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NBA DFS Picks – 11/12/16

Saturday night brings us an absolutely huge slate of basketball, with 11 games on the slate. There are a lot of the bigger names on deck, so it should really be a fun slate of games. There are some big contests as well, at varying costs, so that everyone can get in on the action a bit.

Pricing is FD/DK


Chris Paul (9300/8700) – Chris Paul has been playing amazing basketball this year, and there is no reason that things should stop against the Wolves. While it is a tough spot on the road in a back-to-back set, the Wolves lacking defense makes up for that. I would expect Paul to be able to come through with a double-double, and if the game is competitive, he always has triple-double upside. He’s my favorite play at the position.

Eric Bledsoe (7700/7200) – Bledsoe was having a tough time finding room to start the season out, but over the last two games, he seems to finally have hit his stride. Brooklyn is one of the best matchups any team can get, and they are pretty bad at guarding point guards to boot. I think he should have every opportunity to come through with 35-40 fantasy points, which will do well in paying off his salary on this slate.

Tim Frazier (5700/6200) – Alvin Gentry seems to have settled for the most part on how this team will go, but as soon as I say that, I immediately get nervous. At this price, I want to trust Frazier in all formats, but wouldn’t be surprised if he missed two shots and ended up playing 18 minutes in the game. Still, I think he should be able to get a big score here in a game against the Lakers and their fast pace of play.


James Harden (11500/11300) – I’m not big on necessarily looking at how someone did against a team, because so many things change throughout a season, or multiple seasons, but since this game took place just a few days ago, I have no issue doing just that. Harden was masterful in the last game, notching his first triple double of the year. There is no reason he shouldn’t be able to do the same thing, this time at home. While I won’t do it in my cash games, he certainly and obviously has a ton of tournament upside.

Sean Kilpatrick (5300/5500) – Kilpatrick was pretty bad the last time out, but it wasn’t a great matchup for him. This is. Phoenix has been porous all year against, well, everyone, and his tenacity and willingness to drive the rim should go a long way to help Kilpatrick score a ton of points, and give him a huge opportunity for a big fantasy day. The price is fair, and there is little question that I will have him in a lot of my lineups.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (4700/5200) – Denver has given up a ton of points to shooting guards, and even though Gary Harris was back and he’s at least decent at defense, I don’t expect too much to change. KCP’s price is just far too low, and he does have some pretty big upside. Without a doubt, he makes for an excellent cash game play in this game, and there is still enough upside left over for tournaments.


Gordon Hayward (7400/7400) – Hayward has been just awesome this year, and is probably playing the best ball of his career. This matchup with Miami should be able to stay close enough that Hayward is able to have a big game, and continue to crush his price. I think he is playable in all formats, and we are getting very close to the point where he crosses over $8k for the year.

Otto Porter (6500/6800) – I’m a bit torn with this pick. On one hand, Porter should have all the opportunity in the world with Wall likely sitting out, and Beal highly unlikely to take the court. As a result, I would expect Porter to see a ton of opportunity, which he should be able to turn into a big fantasy night. Chicago isn’t extremely intimidating, so I would have no reservations about playing him a lot tonight. The only concern here is a blowout.

Kent Bazemore (4600/5100) – The Hawks will have a home date with the Hawks tonight, and it should give the suddenly surging Bazemore all the opportunity he needs to put together a nice game. His price is very low for what he could put together, which makes him appealing in both formats on the night. He will really let you build a strong lineup around him, and he should have a nice game to boot.


Anthony Davis (11600/11500) – If I am paying up for any one player tonight it will be Anthony Davis against the Lakers. I mean, these are the types of situations that we live for in DFS. Davis is playing at the highest level in his career, and gets a team that can’t do anything to stop him. He will most certainly get injured tonight. That’s all there is to it. There are no doubts in my mind. Well, that or he’ll put up 70 fantasy points. Mark my words: it will be one of the two.

Blake Griffin (8700/8500) – Griffin continues to play some very good ball, though as of the end of the first quarter, he hasn’t exactly look great in what should have been a very good matchup with the Thunder. The Wolves provide just as good of, if not better, matchup, and I think Griffin has all the potential in the world to take advantage of it. I think he’ll put up a nice stat line, and should be considered in all formats tonight.

Trevor Booker (5400/5400) – Booker has been playing pretty solid ball. I hate Kenny Atkinsons’ rotations, because he uses Justin Hamilton way more than he should, but I think Booker should be able to put together a good game here. Phoenix plays with a nice pace and leaves enough on the floor that Booker should have a full stat line by the time the game is all said and done.


Karl-Anthony Towns (8600/8100) – If the Wolves are going to have any hope of hanging with the Clippers, it will almost surely have to be because of KAT. His skill set is amazing, and I think his style plays well against the Clippers. He’s the most expensive option on the board, but I think he should also be able to put up one of the biggest numbers on the board when it is all said and done. He’s my top play for tournaments at this position.

Marc Gasol (7100/7100) – If we are looking at cash game plays, my heart and head both tell me Marc Gasol. Do you really think Miles Plumlee or Greg Monroe are going to be able to stop him? I don’t and you shouldn’t either. He is the only center in the league right now who could have a traditional triple-double in the right setting, and I think this matchup with the Pelicans will be perfect for him and he will have a big night.

Jusuf Nurkic (5500/5700) – Nurk has looked downright bad over the past few games, but things will certainly perk up here, as the Nuggets face the Pistons on their home court. His price isn’t very high, and he already had a so-so game against them about a week or so ago. We know the upside is there, and if he gets going, he could have a big night in the blink of an eye.