NBA DFS Picks – 12/13/16

Like I said yesterday, this week is going to feature slates we can play every day. Tuesday will serve us up a six game slate before we head into a bit of a bigger slate on Wednesday. For the second straight day, there are quite a few games that are playable. Personally, I would probably steer clear of the Cavs/Grizzlies game, as without Marc Gasol, this thing could get ugly.

Pricing is FD/DK


Damian Lillard (9700/8300) – There are two things I like to do. The first is to play someone in the last game of the night so I can watch my lineup move up the board. The second is to play point guards against the Thunder. Tonight, we get the benefit of doing both. Damian Lillard will be on the back half of a back to back, but he will be at home and will also be getting the Russell Westbrook defense. This means he should have a nice floor and a really, really, really high ceiling tonight.

Dennis Schroeder (6900/6200) – Don’t look now, but Dennis Schroeder is turning into that point guard we all hoped he would be in the absence of Jeff Teague. The Magic are a more defensively minded team, but I am prone to giving the benefit of the doubt to guys who are performing well. That is exactly what we get with Schroeder tonight. His price has come up a bit, which could put some people off of him, but I think he’s a great option tonight.

Derrick Rose (6800/6300) – I don’t love playing Derrick Rose, like, ever, but you gotta do what you gotta do. He’s been pretty effective when he’s in the game, and the Knights get a matchup with the Suns tonight, which means Rose will get plenty of that Eric Bledsoe defense, or lack thereof. I think he’s a reasonable play in either format, though I am not in love with the price.


Dwyane Wade (7300/6600) – Minnesota is a great team to target both ways, as they can score points, but they can certainly give them up. Wade has been on a roll as of late, and his price really hasn’t caught up with him yet, especially on DraftKings. He’s one of the guys I’ll have in most of my lineups, and I think he should approach 40 points here again tonight.

Klay Thompson (6600/6500) – The position isn’t exactly great tonight in the value section, so it makes a lot of sense to spend up here. Klay gets the benefit of going up against the Pelicans. The Warriors haven’t been great on the road, but I’ll gladly roll them out and just cross my fingers and hope that the game doesn’t turn into a blowout, which is certainly could.

Zach LaVine (6200/6300) – LaVine has been very good as of late as well, and his price is still at that range where you can play him in both formats and there is still some room for upside. I think the Timberwolves should be able to hang in there with the Bulls tonight, and if they do, it’s likely because things came together for LaVine.


Kevin Durant (10000/9400) –  Durant makes it on here for three reasons. First, he’s Kevin Durant, albeit he hasn’t been playing like it lately. Second, he’s in a good matchup. Third, there are a lack of options that I really like at the position tonight. I think I am likely to be spending down tonight, but I will certainly have my fair share of Durant in tournaments. I don’t think I need to say much more that I already have about Durant.

Jimmy Butler (9000/8700) – Butler is my preferred option if spending up at the position due to being on a bit of a better roll and being in a better matchup. His upside is in the sixties in a matchup like this, and I think he could be called upon to use all of that upside if Chicago wants to pull this game out. The Timberwolves are a pesky team, and I could certainly end up seeing this being close and Butler seeing his full upside.

Thabo Sefolosha (4300/4600) – Sefolosha isn’t my top play of the day, but he is one of my favorites. Why is he one of my favorites? A lot of it has to do with the fact that he’s cheap at a position I don’t like anyone at. To build my lineups tonight I am going to need some value options, and that is where Thabo is going to come in handy tonight. He’s in a good position and should be able to put together a nice game tonight.


Kristaps Porzingis (8000/7600) – It’s hard to ignore Kristaps in this matchup, so we won’t. He’s been a little bit inconsistent lately, but his upside is just huge in a matchup like this. The price might be up there, but so is the upside. I think I want to have him in the vast majority of my lineups, as he should have another field day as the Suns try to charge the rim as well as take threes. Plenty of blocked shots and rebounds are likely here.

Draymond Green (7800/7500) – Draymond Green is a pretty decent option tonight in cash games I think, but probably not tournaments. I typically don’t like to use guys even in my cash games unless I think there is upside for the guy to have a chance of blowing up. Surely, Green could end up posting a wild stat line, but with all the mouths to feed, I doubt it. I think I’ve got him around 40 points tonight, which is great for me.

Jarell Martin (3600/3000) – I know it seems like Martin shouldn’t be on this list, but I am going to try to make a case for him being a strong tournament, and maybe cash, play tonight. First Marc Gasol is out. Second, this game against the Cavs could very easily go south with no Gasol or Conley. A guy like Martin could benefit from both of those situations tonight. I think he’s a decent shot for around 20 fantasy points, but does have a bit of upside for more. On a night where I do think it is going to be important to find some cheaper contrarian plays, this could be one of them.


Tyson Chandler (5300/4900) – I don’t think there is necessarily anything wrong with the top priced options on the slate tonight, but quite frankly we can’t just put forth all the top priced options on a slate. I think there are several cheaper options that can make for decent plays, starting with Chandler. He is never a guy we are overly excited to put on our team, but he can get the job done against New York tonight.

Steven Adams (5300/5300) – I feel like you never know what you are going to get with Steven Adams, but you almost just have to close your eyes and hope for the best. He has two consecutive games of over 30 fantasy points, and we know that the Blazers do struggle against centers a lot. I think he should be safe enough to use in either format tonight, and will be a guy I put in a lot of my lineups.

Robin Lopez (5100/4800) – Lopez typically doesn’t have much upside, unless he gets lucky with blocked shots, but he does have a pretty good floor against KAT and the Wolves tonight. Towns really is still developing and Lopez has been around long enough that he should give him some trouble. The fact that they keep Towns on the floor as much as they do could also bode well for his playing time.