NBA DFS Picks – 12/6/16

After a big Monday night that featured 11 games, we will have just six games tonight, which isn’t all that unusual on Tuesday’s. In my opinion, the slate is somewhat underwhelming, but I think it will end up doing just fine. These plays should help you round out either your cash game or tournament lineups tonight.

Pricing is FD/DK


John Wall (9500/8700) – The position is quite tough tonight, but I think I would start with the most expensive option in John Wall. While somehow Orlando has managed to not get destroyed by point guards, John Wall is certainly a guy who can be an exception to the rule. He also plays much better on his home court it seems. He has been very consistent over the last several weeks, and I think he should be a safe option for both cash games and tournaments tonight.

Ricky Rubio (5600/4900) –  Beyond Wall, I just really don’t know what to say. I think that on FanDuel, Andrew Harrison could make sense as his price is still low, but on DraftKings, this price is just too low for Rubio against a Spurs team that really isn’t what it once was. As a result, I think that Rubio should be able to put together an outing that will be able to hit 5x value rather easily. I know he hasn’t been playing great, but I think it could come together here.

Shelvin Mack (3600/3800) –  This is only if George Hill is out. If Hill is out, then Mack makes an interesting value play that I am just a little too nervous about for cash games, but I think makes a ton of sense in tournaments. This isn’t a night where I feel like skimping isn’t necessary, but I think you could take some surer bets at the other positions if you run the risk on Mack.


Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (5700/5700) –  KCP is still under $6k. For me, this just doesn’t make sense whatsoever. Chicago is going to be on the back leg of a back-to-back set, which should put them in a good position tonight. I would expect KCP to be able to take care of Dwayne Wade’s old legs, and should be considered one of the top options on the slate, on a point per dollar basis.

Troy Daniels (4200/4700) –  Daniels has been a welcome surprise over the last few games, as a result of an abundance on injuries occurring to the Grizzlies. They too will be on the back end of a back to back, but so will their opponents. It’s tough to say how much energy the team will have, but since Daniels is primarily there to just shoot, I think he should be safe. He’s rolling right now and is an easy plug and play for me.

Wayne Ellington (4300/4200) – Ellington isn’t a guy who I pay much attention to most of the time, but right now the Heat don’t have many players that look like they will be healthy, so it will be a matter of just putting guys in who are likely to see a ton of time. Ellington is mainly there just for the points, but if you are on the floor long enough, you’ll end up with enough peripheral stats to beef up the stat line.


Gordon Hayward (8100/8200) – When looking over the possibilities for this position tonight, all I see are injuries. More than that, I just don’t see any enticing options in terms of fill ins. With that said, I am likely to just bite the bullet and pay up. Hayward should be in a pretty good position tonight, even if he is coming off a back-to-back. This is another pace up game for the Jazz, so it wouldn’t shock me to see Hayward put up another monster line tonight.

Carmelo Anthony (7600/7600) – The Heat do play slow, and try to play defense, but c’mon, who is going to be guarding Anthony? Wayne Ellington? Luke Babbitt? No, this is the ideal time to run with Carmelo, because his price is fairly cheap and he should have a pretty decent time hitting 5x value tonight, with the possibilities of quite a bit more. I think I could see looking for value options in tournaments, but in my cash games, it’s all Melo and Hayward.

P.J. Tucker (4200/4200) – I do feel like Tucker would be a better fit in a game against another team that likes to move the ball quickly, but we don’t have a ton of options to work with tonight. As a result, I’ll have some Tucker in my lineups, and I think he should be able to put together a nice stat line tonight. At the same time, he does have potential for big games, as he can stuff the stat line.


Kristaps Porzingis (7600/8000) – At this point, I am just wondering how much money I am going to be leaving on the table tonight. I typically don’t start building my lineups until after this is written, but it just seems like this is what is going to happen. I think Porzingis is in a pretty good spot tonight to have a good game. I don’t mind using him in either format, and this game should stay close, despite the fact that Miami is going to be missing so much.

Tobias Harris (5600/6000) – I won’t be playing JaMychal Green tonight because that guy can never put it together when I end up playing him. Harris isn’t in an ideal situation, but his price is just too low for me to pass on. I think that Chicago should be able to stay in this game, especially with a fully rested Rondo, so this could be an excellent spot for him.

Dario Saric (4100/4900) – We know that Joel Embiid will be out tonight, and it looks like Jahlil Okafor will be out as well, leaving a lot of minutes to fill in the Philadelphia front court. Saric is an up and down player, that is for sure, but all things considered, his price puts him in a position where it just makes sense to play him. Memphis is one of, if not the, slowest team in the league, but I think he could still break 25 points tonight.


Hassan Whiteside (9100/9600) – One thing I will not be doing on Tuesday night is spending down at the center position. There are just so many other places to spend down, I don’t see why you would do it here. Whiteside should see even more shot attempts as a result of the fact that there are so many injuries on the team. For me, he’s a great play on both sites, but I prefer FanDuel.

Karl-Anthony Towns (9300/8100) – It’s weird; I don’t feel like KAT has regressed, but I do think he has been somewhat disappointing from a fantasy perspective thus far. Yes, he’s put together some big games, but for the most part, I feel like he’s underwhelmed. I think that players still view the Spurs as a defensively tough team, but they have actually been giving up some pretty big games. As a result, I think KAT makes probably the best tournament play, especially on DraftKings where his price is significantly below Whiteside.

Marc Gasol (7500/7400) – I’ve been saying for a few weeks now that Gasol was primed for a huge game and the triple-double was coming, and we saw it yesterday. As of like 10PM EST I was excited about this play tomorrow, but after logging 45 minutes, it’s tough to say exactly what is happening here. If somehow Zach Randolph comes back, it wouldn’t surprise me if Gasol sat, so I would just pay attention around lineup lock. Otherwise, I still think he is capable of a big game tonight.