NBA Daily Fantasy Breakdown – 3/19

Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight we are looking at a 8 game slate, which is excellent. The NBA has done a great job this year with the schedule, as there are enough games to play DFS most nights.

Of the 8 games tonight, Vegas only has one under 200: UTA/CHI. Four games are under 210: LAC/MEM, NY/WAS, CLE/MIA and BKN/DET. Three games are under 220: OKC/IND, HOU/ATL and GS/SA. Only two games have spreads over 9: BKN/DET and LAC/MEM. Nothing really jumps out at me as a must avoid situation.

On to the action!

Points Guards:

John Wall- Wall was a massive irritant last time out. He put a great first half, and then proceeded to turn the ball over seven times in the second half. Philly was able to pull close, which resulted in them fouling Wall a lot and Wall getting ample free throw attempts. Jose Calderon is not threatening in the least bit, so Wall should be able to have his way with him tonight.

Goran Dragic- Dragic has actually been a fairly stable source of production, and I certainly think it should continue tonight. Kyrie plays offense, not defense, and with the team relying on him so much in the last few weeks, should be in a good position to make value tonight. 

Shelvin Mack- His price is finally starting to get to the point where you have to think a bit before putting him in, but the matchup against Chicago is too good to pass up. Mack is looking like a guy who has really taken over his position in his new home, and has looked like a borderline all star in recent games.

Shooting Guards:

Monta Ellis- Monta has been mostly consistent, and that is what I am looking for in my cash games. He has upside too, but I am more focused on the stability. The game against OKC should stay close, meaning Monta will need to be involved for the Pacers to stay in it.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope- KCP is another guy who is just so consistent, gets more minutes and is cheaper. That is a great combination in daily fantasy. He is one of the first people in my lineups on most nights, and tonight won’t be any different.

Josh Richardson – There is still risk here, and the Cavs do guard the position well, but Richardson has been playing well as of late. He doesn’t have to do much to make value, but he is still risky enough that he should only be used in tournaments.

Small Forward:

Kevin Durant- I like Durant just a little bit more than I do Westbrook here, but that is probably just splitting hairs. I think there is a good chance that Durant could be the highest scoring player on the slate, and at a position that is typically not full of excellent options… 

Bojan Bogdanovich- Except tonight, as this position has several potential plays under 5.5k that could make it worth just playing value at the spot. Bogan is hitting his shots, and that’s great, because he is totally dependent on that. Detroit is a tougher team defensively, but I think Bojan should still get his.

Michael Beasley- His price is going to start to go up within the next few days here, as many of the sites have become quicker to price players up. Until then, I will continue to play Beasley, as he is the top option for scoring when Harden leaves the floor.

Power Forward:

Paul Milsap- Who’s going to guard him? Seriously though. This is why taking power forwards against Houston have won people money all year. That trend won’t change tonight, and Millsap is a must have for me tonight. 

Derrick Favors- I debated Favors vs. Thad Young for a good amount of time this morning. I will admit my first instinct was Young. He has been playing well. Then I thought “Who is going to guard Favors?” Seriously. Mirotic? McDermott? Portis? The answer is none of them. This sets up well for him. For what it is worth, Thad did just put up almost 43 fantasy points on them the last time out.

Donatas Motiejunas- I view Donatas as being one of the most boom or bust plays on the slate, but he is certainly the type of play that WILL win you a tournament. It isn’t often you get a guy who can hit 10x value. When you do, they made GREAT tournament plays. Stay away in cash games though. 


DeAndre Jordan- This is a great opportunity for DeAndre tonight, but I just can’t get excited for him in my cash games, as he has been incredibly hit and miss, but he has some good potential tonight. Without Gasol, and potentially Randolph, there is no rim protection. DeAndre should eat them alive. 

Andre Drummond- Drummond has been playing solid, but not spectacular ball. There is going to come a point where he has a massive game, and I am going to take the slight discount on him tonight hoping that it occurs. The last few nights have been about the value center, and tonight, I am going a different route.

Steven Adams- If you want to go the value route, I believe Adams is a great play. The hype has been on Kanter, leaving Adams underowned. He put up a 30+ point game yesterday, and gets a good matchup, especially if Mahinmi is out.

Good luck tonight!