NBA DFS Picks – 10/6/16


Last night was definitely a fun trip, as about 50% of lineups got burned as a result of Kyle Lowry taking the night off. You will have that in DFS period, but it is going to happen a lot in the preseason with little to no notice I suspect. I do my best to update this list, as I did yesterday when Favors was ruled out, but there is nothing that can be done on a site like FanDuel when news breaks just prior to the start of the game.


Stephen Curry – We got to see our first glimpse of what the new big four in basketball will look like this upcoming season, and it looked pretty good. This Kings team is definitely a step down from the Clippers team that the Warriors just decimated, so as long as Curry is in the lineup tonight, he should be in your lineup.

Ish Smith – Reggie Jackson is going to miss extended time due to injury, which will open the door for Ish Smith to do Ish Smith things. We’ve seen him come in and just dominate games with his speed, and I think he is in a good position to have a good game tonight.

Trey Burke– John Wall’s status is up in the air right now, and if he is to miss this game, Burke should make his way into your lineup. He had a very strong showing in the first preseason game, and there should be nothing that keeps him from repeating it in the second.


Klay Thomspon – Thompson can be one dimensional at times, and is his shot isn’t falling, he can kill you in a heartbeat, especially the way this team is built now. Still, we will all remember what Klay has done to the Kings in the past, and that their weakness has been the shooting guard position. He’s definitely worth a look tonight.

Avery Bradley – I don’t love anyone outside of Klay at this position tonight, but I think Bradley is a guy who remains in play most nights because of his ability to fill the stat sheet in a multitude of ways. He should be a pretty safe play here against Charlotte.

Monta Ellis – Ellis has a ton of upside, even on a team with a lot of dynamic options. He is able to score in boatloads, as well as contribute across a number of other categories. Chicago should be involved in some higher scoring games this year, and I suspect that the Pacers should be able to put some points on them tonight.


Kevin Durant – I think it is safe to safe that Durant’s debut with the Warriors went very, very well. He’s a triple double threat on the court, and in the preseason, he’s a guy that just has to be in your lineup if he is playing.

Paul George – Paul George is among the elite in the league at any position, and he is going to be difficult for Chicago to contain tonight. The best part of the preseason is that there are really very little restrictions when it comes to salary, so you should be able to fit Durant and George in with very little issue what so ever.

Jae Crwoder – If you desire to go cheap at the position, I love the upside of Jae Crowder. There were very few people who saw his breakout coming last year, but we know what he is this year. He’s another multi-category contributor and should be able to have a good game against Charlotte tonight.


Thaddeus Young – Young is one of my favorite fantasy players, because he finds ways to get involved in the offense, and can rack points up very quickly, grabbing boards, scoring points or getting steals. He is going to be very involved in this Pacers offense, and he is easily one of my favorite plays on the board tonight.

JaMychal Green – It was just announced that Green will be the starting power forward for the Grizzlies this season, and I would have to imagine they will be working hard to get him acclimated to the offense a little more. Atlanta is going to be without Paul Milsap, so the matchup is definitely very good for Green tonight.

Taj Gibson – Gibson looked good in their first game against the Bucks, and I think he should be able to do a lot of the same against the Pacers tonight. He is very cheap, so if you are trying to lock in some Warriors and other high priced guys, he makes a nice salary saver who has a history of putting together some pretty big games.


DeMarcus Cousins – It’s tough to know what to expect from Cousins tonight, as he only played 15 minutes in the first half and none in the second in the first preseason game, but something tells me they may give him a bit of a longer leash tonight. His upside is one of the top in the game, and I’m not betting on Draymond Green or Zaza Pachulia being able to slow him down tonight.

Andre Drummond – I love what Drummond should be able to do this year, and he should be able to dominate this matchup with Brook Lopez tonight. Drummond has elite rebounding abilities and I think the gameplan will likely focus around feeding him the ball down low, which should give him plenty of chances to score.