are the two guys who will be the point tonight. It isn’t that the matchup is necessarily fantastic; it is that the price is so low.

Small Forward:

Giannis Antetokuonmpo- Giannis put up a nice showing against Orlando, and I believe he will put on a similar display tonight against Chicago. I’m hoping for one last 60 point game. Here’s to hoping this is it.

Jae Crowder- Crowder has some time off, and looked refreshed in his last outing. He received a game off in between, but one would imagine he will be playing tonight. The matchup against the Lakers is excellent, and he should have every opportunity to succeed. 

Harrison Barnes- Barnes has been playing much better basketball over the last week, and the hope is that it can continue into tonight. The matchup is not great, but I think Barnes does enough that he should be able to get over the 20 point mark. 

Power Forward:

Draymond Green- There is no one on Portland that can match-up with Green. He has been playing very well after a period where he was just underwhelming. I expect the Warriors to put it on the Blazers tonight, and Green should be a big part of that. 

Jabari Parker- Parker has been playing well again recently too, and gets a very good matchup against the Bulls, who are likely to be short Taj Gibson. I’m not saying Gibson is a great defender, but he is going to do a better job than Portis.

Trey Lyles- This is totally contingent on Derrick Favors sitting, and if he does, Lyles is in for a big night. His price is not reflective of what his new role would be, and the Suns are another frontcourt I like to attack.


Pau Gasol- It is likely to be the Gasol and Butler show again tonight with no Rose and Gibson. In my opinion, there is no point in looking elsewhere.

Greg Monroe- I love the spot for Monroe tonight, as, much like Butler, Gasol will be playing no defense while focusing on offense. Monroe is a stable cash game play, but with Jason Kidd at the helm, you ever know how things will play out. 

Ian Mahinmi- If you want to save even further than that, Mahinmi has been beating value regularly over the last ten days. The matchup against the Knicks isn’t scary, and he certainly has a shot of going over 30 fantasy points tonight.

Good luck tonight!