NBA DFS Picks – 11/29/16

Tuesday will bring us another six game slate of basketball before we get a bit of a bigger one on Wednesday. On days like this I am much more prone to going heavier in tournaments, as there tends to be a great deal of overlap in cash games. These picks should help you to put together lineups that should be able to get it done in cash games and tournaments, and I will do my best to distinguish in each pick.

Pricing is FD/DK


Kemba Walker (8400/7800) – Walker is one of my favorite players to watch in the NBA because he has such a huge motor. I think we’ve finally seen him turn the corner in his career, and I think he’s establishing himself as one of the truly top tier point guards in the league. He can do a little bit of everything, and he plays at an entirely different clip when he is on his home court. The Pistons are a bit of a slower team and do defend the position fairly well, but I will default to Walker here and I think he is going to put up a huge game.

Jrue Holiday (7300/6800) – Holiday is starting to see his price fall on FanDuel, which is good, because it has been too high. I am very high on him here in tournament, though, as I think he will see tons of chances to put points on the board. I think the game can definitely stay close, and I think we will see him hit around that 32 minute mark. I think he is capable of at least a point a minute in this matchup here, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we saw him put together his first 40 fantasy point game of the season.

Matthew Dellavedova (4100/4100) – Revenge game narrative! Kyrie Irving doesn’t play any defense, and ultimately, that is who he is most likely to see here. I don’t think he is going to put up a huge game or anything, but I don’t mind using him at this price, as I could see him hit 6-7x value in this contest. He helps you with roster flexibility, which might be the most important thing in this situation. I think you can use him in any format.


James Harden (11500/11300) – Harden is an everyday start, especially considering he’s still regularly hitting 5x value at this price. The matchup could be better, but he will be playing a Utah coming off a back-to-back. He has arguably his best game against them last time out, as he committed no turnovers, which is astounding, all things considered. I have no issues putting him in your lineup tonight.

Sean Kilpatrick (5300/5300) – I know it may seem like this isn’t a great position here for the Nets as they take on the Clippers at home. The Clippers have been dealing with some poor play from some of their top guys, and I think the Nets can hang in this one long enough for Kilpatrick to hit value. His price makes him playable in all formats on both sites tonight, and I think he’ll post another 30+-fantasy point night.

Jordan Clarkson (5200/6200) – Clarkson has been very good during the absence of D’Angelo Russell, and nothing should change as the Lakers head to New Orleans to take on the Pelicans. His price on DraftKings definitely puts him more into tournament only play, especially with Kilpatrick priced almost $1k less. I think he should eclipse that 30-point mark again tonight, and makes a fine play on both sites.


LeBron James (10100/9700) – LeBron is a guy you should really be considering on a nightly basis, especially in cash games. On DraftKings, he is almost a must play at this price. Now that I’ve said that, I’m sure Tyrone Lue will choose tomorrow night to sit him. He’s basically working with a 45-point floor, and has upside into the 70’s, especially given that he can hit a triple double in a moments notice. I will definitely have him everywhere tonight, and he should be a good bet to hit value ona smaller slate.

Gordon Hayward (7600/7200) – I do feel like the small forward position is very much top loaded tonight, and really, in cash games on FanDuel, I would just grab 2 out of the 3 of LeBron, Kawhi Leonard and Hayward. Hayward is in a fast paced matchup that should see a lot more possessions than they are used to as the Jazz take on the Rockets. As a result, I think you could see Hayward finish near the 40-point mark and he makes for an excellent play on tonight’s slate.

Marcus Morris (4700/4500) – Morris has done very little this year, but he is prone to having big games, and with his price dropping, I do think there is some merit to taking him in tournaments tonight. The price is very fair, and he really helps you load up around him. If he does end up having one of those really big nights, he will make the rest of your lineup move quicker, as he is likely to have lower ownership due to recent poor play.


Anthony Davis (12000/11600) – Anthony Davis is probably the one guy I would want to target outside of LeBron tonight. This is an ideal matchup for him and he should be able to put up a massive score. There is little doubt that he will be one of the highest owned, if not the highest owned, if the night, with good reason. I’ll use him wherever I can, and I think there is enough value that you could fit he an LeBron together, even on DraftKings.

Frank Kaminsky (4700/5400) – Kaminsky is getting to a point where he isn’t playable for me on DraftKings, as I don’t really think he’s got a ton of upside at this price. I think he’s a fair cash game play at the price, but on a night where some of the top end talent are in very good matchups, it is tough to want to spend up on a guy like Kaminsky. Still, I think he makes an excellent option on FanDuel, and I’ll have him in several lineups at least.

Larry Nance Jr. (4000/4600) – Nance never seems to hit when you expect him to, but once you are willing to look the other way, here he comes. The matchup is excellent, as Terrence Jones is not a very good defensive player, meaning that Nance should see plenty of chances with the second unit of putting some fantasy points on the board.


Nikola Vucevic (7000/6200) – I am not a huge fan of the center position tonight, but as I said in the intro, I am a big fan of tournaments tonight. Vucevic has been very, very good in the past three games, and for the past few years we’ve been taught to steer clear of the San Antonio Spurs, but this team is certainly different. I have no problem using Vucevic at this price, especially on DraftKings, where I think he is almost a lock to hit 5x value. He’s an easy play for me tonight in my tournament lineups.

Clint Capela (6000/6000) – Caplea has just been so good over the last several weeks, so that is why he makes the list. Utah is a team that we definitely go out of our way to avoid, but on a six game slate, it is a little bit difficult to do that. I think Capela should still be featured very much in this matchup and makes a great play at this price.

Tristan Thompson (5000/5200) – Thompson is another value option you can consider in your lineup tonight, as he as well has been very solid thus far this year. I think he should have little issue out rebounding anyone Milwaukee puts in front of him, save for maybe Giannis, so I think it is certainly possible that we will see another 25+ point game out of him this evening.