NBA DFS Picks – 10/27/16

One thing I really liked about the NBA product in 2015 was that the league did an excellent job ensuring that the games were well spread out so that we ended up with a lot of medium sized slates instead of a bunch of large and then small slates. Well, so far in 2016, we’ve got two small slates in three games, and I haven’t looked at the schedule, so I am hoping it isn’t something that continues. There are some good games slated to take place, so we will forgive them for the time being.


Damian Lillard – Even on a short slate, there are an impressive amount of point guards worth playing on the slate. I like Damian Lillard and his very serious chances of being the league’s MVP this year, even against Chris Paul. He is looking to finally finishing establishing himself this year, and I’m expect another 50+ point fantasy outing in this game.

Dennis Schroeder – John Wall cannot be 100% quite yet, and the quick and versatile Schroeder should give him fits in this game. We’ve seen what he can do when he gets a full amount of minutes, and though he isn’t at the discount we’ve been sued to getting him at over the last several years, it is still a price I am willing to play, as he should be able to contribute to the box score in a few different ways.


Avery Bradley – Things at the shooting guard position are pretty tough on this slate in my opinion. I think you could look at one of the higher dollar options, but I never mind looking at a guy like Avery Bradley who can do so many things to build his fantasy score up, and in the process, drive your lineup further up the leaderboards.

Manu Ginobli – Ginobli was on the winning lineup in FanDuel’s Million Dollar opening night contest if I am not mistaken, and he really didn’t even have a big game. His role has certainly diminished at this point in his career, but he can do enough to make sure that you have room to put the guys you need around him.


Kawhi Leonard – Kawhi Leonard looked like he was one of the best players in the league opening night. Here’s the thing: he is. Kawhi is the best two-way player in the league, and it definitely looks as if his offensive game took another step forward. The matchup against the Kings is just too good to be true, and I see no issue with playing him in all of your lineups.

Jonathan Simmons – I suspect that Simons will be the top value play of the day at any position, and it comes with good reason. He was a monster in the time he got against a very good Warriors team, and is taking a huge step down defensively against these Kings. While you can’t bank on a 30 point outing, I do think we could expect him to hit the 20 point mark tonight.


Blake Griffin – Blake Griffin is unquestionably one of my favorite players to watch each and every night, and a matchup with the Blazers seems like it is right up his alley. I think there is enough value out there to fit him in easily, and he is going to be one of my top overall targets on the slate tonight.

LaMarcus Aldridge – If I could advise to do one thing tonight it would be to target the Kings. I think they could potentially keep the game close enough for these guys to all hit value. The Spurs are going to be staying on the road and are on a high after a win against the Warriors, so this is what we like to call a let down spot. I think they’ll pull it out, and the starters should have enough of a chance to hit value.


DeMarcus Cousins – I don’t really believe that either Aldridge or Gasol are going to be able to body up Boogie in this game, and I think under Dave Joerger, we will see an expansion of his game. I think he’ll handle the ball a little bit more, and could develop into even more of a triple double threat than he already is.

Dwight Howard – Dwight Howard was downright nasty in the preseason, and I see no reason that things cannot remain the same way in the regular season. He has the ability to make any grown man look like a child, and I think we’ll see him do just that against whoever they want to try to put against him tonight.