NBA DFS Picks – 12/27/16

After a pretty big slate of basketball on Monday night, Tuesday will drop us down to just four games, with only a few being truly playable. I think this will be primarily a tournament night for me, as I don’t see much point competing with others when there is unlikely to be such a lack of variance.

Pricing is FD/DK


Goran Dragic (7300/7100) – I think that in all likelihood, it will make sense to play Russell Westbrook on a short slate. After going through all of these picks, I am certain there are enough value options to use him. If you think it makes sense to spend up at other positions instead of using him, this article will be your guide. We know by now that Westbrook isn’t playing defense, so Dragic SHOULD have a field day, but he seems to fall short when he shouldn’t. Even with that said, I would have no issue using him.

Shelvin Mack (4700/5000) – Really, the plug and play at the position is going to be Shelvin Mack, who is now the unquestioned ball handler with both George Hill and Dante Exum down. He should see minutes in the mind-30’s, and his upside is around there as well. At that price, that makes him a no brainer.


James Harden (11400/11400) – To me, Harden is almost always a risky proposition, as his price is so high, and it takes him so much to get there. He tends to be a turnover machine, and it takes him a lot of extra effort to make up for his shortcomings. The Mavericks can play at a pace that isn’t favorable to him, but still, he’s one of the best in the game, and there is little question in my mind he could end up with a monster game.

Wesley Matthews (6000/5400) – As long as Harden has been with Houston, playing shooting guards against them has been a thing. While I do like Matthews much more when he is priced around the 5k mark, I’m fine with using him at this price, given his current production. This is a definite pace up game for the Mavs, so we should be looking their way tonight.


Gordon Hayward (7800/8000) – Tonight should certainly be a lot of picking on the Lakers, and the chief guy we want to look at is Hayward. He should see a ton of shots, and I’m not convinced there is anyone who will be able to take him on. The price is fair, and his upside is in the 50 point range, making him almost a must play for me.

James Johnson (5000/4600) – Johnson is another guy in this OKC/Miami game that I could see being a great option. He has been very consistent since returning from injury, and I think that I like the matchup for him against the Thunder. I’m not buying Enes Kanter on defense, and definitely not Damontas Sabonis, so I think that Johnson should be able to cross that 25 point mark once again.


Enes Kanter (5500/4900) – With Victor Oladipo out, one of the biggest beneficiaries has been Enes Kanter. Way, way too much, daily fantasy players look to the direct replacement of a player who is injured to be the beneficiary of an injury, and that’s not how it goes. Kanter has been magic as of late, and I think he should be able to continue to get the job done tonight at a fair price.

Amir Johnson (4300/3500) – Never someone you feel comfortable about putting in your roster, Amir Johnson is a guy that can be a game changer if he is on. There are so many mouths to feed in Boston that it can be a very difficult prospect to put in a guy like Johnson who is seeing minimal time and usage, but these are the kinds of decisions that decide tournament winners.


Rudy Gobert (7900/7700) – The last of the main targets we would want to look at tonight would be Rudy Gobert. For what it is worth, I think it could be a viable option to look to Joe Ingles if Rodney Hood looks like he might not be seeing a lot of minutes or Derrick Favors if his minutes go up. Gobert has been solid and is taking on a Lakers team that isn’t really capable of defending the position. The price doesn’t leave much room for upside, but the floor should be safe.

Montrezl Harrell (4300/4800) – I think an athletic guy like Harrell could end up benefitting from playing a Dallas frontcourt that is sluggish and almost the opposite of him. The price is fair, and he should be able to come close to the 25 point mark tonight. I think you have a much better chance of seeing him as a top point per dollar play than just about anyone else at the position.