NBA DFS Picks – 10/28/16

I would expect for many articles, including this, to read more like a report of what happened in the first few games of the year, than actual analysis on who to play. This is to be expected, as we really don’t know that much yet, so all we have to go on is the first game a team has played, the preseason and last year. I’m going to try to do my best to leave out guys I don’t think are going to repeat performances, and focus on guys and situations that are more safe.


Russell Westbrook – There’s no question about it: tonight will not be the night I fade Russ. I made a point to say that I was doing that on Wednesday in favor of Harden and Davis, and that clearly worked out to my advantage. This sets up much better for Russ, as the Suns are going to play at a much fast pace, and he should have plenty of opportunities to rack up fantasy points. He’s easily my top play of the day.

George Hill – While Westbrook should be a lock in your cash games, I don’t know that he HAS to be in tournaments. Yes, tournament winning lineups do tend to feature the highest scoring players, but if there are players that end up scoring roughly the same amount, the pivots at the position are what become important. We just watched James Harden roll this Lakers team, and while George Hill isn’t Harden, he could still very well end up having a big game that exceeds value.

Tim Frazier – I think some people may look at the matchup and just want to stay away, but I’m not. Frazier is going to be a high usage player, as well as distributor, and that will result in a lot of fantasy points. We just saw him put up a 40+ point outing on opening night, and I have no question that he could stay in that range even in a tough matchup.


James Harden – James Harden is going to be an every night threat in this Mike Dantoni led offense, that he is not only the top scoring option for, but also the top facilitator. Dallas is a lot of old legs, and I think they are going to have a tough time matching anyone up to Harden to keep him from doing what he does. Like Westbrook, he is going to be an every night consideration.

Klay Thompson – A lot of players are going to be scared off of Klay Thompson after how poorly he played opening night against the Spurs. The good news is that the Pelicans are not the Spurs. I think this is a game that Klay should be able to take over, and we could see one of those monster Klay Thompson outings. I know there seems like a lot of mouths to feed in DubCity, and there are, but I think Klay will get his.

Rodney Hood – Not only are the Jazz going against the Lakers, but they are also short-handed still with Gordon Hayward out. Yes, Derrick Favors will be back, so that does to some extent effect some of the usage, but I think Hood should still be able to put up enough fantasy points to justify his salary, and there is always some upside for more as well.


Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – I don’t need to tell you that guys like LeBron and Durant are good plays. Without a question, this will be another position I will try to find some value at. People forget how good MKG is, because it seems like every time he gets going, he gets hurt, and misses the rest of the year. Miami is the perfect type of matchup for me to roll him out in, and I’ll gladly take advantage of the price before he is gets much higher.

Justise Winslow – Winslow is another guy who is going to be able to benefit from the changes that have taken place around him. He is a do it all player, which will likely allow him to build up his stats in very quick fashion. He’s got a good floor with the minutes he is going to play, and it just makes sense to lock him in against Charlotte tonight.

T.J. Warren – If you desire to spend down even lower, you can always look at Warren. The game flow didn’t work to his advantage on the Suns opening night loss, but things could certainly turn around for him here. Evne though he didn’t have a big game, he still made value, and I think there are some pretty clear value plays at the position that makes me feel confident that we can spend up elsewhere.


Anthony Davis – I don’t think we can consciously not talk about Anthony Davis here after he put up almost 100 freaking fantasy points. I don’t think you play him expecting that, but you play him certainly expecting that he could end up breaking the 50-point mark, which is what you are looking for. I think I’d probably run with Harden/Westbrook over Davis in cash games in this one, but I can’t blame you if you don’t agree.

Kevin Love – I’m always skeptical with exactly how things work with the Cavs, but I cannot pass up the opportunity of using Love against Paskal Siakam and Patrick Patterson. We saw Love break the 40 point mark on opening night, and I think we could see him get there in what really seems like a dream matchup tonight.

Enes Kanter – If you want to go another direction, I think that Enes Kanter is going to be able to provide value for another week or so before his price catches up with him. The Suns are likely worse at defending the paint than the Sixers [think about that for a second, especially with Embiid now], and I think it is highly likely we will see Enes clear 30 fantasy points again.


Andre Drummond – I think that any of the options near the top are worth looking at tonight, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that I will probably go with Drummond over the rest of them, despite the fact that Drummond looked the least enticing opening night. We have enough history of Drummond to know what he is all about, and I could see him finding a lot of opportunity against a defensively challenged Nikola Vucevic. If I am spending up, this is where I am going.

Myles Turner – If Myles Turner were to have been a power forward on opening night, I most likely would have gone that route and had been happy with it. While I had my exposure to him, I didn’t end up with him in the right places. His price is far too cheap, and I am not going to be shocked to see him at $8k in about a month as he establishes himself as one of the top center options in the league.

Roy Hibbert – With Cody Zeller still healing, I think you could do a lot worse than running out Roy Hibbert. When I first started playing daily fantasy, it was actually a thing to use Hibbert in your lineup, and not as a last resort punt play. While I am not saying things have changed, he is under $4k, and gives you a ton of flexibility, and showed he’s still got a little bit left in him.