NBA DFS Picks – 10/19/16

This is actually a really nice slate, and will actually be our only source of entertainment tonight, as I refuse to play these ridiculously small hockey slates. Seven games is on the slate tonight as the preseason winds down and we get the weekend to recover to take on the new year of NBA DFS. Keep your eyes posted for updates, as the lineups could start to get a bit funky as things wind down.


Stephen Curry – As the preseason winds down, I can’t help but wonder when the plug is going to be pulled on some of these Warriors. With no more late swap on DraftKings, it will become a little more risky to run some of these guys without knowing if they will be in the lineup or not. Regardless, if we find out that Curry will play, he should be able to shred this Lakers “defense”.

Mike Conley – Conley is one of those players that doesn’t get a lot of DFS love as a result of the team that he plays for. The matchup is good here, as I am not a believer in Ricky Rubio and his defense. If he gets the minutes, he should see a nice amount of points, as well as assists, that should help you put up a nice score tonight.

DAngelo Russell – Russell has been one frustrating roller coaster ride during the preseason, but I’m going to buy on him to show up tonight. He’s got elite upside as we’ve seen this preseason, and if he gets going, there’s going to be very little, if anything, that will stop him. If we find out some of the Warriors starters are out, I like this play even more,.


James Harden – James Harden and Russell Westbrook basically need no explanation at all, because they are just elite basketball players that have elite upside every time they play. I see no reason to breakdown the opponent or Harden. If he’s playing, he should be in your lineup.

Giannis Antetokuonmpo – Giannis has a ton of upside too, but he’s still progressing in this league. The Pacers don’t have anyone who can match up with him, but let’s face it, who does? He should be a triple double threat again when he takes the court and should be worth every penny on tonight’s slate.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope – Pope is a little bit of a different player. He has struggled all preseason until finally busting out in the Pistons last outing. KCP seemed to play over 40 minutes every time I watched a Pistons game, though I’ve read that number is likely to be trimmed this year as it is crazy. I think he should still see a lot of time, and he makes a nice cheap option tonight.


Kevin Durant – The same thing that I said about Curry, I’ll say about Durant: play at your own risk. There is no reason for Steve Kerr to risk anything happened to these guys this close to what many are expecting to be a historic season. If you have a high-risk tolerance, or are running multiple lineups, there is a reason to go there. Otherwise, I’m staying away.

Paul George– George has been pretty decent in the preseason, but hasn’t really been spectacular. The Pacers already had a game they were treating as a dress rehearsal, so if he is out, I would look toward Glenn Robinson III. Otherwise, I would lock him in and expect points approaching 30.

Shabazz Muhammad – Muhammad is honestly one of my least favorite players because he is incredibly selfish. He is basically the basketball equivalent of the Tasmanian Devil. Once he gets the ball, that’s it: it’s all him. This can be beneficial in DFS though because if he’s on, and his team is feeding him, he can end up with a big night.


Kristaps Porzingis – Porzingis is dealing with a groin injury, but he practiced and full and seems very likely to play tonight. He is should be a good bet to hit value tonight, as I can see them giving him a bit more run in this one. If they are able to, he should come through with one of the top scores at the position.

Jabari Parker – Parker has been very good in the preseason, and I fully expect him to carry this play over into the regular season. He is the number two option on a team that quite frankly is missing any more than two options. He should be a regular target for you, and that includes tonight as well.

JaMychal Green – Green is another guy who should be able to take a step forward in 2016, making his first season opening start in the NBA. He filled in well when everyone on the Grizzlies got injured last year, but with a full roster, they should get him into the mix early and often. I think this is a nice matchup for him and I expect him to do well again.


Rudy Gobert– Rudy Gobert is another guy I am very interested in this season with Favors seemingly always injured. Portland is a very good matchup for him, and I expect him to be able to do very well for himself in this contest. He’s got a ton of upside with boards and blocks, and with Favors likely out, should handle more of the scoring as well.

Myles Turner – Turner is many people’s sleeper pick, and I think they are pretty on point with that. He is looking very good, and there are enough high end centers on this slate that he could very well go a little bit overlooked. He can do a lot on the court, and I expect the Pacers to show what he is capable of tonight.