NBA DFS Picks – 12/16/16


Last night was another tough night for NBA DFS, but this slate tonight should end up being better with many more games on the slate. The picks we give here will be usable in either cash games or tournaments. I will always specify if I think someone should only be played in one format over another. With that said, on to the picks!

Pricing is FD/DK


John Wall (9800/8900) – John Wall has been playing amazing basketball over the last few weeks, and tonight will be back on his home court as the Wizards take on the Pistons. This isn’t the easiest of matchups, as the Pistons can be tough defensively. In addition, Wall’s price is now to the point where a lot of the upside is eliminated. I think I would prefer to use him in tournaments today, as I could see him having a rough night, but could also see him over the 50 point mark again.

Jrue Holiday (7400/6800) – I will admit other than Sessions who we will talk about below, I don’t know how I’m going to land at the point guard position. Holiday is going to be seeing more time with Tim Frazier out for the next week, and who knows how much or if they will play Tyreke on the back to back. Patrick Beverly is a tough defender, but Holiday can get you points in so many different ways that he isn’t reliant on scoring, as we saw with 14 assists last night. I think he should be in a good position to eclipse the 40 point mark in what is the highest total game tonight.

Ramon Sessions (4300/3800) – Admittedly, I’m shocked at Sessions price, as I think it is a complete and total reaction to Walker being announced out early. I would still take him here though. I would expect the minutes to be around 30-35, and I would set his floor at around 23 fantasy points. I think the upside here can be into the 40’s. You can disagree if you want, but Sessions has been backup for a lot of teams and when given the chance, has put up good numbers as a started. He should be highly owned tonight.


James Harden (11800/12000) – I know that Houston is heavily favored here, but I can see New Orleans sticking around in this game. That means that James Harden should be able to see his normal amount of minutes, and quite frankly, no one is going to be able to stop him. When you start talking about guys like Solomon Hill being the defensive powerhouse of the team, you know you are in trouble. I could see Harden having one of his biggest games of the season here.

Louis Williams (5600/6000) – I suspect that many DFS players will be off Lou Williams by now, and I get it. However, his price has fallen $800 and I think he should be able to have a good game against the Sixers here. The minutes aren’t really that high for him, but again, if his shot is falling, Luke Walton will not keep him out of the game. I could see him eclipsing the 30 point mark tonight, and I think he’s a great play in either format.

Tony Allen (5200/5000) – It’s hard to believe that Tony Allen is more of a DFS option now than he has been over the last three years. His price has come up a bit, but this matchup against a banged up Sacramento team could be a great one for him. He’s still got a lot of game left, and he is able to alter things defensively to allow him to pick up those peripheral stats that make your DFS lineups blow up even quicker.


Jimmy Butler (9000/9000) –  Let’s try this again. Things weren’t very good last night for Butler and the Bulls, but I think it’s safe to go back to the well tonight as the Bulls return home to Chicago to take on the Bucks. I think he will rebound from his poor performance last night, and should be a candidate for your lineups in both formats. The upside here is huge, so I wouldn’t leave him off your lineups tonight.

Robert Covington (5000/5300) – Covington is very inconsistent, but he seems to have his stroke going right now, which could certainly make him a top play at this price. The Lakers looked like a better team to start the year, but have fallen off a cliff lately, so a guy like Covington should be able to piece together a big game here.

Thabo Sefolosha (4500/4900) – Sefolosha is a great candidate for your cash game rosters for what he does in the game. He isn’t a flashy scorer, but he will end the night with rebounds, assists, steals and a block here and there. The best part is that he should see around 30 minutes tonight, and his defense will be needed against a strong offensive Toronto team. He’s going to be in all my cash games tonight for sure.


Anthony Davis (11800/11400) – The price on Anthony Davis makes for a very scary situation with how up and down he has been after a huge start to the season. The Rockets might be good at defending the power forward position, but Anthony Davis is not your normal power forward. I could see this being a night where he and Harden duel all night, and they both end up with huge games. They will be in most of my lineups this evening.

Jabari Parker (6300/6600) – Parker is priced perfectly for the game tonight. He had a huge game last night, where he made it over 40 fantasy points, and I could see that being the case tonight. I think he provides a safe floor for your cash games, but the price does allow for some room to work for tournament upside. I will use him wherever I can around Harden and Davis tonight and I think I’ll be happy when the night is done.

Omri Casspi (4300/4500) –Casspi was miserable the other night when the Rockets blew out the Kings, but with DeMarcus Cousins back tonight, Casspi should be in a better position. He needs roughly 5.5 points per quarter to justify his price tag, and I think that is something he should be able to do tonight against a tough Memphis team.


Marc Gasol (8800/7900) – Do I have some concern here that there will be a blowout? Yes, I do. If the game stays close, Marc Gasol should be in a great situation, as he should have his way with DeMarcus Cousins. While Cousins is a monster offensively and on the boards, a guy like Gasol should be able to work around him with ease. I think a 50 point game is the upside in this matchup tonight.

Joel Embiid (7100/7400) – I’m curious to see if Joel Embiid starts tonight, as he has been sitting basically every other game, but if he is starting, he’s in a prime position against Timofey Mozgov and the Lakers. His upside is over the 40 point mark here, making him an excellent option for both cash games and tournaments tonight.

Bismack Biyombo (4600/5200) – I like Biyombo either way, but I really like him if Nikola Vucevic is still out. Brook Lopez gets manhandled when fighting for rebounds, and this is a situation where I could see Biyombo hit 15 rebounds in 30 minutes. Trevor Booker is more athletic, but Biyombo has the size on him, and I wouldn’t be shocked if we see Biyombo’s biggest game of the year, something I have apparently said like four other times in this article.