NBA DFS Picks – 12/2/16

Friday brings us a nine game slate of basketball, and we certainly do end up with some good matchups here. Basically all of the games look like they have some positive fantasy implications, again which is something we are always looking for. We will break down picks for both cash game and tournament play and hopefully they will help you win your games tonight. I would watch some of the Clipper tonight, as they are playing a back to back and Doc Rivers made mention that he was going to consider resting some of his starters.

Pricing is FD/DK


Kyle Lowry (8700/8100) –  It is definitely worth targeting the Lakers at the point guard position these days. Even though the team itself is playing much, much better, they are still lacking on the defensive side of the ball. As a result, a guy like Lowry on his home court should absolutely end up with a nice stat line. The price is fair for the upside that he brings to the table, and he will be a cash game and tournament target for me tonight.

Isaiah Thomas (8100/7500) –  Isaiah Thomas is not someone that you can trust in your cash game lineups, because he is way too inconsistent. This is still a nice time to roll him out, as Sacramento isn’t a team I would shy away from targeting. This is also a bit of a revenge game for Isaiah, but for the most part that is just a worthless narrative after several years pass. If he gets hot and his shot is falling, and he is facilitating, he could end up with a really nice stat line.

Jameer Nelson (4400/4900) –  Nelson makes it into this breakdown as a result of his price and how well he is playing as of late. Houston proves to be a nice matchup for him, and even despite the fact that Will Barton is likely to be back, I could still see Nelson putting up a really big game. The price is right, and I think he’s in a good position tonight. I wouldn’t mind playing him in either format on this slate.


James Harden (11500/11900) –  As of this writing, the Houston/Golden State game hasn’t started, so I am really interested to see how everything plays out. That could be a game that takes a lot out of Harden, but I wouldn’t count on it. I think he should have an excellent opportunity to put together a huge game here against one of the worst teams against back courts in the NBA. He’s expensive, but he should be worth it tonight.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (5600/5200) –  KCP has now put together two straight monster games [for him], but his price has barely budged at all. I’ve said this routinely. The Hawks have actually struggled quite a bit defending the position this year, and I could definitely see KCP going over that 30-point mark yet again tonight. He is the first guy I put into my cash games and just work from there.

Jordan Clarkson (5600/6000) – Clarkson is getting up there in price, but while D’Angelo Russell is out, he will be relied upon a lot to make this offense roll, especially on the second unit. I don’t love the price on DraftKings, but I do think he is playable on either site. He is more of a cash game playe for me, but sooner or later he is going to put up a big game.


LeBron James (9700/9400) – The price on LeBron hasn’t gone up, so of course he is going to remain on this list. This is just simply too cheap for him, and he’s an easy play for cash games, especially on DraftKings. I have no doubt that this game should stay tight, and I love the upside LeBron has. My gut reaction is that LeBron will be sitting over $10k the nest time the Cavs are on the slate.

Jae Crowder (5300/5800) – Crowder is another great cash game play that also does carry some upside as well. I think he’s a good bet to eclipse the 30-point mark again tonight, and I really like the upside of a number of Celtics against the Kings tonight. They all have very attractive prices and should be taken advantage of before the price goes higher.

Marcus Morris (4900/5000) – Morris is the wildcard here, as before last game, his play had been rather poor over the last few weeks. We have to ask ourselves if that performances was an anomaly, or if Morris turned a corner and was back on the up and up. I don’t think I am very interested in using him in my cash game lineups, but I could definitely see the appeal of using him in tournaments. There is certainly a chance he could end up with over 30-points.


Anthony Davis (12300/11600) – The power forward position might as well be called “ride the hot hand” because that is exactly what we are going to do. Anthony Davis is on fire, and he is just an awesome player. The price is so high, but when someone is routinely putting up 60 and 70-point outings, what do you expect? He is matchup proof in my opinion, and I love his upside. I probably do prefer him in tournaments than cash games because of the matchup, but I don’t blame you if you want him in your cash lineups.

Kristaps Porzingis (7900/7900) – Porzingis has been so much fun to watch in the early part of the year, and now he gets a matchup that we just watched him dominate a few nights ago. While there is no guarantee that he will be able to put up the same type of score, the odds are in his favor. I love the upside in the contest, and he could end up with another 40 burger tonight.

Tobias Harris (5700/5900) – Harris is the final contestant on “ride the hot hand”. He’s been amazing as of late, and even though the Hawks tend to limit damage by forwards, I do think Harris’ style of play actually benefits him in this matchup. I think he’s got a good chance of getting over the 40-point mark. I know that I have mentioned three straight Pistons players here, but with their prices where it is at, it is tough to not at least give a passing glance.


DeMarcus Cousins (10900/10700) – I really, really liked the matchup for Cousins a few nights ago in Philadelphia, but ultimately, it just wasn’t meant to be. I don’t mind using him against Boston tonight though. In fact, many thought Boston was/is where Cousins is ultimately going to end up. I’m not going to try to predict the future, but it wouldn’t surprise me. All things considered, he is likely to end up as the highest scoring center tonight, but probably just isn’t the top point per dollar play.

Joel Embiid (6200/6700) – As long as he plays, which I see no reason why he wouldn’t, Embiid is my favorite play at the position. Orlando isn’t good at defense in the paint regardless of Biyombo or Vucevic being in the game, and Embiid is definitely getting it done right now. The price hasn’t caught up to him yet, and I will gladly toss him out there in a lot of my lineups tonight.

Robin Lopez (5300/5600) – Lopez blocked 8 shots on Wednesday! 8 shots! While you cannot expect that every time, he has been a solid producer this year, and even though I typically don’t like to play against Cleveland, I’ll make an exception for someone playing as well as he is. I’ll take the hefty discount, and Lopez makes an excellent cash game play tonight.