NBA DFS Picks – 11/30/16

After smaller, and kind of odd, slated on Monday and Tuesday, we will finally have a full slate of NBA basketball on Wednesday night. There are ten games featuring a lot of the teams we like to target in DFS, so we should be able to find some clutch plays here. These plays should help you navigate both your cash game and tournament lineups, and I will do my best to not just throw chalk options out there.

Pricing is FD/DK


John Wall (9200/9300) – For what it is worth, Russell Westbrook is the top play at the position for the rest of the year when not considering price, which is certainly up there at this point. I don’t think you need to go that route, as it is going to get increasingly difficult for him to hit anything outside of 5x, but he makes a safe cash game play. Wall had a dirty triple-double, a term I’ve used when describing when someone has no control over the ball and commits double-digit turnovers. He also needed overtime to get over 40-points, but I don’t think that Russell Westbrook is going to pressure him like Collison and Gay did on Monday night. As a result, I see a player who is highly likely to hit the double-double mark, and should as well be a threat to hit the 50-point mark. I prefer using him in tournaments, as at the price, as I do think that there are some better point per dollar plays on the slate.

Jeff Teague (7000/7000) – With Paul George is currently not expected to play in this game, and barring a major change in that, that should shift more of the offense on to Jeff Teague. Portland and Indiana are two of the highest paced teams in the NBA, and I do think that Indiana still has enough to keep this game close enough despite being on the road. I expect Teague to get close to the double-double mark, and he is a sneaky triple –double threat in a game like this as a result of so many possessions and liking to hang out around the hoop waiting for rebounds his big guys can’t bring in. For me, he makes an excellent cash game target in what should be a ton of opportunities, and it wouldn’t entirely shock me if he was the second highest scoring player at the position today.

Andrew Harrison (3700/4000) – Mike Conley is out for the next several weeks, which opens up time for both Harrison and Wade Baldwin. Harrison seems to have made the most out of his time and also received more time than Baldwin. The only downside here is that this game is on the road against a very talented Raptors team and the line is not exactly favorable to Memphis. Even with that said, I think that Harrison should see enough time to have around 20-fantasy points, and most importantly, using him will allow you to load up your lineups elsewhere.


Bradley Beal (7000/7300) – Bradley Beal has been on a roll as of late, and a high scoring game against Oklahoma City is likely to keep things going again tonight. The price has definitely come up on him, but while he is hitting his stride, we need to be using him at the very least in our tournament lineups. I think he should be able to come close to 40 fantasy points once again, and if he is able to do that, he will help your lineups go a long way.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (5000/5000) – KCP is a guy that I play every since time he plays. Every time I write him up, I saw the same thing: his price floats between $4.5k and $5.5k, and he typically hits 5x value, but he also has upside for more, as we saw in his last game against Charlotte. If he gets hot, he will put up a monster score. I think he’s a good bet for 25-30 fantasy points tonight and will make an excellent addition to your lineup, in either cash games and tournaments.

Josh Richardson (4600/5100) – Richardson isn’t exciting or spectacular, but this matchup is very appealing tonight. His price is relatively fair on both sides, and with Dion Waiters and Justise Winslow out, and Wayne Ellington on a minutes restriction, Richardson should see all the time and opportunity he will need to hit value. This is a major pace up game for the Heat, and I think we will see multiple players exceed 5x value tonight for them.


Jimmy Butler (9000/9000) – Jimmy Butler is playing the best basketball of his career, and it has caused his price to go up considerably. The Lakers have played respectable basketball for the most part in the early part of the season, and even though that Vegas thinks that this game will be a bit of a blowout, I think it should stay relatively close, at least long enough for Butler to be able to hit value. We’ve seen him put up multiple huge games in the last several weeks, and I think we could see it again tonight.

Rudy Gay (7200/6900) – If you are looking to save some a bit of money at the position, I think this could be a nice time to roll out Rudy Gay. He has never been a stable option, and I almost never use him in cash games, but I could make an exception tonight. I think that Gay should be able to put up a nice stat line and that will translate into a nice fantasy day.

Jae Crowder (5200/5500) – Crowder’s price hasn’t caught up to him yet after spending a few games on the sidelines, which means that it is a great time to buy low on him. The best thing about Crowder is that he will contribute in so many different categories, which makes him a great option. If he isn’t doing a lot of scoring, you can bet that he’ll make up for it with steals and rebounds. If he’s doing everything, you could be in a position tonight where he could hit 7x value.


Kristaps Porzingis (7500/7700) – Porzingis has taken the next step ahead in his career, and with little doubt, he is in prime position here against the Timberwolves in what should be a close, high scoring game. While Gorgui Dieng and KAT could give him some problems, I think that Kristaps’ versatility will give him the advantage here, and I think this is an excellent position for him. He should be able to exceed the 40-point mark in this matchup.

Tobias Harris (5300/5700) – After a bit of a down spell, which also saw his price drop a bit, Harris seems to be locked in, and getting all the looks he can get. I think this Detroit/Boston game is one of the top undercover games of the night, and I could definitely see these teams going into overtime in a very close game. I love Harris in cash games, and as he showed last night, he is capable of helping you win a tournament as well.

Nikola Mirotic (4200/4400) – Mirotic is nothing more than a punt option for tournaments, but it is also one that I like very much. He’s priced cheap and I think he will be used a lot regardless of what happens with the game. If his three point shot is falling, you are talking about some very serious upside at his price. He’s one of the few guys I could see hitting 10x value at some point at this price.


DeMarcus Cousins (10900/10800) – Cousins is potentially the top player on the slate, as even at his price there is still a good chance that he can exceed 6x value tonight. This is just about a perfect matchup for him, and I could see him cross the 70-point mark tonight. He is the one player I am building my lineups around tonight and I have no issue paying the price on either site.

Marc Gasol (7000/7100) – Gasol should see all the work he can handle against the Raptors with no Mike Conley. The biggest issue here is just that the game could turn into a blowout, and if it does, you’d have to imagine that Gasol is the first guy out of the game, as there is no point in the Grizz risking injury to their other top star. I think the game could be close enough that Gasol ends up posting a big score.

Joel Embiid (6200/6500) – Who knows if Embiid will play tonight because they are really monitoring his activity very closely, but if he does, this is a very good spot to use him. His price still hasn’t caught up to him yet, and I think this is going to be one of the top games tonight in terms of fantasy implications. As a result, I love the idea of using Embiid in my tournament lineups, and will absolutely take advantage of the ability to use both he and Cousins in the same lineup on DraftKings.