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NBA DFS Picks – 11/10/16

Thursdays always seem to be a little bit weak, but I’ll gladly take this 4 game slate over the 2 game slates we used to get just a few years ago. Six of the eight teams on the slate are teams I like to target against, so it should be a fun night of basketball. If this is too small of a slate for you, this makes an excellent night to just relax, maybe through in one lineup and get your house ready for the impending Christmas season.

Pricing is FD/DK


Stephen Curry (8900/9000) – I am writing this before the Warriors played on Wednesday, but I’m just going to say that this feels like a trap game to me. The Warriors should be able to beat the Mavericks at home, but will then head on the road to take on the Nuggets. This just feels like a trap, that’s all I’m saying. Still, we are getting Curry at a discount to what he was last year, and like I said yesterday, his production is trending in the right direction. I’ll gladly use him in my tournament games tonight.

DAngelo Russell (6000/6400) – Russell is so inconsistent, but that is just how Luke Walton’s offense is going to be. He is going to ride the hot hand, and if that means that if Russell only gets 25 minutes a game, that’s it. This should be a high scoring game, and the potential is definitely there for him to have a big night, which we know he is absolutely capable of. I have no problem rolling him out, but tournaments only.


Giannis Antetokuonmpo (9600/9700) – It was just a little over a week ago that we saw this matchup, and here we are again. Giannis has been having some foul trouble, which is worth noting as it could limit his upside, but this is an ideal matchup. He’s honestly probably my favorite play on the day, and that is saying something with all the talent that is front and center today. I’ll be putting him in a ton of my lineups tonight.

Nick Young (4100/4500) – This position has some guys that appear to be in good positions, but could end up hurting you pretty badly. Obviously, I cannot guarantee that, but it is just my gut call right now. Young has been pretty hot lately, but will likely not get the same type of ownership that some of the other guys at the position will, even on a short slate. I could see Young approaching 30 points, especially on DraftKings where you get the bonus for three pointers.


Jimmy Butler (7600/7100) – Butler is definitely starting to put things together, and this price seems a little bit laughable for him at this point. Not only will he draw attention because of his 60+ point fantasy game last night, but he will also generate ownership because of lack of other top options. This may be a situation where you have to take a stand, and either use him everywhere or use him nowhere and hope he crashes.

Mirza Teletovic (3700/3000) – Look, if you are trying to take down a tournament, sometimes you need to take a bold stand. I’ll admit, I don’t know whether this leans bold or stupid. If you’ve played NBA DFS for a few years, I think you’ll remember the type of upside that Teletovic can have if his shot is falling. He’s a guy that can hit three pointers like crazy, and if he gets rolling, Kidd might keep him out there. The downside is the highest amount of minutes he’s had is 23. He is especially appealing on DraftKings, where he is minimum price. I don’t think I’m going to go overboard with him, but I will definitely have some exposure to Teletovic tonight.


Anthony Davis (10900/11300) – I don’t really know what to say about Davis here. It’s pretty clear that he should be able to have a big night against a team that he’s already put 65+ fantasy points on this year. Yes, I do think it is likely that Davis exceeds Giannis’ score, but I think Giannis could end up as a better point per dollar play. I love the idea of putting both of them into your lineup and then moving on.

Nikola Jokic (5400/5500) – While certainly not as risky as going with Teletovic, I do think that we will see lower ownership than we should on Joker. Buyer be warned: he can be a bit of a mental midget, in the sense that he fouls easily, and when it starts, sometimes it ends with an early night. Still, I think he is a bit of a matchup problem with Draymond on a back-to-back, and he has some pretty serious tournament winning upside if he gets things going.


DeMarcus Cousins (9500/10300) – Cousins gets an ideal matchup tonight with the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers have actually been pretty good thus far this year, so I think we could see one of those big games he is well known for. He’s got the best floor at the position, and his workload should be locked in. I think he’ll go over 60 fantasy points tonight.

Hassan Whiteside (8200/8500) – Whiteside was outright awful in the Heat’s last outing against the Thunder. This looks to be a nice bounce back spot for him as the Heat take on the Bulls, who have to feel a little worn out after a pretty tough game against the Hawks. As a result, I think Whiteside will find all the room he needs to get boards and points, and is a high upside play tonight.