NBA DFS Picks – 12/9/16

Thursday night provided us with a six game slate of basketball, and Friday will jump that number up to nine. There certainly are some very attractive options here, and I see a number of plays jumping off the page at me in regards to being a good play. This should be a great slate for tournaments, as a lot of high upside situations exist as of now.

Pricing is FD/DK


Russell Westbrook (12700/12800) – If I am spending up on one player tonight, it will definitely be Russell Westbrook. He’s playing on a whole different level, and nothing and no one will stop him. He’s priced pretty crazy here, but it is reflective of his upside. There is definitely a very real chance he may not hit 5x value, but if he finishes with 62, are you going to be mad? No, you play the guy who can get you the highest score, and then worry about finding value at other positions. That should be the model you use tonight when creating your lineups.

Eric Bledsoe (8000/8400) – One thing I basically live by is playing point guards against the Lakers. That has worked even with guys like Patrick Beverly. Bledsoe is an actual point guard that can score the ball and is definitely a triple double threat in a matchup like this. I could see him crossing the 50 fantasy point mark tonight, making him an excellent play in any format.

Marcus Smart (5100/5500) – Isaiah Thomas has already been ruled out, so we will be seeing a lot of Smart here. He had an OK game Wednesday night, but I think he could build off of that tonight. The price came up a bit, but he’s got 40 point upside, priced as a value option. That is exactly what we are looking for when crafting our lineups, and you can bet he will be very highly owned again.


Nicolas Batum (7100/6500) – Batum has been playing very consistently as of late, and this price for him on DraftKings is just laughable. I can easily see him breaking the 40 fantasy point mark again. Orlando is improving their defensive identity, but Batum is a smart and saavy player and should be able to do what he needs to do to get points on the board. He makes a great option in both formats tonight.

Louis Williams (6000/6600) – Williams had an off game on Wednesday, which really just came down to having six turnovers, but still a lot of points. Phoenix provides an excellent opportunity for Williams to get back on track and I think this price is still too low for the matchup. I will be using him in my cash game lineups and most of my tournament lineups as well.

Courtney Lee (4100/3800) – Courtney Lee has been pretty consistent, but his price doesn’t really move too much. Sacramento has been bad against opposing shooting guards, so I think this is a great spot for Lee to hit the 25 point mark. It’s unlikely that he’ll do much more, but at that price, 25 points will do.


LeBron James (9800/9600) – It’s hard to look past LeBron at this price, but man are the Heat banged up. Still, they’ll have both Dragic and Whiteside, plus a few others that should help them keep this game close. I would expect LeBron to be able to break the 50 point mark tonight, and makes an excellent play on either site and in either format. I especially love him on DraftKings, because he’s very likely to hit at least 5x value.

Harrison Barnes (6100/6100) – Barnes was just about as bad as you can get on Wednesday. He looked completely and totally incompetent on the court, which is not surprising, since he spent most of his career at Golden State doing the same thing while Curry, Thompson and Green carried the team. We all have to remember that he is very risky even on a team where he may or may not be the top option, but this is a good spot for him tonight.

Thabo Sefolosha (4200/4400) – Thabo is an unexciting option tonight, but who cares. He’s likely to break the 20 point mark if he gets the start, and the Bucks can play loose enough at times that he could even approach 30 if the peripheral stats are there. I think he is playable in both formats, but I just wouldn’t hold your breathe that he is able to put up a big game.


Kristaps Porzingis (7400/7700) – The power forward position is probably my least favorite today, but we’ll make due with what we’ve got. Kristaps had a few less than stellar games in a row, which caused his price to drop ever so slightly. This is a nice matchup for him against the Kings, and I think he makes the most sense if you are spending up at the position. I don’t think you have to, but it might be a good idea.

Julius Randle (6400/6000) – I definitely want to have some exposure to the Lakers/Phoenix game, and Randle is another very strong play from that game. He’s a little more expensive than I would like, until he goes and has a 24/18 line and makes us remember why we wanted him to be in our lineups in the first place. I think he should exceed the 30-point mark tonight, and makes a nice play in either format.

Dwight Powell (4000/4700) – As long as Dirk Nowitzki is out, Powell will make for a good play. The Pacers aren’t exactly a great defensive team, and even though they have some guys who can rebound, they also foul a lot. I think Powell should find plenty of opportunities for boards and points, and at this price, especially on FanDuel, he’s close to a must play. He will also be very highly owned in this matchup.


DeMarcus Cousins (11200/10900) – Cousins is the top center option any time he is on the slate and tonight is no different. The Knicks haven’t been able to stop centers with or without Joakim Noah, and the best in the game isn’t going to be held down. The price is up there, and I don’t know if you can fit he and Westbrook in, but man those would be good anchor plays on the night.

Andre Drummond (8200/7600) – If you wanted to save some money at the position, Andre Drummond is in an excellent spot against the Wolves. The Wolves have been so bad against centers this year, and Drummond is playing good basketball right now. The price is good on FanDuel but great on DraftKings. I have no issue rolling him out in any format, as he should be able to put together a big game tonight.

Tristan Thompson (5100/4900) – Tristan has been a pretty steady source of points this year, and I don’t see tonight being much different. I suspect the Cavs will keep him on the floor to defend Whiteside, meaning he should have plenty of opportunities for blocks, rebounds and points. I really don’t hate the idea of using him in the center position so you can spend up elsewhere.