NBA DFS Picks – 11/23/16

This may be the biggest NBA slate of the year, with all but four teams playing tonight. This should mean we will see a variety of lineups and thus a ton of opportunity to make lineups that are set apart from the competition. This will have to hold us over for a few days, as there is nothing scheduled for Thanksgiving.

Pricing is FD/DK


Kyle Lowry (8600/8300) – I have to admit: this slate is very difficult to break down for me, because I legitimately love at least 8 guys at this position. Lowry stands out to me, because not only does he have a very good matchup, but he’s also been really, really consistent. This should be a high scoring game against the Rockets, and I think we could certainly see a situation where Lowry should exceed 40-points and could potentially come close to 50.

Kemba Walker (7800/7600) – This is an excellent tournament spot, because Kemba is at home against a slower paced Spurs team. There is definitely an argument made that this could be a sucker play, but I really like the spot here for him in tournaments. I’m expecting he’ll carry lower ownership, and I could see him coming through here with a nice score.

Mike Conley (7100/6900) – Who I play tonight is going to come down to pricing on a lot of sites. Conley is one of those guys who looks like he should be a really good tournament play here against the Sixers. The thing with Conley though is that he tends to play to his competition, so he could just as easily end up being a disappointment. I’ll take some shots on him in tournaments, and I think he could end up having a good night.


James Harden (11600/11700) – Harden has been amazingly consistent this year, and there is no reason things should change tonight as he takes on a Toronto team that seems far more interested in playing offense than defense. I think this should be another game where we will see Harden eclipse the 50-point mark, and there is certainly a chance we end up seeing him come closer to that 60-point mark we’ve seen out of him several times this year.

Evan Fournier (5300/5500) – Fournier has been really, really quiet as of late, but hasn’t played so poorly that it results in a score that kills your lineup. Phoenix just gave up over 40 actual points to Bradley Beal, and I see no reason why we couldn’t see Fournier eclipse the 20 actual point mark, as well as a bevy of other stats. It does help that the Suns play loose with the ball, so we could see some steals as well.

Lou Williams (5100/5500) – Lou Williams has been playing as well as anyone else in the NBA, and now gets a matchup against a fast paced Warriors team. It’s important to mention that this is a team they have already beat once this year. One thing to mention here is that the last time the Warriors played a team down one of their starters they blew them out. I’m not saying that to sway you from playing Williams, because I know I will be, but just keep that in mind.


Kawhi Leonard (8500/8200) – It’s been awhile since Kawhi Leonard has made this list, but I’m feeling it tonight. I think this game against the Hornets may be better than we think it will be, and as a result, I’m going to take some exposure to it. Outside of Kemba, one of my top options will be Kawhi. I think he has one of the safest floors tonight, and he makes an excellent cash game play, with his price leaving enough upside for tournaments.

Gordon Hayward (7100/7200) – Speaking of cash games, for the most part, Hayward is one of the most stable guys in the league. His price is still at a point where, much like Kawhi, there is enough upside here to be used in tournaments. Denver plays at a fast enough pace that I think there ends up being a high enough upside to use him anywhere. I wouldn’t say he’s my favorite play at the position, but he’s close.

Vince Carter (4300/4100) – Both Chandler Parsons and James Ennis will be out for two weeks – it’s time to go back to the future. I don’t know what I mean by that, but I’m trying to insinuate that we may have to see more minutes, and thus, more production from Carter while they are out. The price here is very attractive, and I can’t see how he won’t hit value. I don’t see him having super high upside, but he’s a good bet to hit 5-6x value tonight.


Blake Griffin (9500/8400) – I’m just going to put this out there: I see myself spending down at the position tonight. When I look at the higher priced options, excluding Davis, I’m just not that impressed and I feel like I can do better cheaper. With Davis, I’m concerned they may hold him out, after he, like an idiot, jumped into the stands again after a ball. He did manage to come back in the fourth quarter, but Alvin Gentry has to at least think about sitting him tonight. A lot can happen overnight too, such as swelling that could rule him out. If that does occur, then I’d have to roll with Terrence Jones who has been awesome. OK – with that all said and done we can focus on Blake, who has just been awesome this year. The reason I am bearish on playing him is that this game smells like a blowout. The Mavericks could be down both Deron and Dirk again, and even if they aren’t, this Clippers team is just so good. Still, a lot can be done in a short time in a blowout, so if you want to spend up, this is where to do that.

Zach Randolph (5400/5100) – Look at Zach Randolph’s box scores. It is insane. He is probably the most consistent guy going right now, and he’s doing it off the bench. I see no reason at all to not just lock him in tonight, and if he gets hot, we could see him crack that 30-point mark. The Grizzlies are short on bodies, and I could definitely see him being a big part of the solution tonight.

Larry Nance Jr. (3900/4000) – Nance is a speculative play who could end up being a complete and total bust. I don’t think he will though. I can actually see him doing well regardless of how the game flow goes. He’s one of the first guys off the bench, but I could also see him playing deep into garbage time if the game gets out of hand. Randle was dealing with a hip issue on Tuesday, so he could end up seeing some extra time tonight as a result anyway.


DeMarcus Cousins (10000/9900) – Cousins is one of the best in the game, and even at $10k, I feel like we are getting a deal. His upside is immense, and even better, he is coming off his worst game of the season. I think this OKC/Kings game should be an excellent source of fantasy production, and Cousins could very well lead the way. Like I said, I feel like I am getting a discount, especially on DraftKings, when compared to guys like Harden and Westbrook, and Boogie really does have similar upside.

Marc Gasol (6800/7000) – I do kind of feel bad here, as I feel we have picked on the Sixers pretty significantly. I should note that I don’t think you should play all of these guys, at least not in the same lineup. Gasol is in a really good spot tonight, as centers have been absolutely killing the Sixers this year. The price is fair, and if the Sixers are able to keep this close, which we have seen them do this year, he could easily pay off his salary.

Clint Capela (5700/6000) – Capela has been very good lately, as he is currently the second best fantasy asset on this team. Harden looks to him a lot, and I think they will have to use him tonight against the Raptors. The price hasn’t fully caught up to him yet, and I want to take advantage of it while I can.