NBA Daily Fantasy Breakdown – 3/15

Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, we get a 6 game slate with some good games slated to take place. The slate is kind of small, and I think there are going to be a lot of plays in common.

Checking out the Vegas lines, all games tonight check in at over 200. Four games are projected at under 210, and are in ascending order: LAC/SA, TOR/MIL, BOS/IND and PHI/BKN. The two highest games are DEN/ORL and SAC/LAL. The most likely situations for a blowout would be LAC/SA, and with SA playing at home, I wouldn’t go wild attacking this game. Should be a lot of overlapping plays, so you will need to differentiate in tournaments to have any success.

On to my favorites!


D’Angelo Russell – I imagine that the Laker/Kings game will be one of the most popular of the night to use players from. For me on this Lakers team, there are two guys I want exposure to: Russell and Clarkson. This type of matchup suits them both, and I expect both of them to have big games.

Darren Collison – On the flip side of the game, I think it makes sense to get some Kings in your lineup. Rondo has not been playing overly well lately, and while I think he makes a good tournament play, I will likely take the savings and use Collison in most of my cash games. His arrow is pointing up and I love the matchup.

Brandon Jennings – Elfrid Payton is out, CJ Watson is questionable, so it looks like it might be down to just Brandon Jennings. Unless Scott Skiles I out of his mind, which is totally possible, Jennings could see all the run he can handle. The opponent couldn’t get much better either. I’m looking for a big outing from Jennings if he plays.


Victor Oladipo – Orlando is in a position where they have almost no active guards on the roster. If that is the case, Oladipo is going to be used for a ton of minutes tonight. Denver has been playing in close games lately, and if Orlando wants to win they are going to need a big game from Oladipo.

Jordan Clarkson – Shooting guards against the Kings? Yep! Clarkson hasn’t been his dynamic self lately, but a matchup against the Kings is enough to right the ship. I will have several stack variations of this game, and Clarkson will be in most if not all of them.

Sean Kilpatrick – This is a tournament play only, but Kilpatrick must be earning the trust of Net’s management due to outplaying both Wayne Ellington and Markel Brown. I don’t think he has a major upside, but on a night like tonight, if he can get you 25 and allow you to spend elsewhere, it could go a long way to help your bankroll.


Kawhi Leonard – I’m not in love with this game, but Leonard has shown that he can put up fantasy points in quick fashion. I like him to eclipse the 40 point mark tonight, and should be the top scoring SF on the slate tonight. While I don’t hate Giannis or George, I don’t particularly love the matchups.

Evan Turner – I expect Turner to benefit most from Crowder being out, even if he isn’t starting. The price is getting up there, but he really does have legit 50 point upside in the right situation. I don’t like how he plays with Thomas, so I tend to not want to use Thomas if Turner is going to get more run, as Turner loves to dominate the ball.

Bojan Bogdanovic – Bojan is never a guy you feel great about playing, but regardless of that, he is still getting minutes, and the matchup against the Sixers is not intimidating in the least. He should be a safe bet for about 20 minutes, which in cash games is all you are really asking for.


Thaddeus Young – Young has been so consistent, and I say that every time I write him up. The gravy train once again comes around as Young gets his former team in the Sixers tonight. He should be an easy bet for 30 points, with upside at around 40. He is a great cash game play tonight.

Nerlens Noel – The front court of the Sixers is razor thin tonight, which means Noel should see all the minutes he can handle. Barring he stays out of foul trouble, he has good upside and a safe floor tonight against the Nets.

Carl Landry – Everything I said about Noel could also be said about Landry. Well, except for the minutes part. I don’t think he is going to see very many minutes. He is efficient with those minutes, however, and I think another 25 point game is certainly feasible for him tonight.


DeMarcus Cousins – I mean this one seems pretty simple to me. Cousins is the top play tonight by a large margin and should absolutely dominate the Lakers in every way imaginable. He has 70 point upside tonight and you don’t want to be without him if he does.

Brook Lopez – Lopez has too many up and downs for me to trust him in cash games, but just when you count him out, he puts up a 55 point game. The opponent is there tonight in the Sixers, so don’t be surprised if he dominates and ends up over 50.

Nikola Jokic – I love targeting centers against Orlando as none of their centers play any kind of defense at all. Jokic has 40 point upside, and maybe more tonight, if Malone plays him a significant amount of minutes. That is the question though. His rotations never make sense, and just when you think you have them figured out, it blows up in your face.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s all win some cash!