NBA DFS Picks – 11/2/16

Wednesday night usually has a nice slate of games, and tonight is no different. FanDuel will be hosting their first Mega Slam of the year at a $25 entry fee and $100k to first place. The slate of games is excellent, and will force players to think outside of the box to take advantage of opponents to win a tournament. I’m going to try to not just run with chalk here, and to provide some plays that could help you win some cash.

Pricing is FD/DK


Damian Lillard (9900/9600) – I’m sure that there will be a large contingent of players that flock to Russell Westbrook tonight, for no other reason than he is playing. How can you pay that kind of money for Russ when for $2.1k less , you’ll get a hot player in Damian Lillard in a much better matchup against Phoenix? OKC hasn’t really seen much of a test so far, and that’s a lot of money to spend on someone who could be gone if the game hits blowout status. Lillard is my favorite option if I’m paying up at the position.

Jeremy Lin (6500/6700) – I know it is hard to stomach the idea of playing Lin sometimes, and trust me, there is going to be a major risk of plenty of his games heading into blowout status this year. I think this one could stay close, and that is why I am going to throw him out there. We’ve already seen him go over value early in the year, and I think we could see another one, as he will have to be hitting if this game stays close. He’s a nice discount that could potentially net you 40 points.

Derrick Rose (5700/5700) – If Jeremy Lin doesn’t inspire confidence, then I don’t know what Derrick Rose will do. The thing is that his price is too low for what is a terrific matchup against a fast moving Houston team. Harden has always been criticized for not playing defense, and now that he is running point, he is playing even less of it. I think Rose could crack the 30 point mark tonight, and should help you get that extra stud in your lineup.


DeMar DeRozan (9600/8900) – Yes, James Harden is in play. I know you already knew that. It’s hard to ignore how good DeRozan has been to start the year, and for tournaments like the Mega Slam, DeRozan is a guy you want to either load up on or avoid altogether. I would imagine that he will continue to see high ownership as a result of his consistent performance. I think I would prefer to run with him, as I think he can keep things going in what should be a faced paced game.

Kentavius Caldwell-Pope (4500/4600) – KCP isn’t seeing minutes into the 40’s this year, which is a shame, but he is still doing good things with his time. Brooklyn is a team that I think he can match up with well, due to their ability to put the ball on the floor, giving KCP plenty of chances for steals. He’s also a good shooter, and will dish out assists too, making him a really cheap play that should return dividends.

Nicolas Batum (6400/6600) – Batum has been very consistent, but hardly remarkable on the season. He’s a triple double threat in a matchup with the Embiid-less Sixers, and if they are able to keep it close, I think we’ll be able to see Batum eclipse the 40-point mark for the first time this season. On top of that, he is an excellent cash game play because of his ability to rack up fantasy point in a variety of ways.


Jimmy Butler (7900/7700) – It seems like we should have seen one of those huge Jimmy Butler outings, but then I have to remind myself that it has only been a week since the season started, As a result, he simply hasn’t had enough time to put up a monster line. Chicago is a team that should manage to keep the game close tonight, and if they do, I think Butler will have to log heavy minutes and usage, resulting in an opportunity for a massive game.

T.J. Warren (5500/5900) – Warren is definitely the sweetheart of daily fantasy circles right now, even though he did come back down to earth in his last outing. Portland is filled with some good defenders, but I think Warren will be able to create some of his own shots, and should grab a few boards, assists and steals in this one. I’m not sure he cracks the 40-point mark again, but I do think he should be able to crack value.

Bojan Bogdanovic (4300/4800) – Don’t ever confuse Bojan for a cash game play, because if the shot ain’t fallin’, he ain’t playin’. However, for tournaments, this is a guy we really want to pay some attention to. He needs 20-25 points to make value, and he is more than capable of doing that in just points alone. He’s often criticized for being one dimensional, but he does seem to put himself in position for boards, and he’ll almost certainly notch an assist or two. He is a guy that could definitely exceed value and win someone a tournament.


Anthony Davis (10700/10900) – Yes, Marc Gasol and Mike Conley didn’t play, but Memphis was TORN APART by Minnesota. I’m not buying into Memphis being a good team, as I think they are lacking enough until Chandler Parsons is able to play, so I think they’ll continue to give up big games. Anthony Davis is looking like his should be able to have his way with this team a la Gorgui Dieng or Karl-Anthony Towns did yesterday. He should be able to produce another sixty point outing, a day after seeing his price come down $300 on FanDuel.

Blake Griffin (9100/8600) – Blake Griffin is off to a great start this year, and I think this game against the Thunder and Domantas Sabinas should afford him plenty of opportunities for production. He should be able to bait the rookie, and Enes Kanter, Steven Adams and Joeffrey Louvergne for that matter, into fouls, and he should be able to come up with a full stat line that should pay off his salary. I think he’s a great pivot from Davis, though I do think there is enough value on the slate to fit both in, at least on FanDuel.

Trevor Booker (5300/5000) – If I am going to spend down on someone at this position, it is going to be Booker, who has looked very strong in his starting opportunity this year in Brooklyn. Most of the other big men are having trouble getting going, and Booker plays with a high motor that Kenny Atkinson clearly likes. He’s a fair bet to hit value, and if this game stays close, he could be a glue piece that helps you win the big money.


Dwight Howard (8200/7600) – Howard has looked very good in a new uniform, and this is about a perfect matchup. I think I would much prefer to run him out on DraftKings than FanDuel, as that price is very attractive for a guy I think should be able to have a big double-double, especially with Timofey Mozgov likely to miss this game. He’s going to be a guy that will be my cash game play most likely on both sites, and he should see big numbers tonight.

Andre Drummond (8000/8300) – I’m more likely to go with Drummond on FanDuel tonight to save the $200, and he finds himself in a great matchup with a Brooklyn front court than is unlikely to be able to slow him down. He’s another big double-double waiting to happen, and with the way guys on the Nets like to attack the rim, he could be in line for a big night with blocks as well. His upside is immense here.

Cody Zeller (4800/4300) – So, did you happen to see what Nikola Vucevic, who has done relatively nothing all year, did to Philadelphia last night? What if I told you that you could get a center against the same team minus Joel Embiid, but replaced with a less intimidating Jahlil Okafor for under $5k? No, I don’t think Cody Zeller is going to put up a 50 point game. Do I think he could wind up with a 30 point game? Absolutely. The only concern here is the minutes, as he is currently splitting them with Frank Kaminsky and Spencer Hawes. Something tells me, though, that Zeller is the guy who is going to come through here, but I will fully admit those other guys make for nice plays as well.