NBA DFS Picks – 10/3/16

I really hadn’t planned on doing much for the NBA preseason, but since it is now apparent that the fantasy sites are considering this a viable market, we will begin coverage of it. One thing you can be for sure of in NBA preseason, much like NFL preseason, is that minutes and production are going to be highly volatile. We will do our best to go through the reports to find who could see big minutes and provide you with plays that should help you win some cash!


Ramon Sessions – I typically don’t want to look to a guy like Sessions in the preseason, because he is a veteran and doesn’t really have much to prove, especially on a team he’s been with. This is a special situation though, as Kemba Walker and Brian Roberts are not going to be playing tonight. This should leave ample opportunity for Sessions to have a good night.

Seth Curry – J.J. Barea will e starting this game, but it is unlikely he will see much time. I think that Curry should see minutes into the 20’s with Deron Williams and Devin Harris out, and I cannot imagine that Barea and Matthews will see a ton of minutes tonight.

Shabazz Napier – Napier makes the list decently far behind the other two. However, there is not much reason to run Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum out there for a ton of minutes, and there really isn’t a lot behind them. Obviously, we are not concerned with price in these games, but either way I’m fine with Napier.


Jeremy Lamb – Lamb makes this list for the very specific reason that Sessions does, and that is because there is a lack of bodies that can take the floor tonight. He does have upside, but he is a wildly inconsistent player. I do still think there is good reason to play him, and he will be in many of my lineups today.

Dejounte Murray – The Spurs will not be playing an alarming amount of players, which leaves the door wide open for some of the younger players to make an impact. Murray should see a lot of time on the floor to try to show Pop his stuff before the season starts.

Rashad Vaughn – Vaughan has been talked up a lot, especially since the injury to Khris Middleton. He should get a lot of chances tonight to work with both the first and second team offense, and should see minutes and production.


Mario Hezonja – Hezonja had some pretty decent showings in 2015-16, and should have much greater opportunities this year. The Magic will be sitting several of their starters, and as a result, we should see some open time for Hezonja. He’s one of my top plays tonight.

Kyle Anderson – I’m trying not to overload my roster with Spurs tonight, but I think that is going to be the way to go. Anderson is very talented, and I think there is a good chance that he takes a big step forward this year.

Denzel Valentine – There have been a lot of reports that indicate that the Bulls may want to use the preseason to really bolster Valentine’s confidence and do what they can to try to run the offense through him. He is a highly talented and disciplined player who might be my favorite player on this slate.


Jonathan Simmons – Simmons is probably my favorite play from this game, as he should see a ton of minutes and I think he matches up very well with who the Suns should roll out. He’s going to be in the vast majority of my lineups.

Bobby Portis – Overall, I think Portis was a bit of a disappointment last season. This season, however, will give him another opportunity to put things back together. I suspect that they’ll give him some run tonight and that should help him to have a big fantasy night.

Dwight Powell – Powell should see some good opportunities tonight at some run with Dirk Nowitzki sitting, and Andrew Bogut unlikely to see a ton of minutes. Powell had his moments last year, and I think we’ll see a good night out of him tonight.


Roy Hibbert – Hibbert is going to be locked in a battle with Cody Zeller for the starting center position for the Hornets this year. With Zeller out tonight, this gives Hibbert a much needed opportunity to impress. I think there is definitely a chance that he will and should have a good opportunity to put up some points.

Nikola Jokic – I am not sure how much Jokic will play, but I love him in fantasy because he does put up points very, very quickly. The matchup for Jokic is relatively irrelevant, especially in the preseason, so he is a guy I’ll roll with tonight.