NBA DFS Picks – 10/17/16

This week will likely end up being the most difficult week to predict. Admittedly, I didn’t do preseason NBA until this year, so I don’t know whether to expect the starters to continue to play, or for more bench players to get run, but I am going to side with the latter on this one. I’m going to look for the situations that will yield the most positive results for the players we suggest, but also be prepared for edits to this list as the day goes on.


Ish Smith – It was really though to narrow this list to three, as I think a few different players could end up putting up good lines, even on a short slate. Smith is still trying to get acclimated into this offense, and I think Stan Van Gundy is going to get him into the game and creating chemistry with the starters. He’s always a threat for a double double, which could come in handy on a site like DraftKings that rewards you for that.

Jeremy Lin – Lin has been very good for the Nets going into the year, and I suspect on the first slate he is available in the regular season, he will be underpriced. I have no problem putting him into my lineup here, as he’s been played into the fourth quarter many nights, and in the preseason, it is good to find a guy who is getting a lot of touches.

Raymond Felton – Felton is a bit of anomaly here. Right now, Chris Paul is definitely out for this game, and Austin Rivers could be limited. That isn’t even the weird part – Felton got the start at small forward in the last game. He’s being used at basically three positions, and he could see a lot of time again. He’s someone who people typically don’t like to look toward, but he’s capable of big games, especially considering he put up a triple double last year.


Giannis Antetokuonmpo – There is definitely a chance we could see Giannis sit, but until we know for sure, he’s got to be the top option at the position. He’s one of the few guys on this slate that could finish the night with a triple double, albeit highly unlikely on limited minutes. Still, he should be able to rack up the points quick enough to make him worth a play.

Nicolas Batum – Batum actually fits a lot of the same description as Giannis, as he is a very skilled player than can do a lot of things very well. We aren’t going to be that concerned about matchups in the preseason, as it is a little looser than I think we’ll see in the regular season. Batum should be safe to roll out if he plays.

Jeremy Lamb – I think Lamb should certainly be on the court today, as he is trying to earn or keep his spot on the team. He’s got some talents, and can help with boards and assists here and there, but the vast majority of what he brings to your team is points. The risk with that is that if his shot isn’t falling, you’ll find yourself with meager points. Honestly, you shouldn’t be playing cash games in the preseason anyway, but he definitely would be a tournament only play.


Jimmy Butler – Butler had the last two games off while being rested, so I assume he should be good to go in this one, and it wouldn’t shock me to see some of the other veterans sit this one out. Either way, he should be able to dominate the offense in this game, and in my opinion, I do not believe we will see someone else come even remotely close to his production at the position, so long as he plays.

Jaylen Brown– I expect the rookie to get some additional run tonight against the hapless Nets. They should be another target for daily fantasy players again this year, and I think Brown has some pretty serious upside in this contest. If he sees minutes into the late 20’s, he should be able to come up with some good production.

Doug McDermott – McDermott is a clutch shooter, and I definitely expect him to be able to pick this second unit of the Hornets apart. Again, he is another guy who could really kill you if his shot isn’t falling, but I think he should be fine to roll out in your lineups tonight.


Blake Griffin – Griffin is a guy I will have no issue putting into my lineup tonight, especially without Chris Paul. The absence of Paul should force Griffin to have more involvement with the facilitation of the offense, which not only leads to more points, but also to more assists. There is going to come a time where he won’t play, so keep your eyes peeled to the news wires.

Jabari Parker – Parker has been very consistent in the preseason, and I suspect it will carryover into the regular season as well. He is looking to build off a nice year last year, and I think Detroit is going to have a tough time keeping him off the box score.

Taj Gibson – Gibson has been up and down in the preseason, but I have faith that he should be able to put together a nice game tonight. He’s got some upside, as we’ve seen coming off the bench in previous year, and I think this is finally the year we will see it all come to fruition.


Andre Drummond – Drummond is the upside with the most upside, so if you can manage to fit him in your lineup, that is definitely the route I would go. In my opinion, there is not a single player on this Bucks defense that could slow him down. He could easily finish with a high double double, even in limited time.