NBA DFS Picks – 10/15/16

This is a really nice slate tonight, filled with seven games. We’ve already got a host of guys that will not be playing, as the preseason is quickly coming to an end and we can start looking into the regular season. As always, we’ll try to dive as deep as we can into the games and plays so we can give you an advantage in your lineups.


John Wall – Wall is a good candidate to see more minutes on Saturday, and gets a terrific matchup against Sacramento. There is no real need here to explain his upside: he’s a great ball handler who can score and assist, and he can grab a board or two to help you on your way. He’s one of the top point guards in the league and should be in for a nice outing tonight.

DAngelo Russell – Russell has been up and down in the preseason, but when he is up, he is one of the top options on the board. If he is able to take this into the regular season, we will see a huge sophomore campaign. The matchup on the surface doesn’t seem great, but I’m willing to buy into the minutes and opportunity for him to have a big game.

Ish Smith – If Russell has been up and down, then I don’t know what to say about Ish Smith. He’s been even more extreme. This is somewhat of a revenge game here, as Ish was a member of the Sixers for most of the last season. We know all about the defensive woes of the Sixers, so I think there is a good opportunity for him to go off tonight.


James Harden – Harden is just a plug and play at this point in the preseason, so long as he is in the lineup. There is definitely the possibility that he could sit, as there really is no reason to risk losing him. If he is in the lineup, there is no way I won’t play him, as he can put up 40 points in 20 minutes, and not too many guys can say that.

Giannis Antetokuonmpo – Early on in the season, FanDuel is changing positions a lot, so now we have Giannis at the shooting guard position. He finally had a big game the last time out and I could see him having another one with the Jimmy Butler-less Chicago Bulls. He is someone I definitely want to work to get into my lineup.

Zach LaVine – If I’m going to spend down at the position, I like the upside of Zach LaVine against Miami. He is definitely dependent on his shot falling, but if he gets going, there is not much Miami can do to stop him. I think players will spend up at the position, so by spending down you can gain advantages in tournaments.


Kevin Durant – I think without question, the Lakers are still going to be a team we want to target in daily fantasy for like the fifth straight year. The big question I have here is whether or not Durant will play, as the Warriors are playing in a back to back. My gut reaction is no, but if he does play, he is an easy top play at the position.

Troy Williams– The injury report basically has it so that a ton of Grizzlies are likely to be out in this game, so I don’t mind dropping down to a guy like Williams in what should be a fast paced matchup against the Rockets. He’s a great way to load your lineup with studs that will be playing.

Robert Covington – Covington is another guy who has a ton of upside, but there is definitely a chance that he could fall flat, which concerns me. We’ve seen a few good performances out of him, and a few poor, but I do think he is worth the risk if he sees the floor on Saturday.


Kristaps Porzingis – Kristaps is going to have a monster season, and he should be in for a very good game against Boston tonight. He’s got the ability to contribute in so many different ways, and he’s not even remotely close to the most expensive option at the position. He makes a no brainer play at the position tonight.

Jabari Parker – Parker has been awesome to start the preseason, and I don’t imagine that it will slow down tonight against a Chicago team that I still think has a ways to go to find their defensive identity. He is locked in as the number two on this team and should find his way into your lineups.

JaMychal Green – Green is one of the Grizzlies that hasn’t made the injury report, and since he isn’t too far into his career, and entering the starting lineup for the first time to start a season in his career, I can see the Grizzlies trying to give him minutes to get better acclimated. I think he’s a good bet to have a good night.


DeMarcus Cousins – Cousins sat out the last game against the Lakers, so one would imagine that he will be locked and loaded for this matchup against the Wizards. He is one of the top upside pays in all of basketball, and I think there is a pretty good chance if he gets minutes in the mid-20’s, he should hit the 40 point plateau.

Marc Gasol – This is another situation where Gasol is just far too cheap on both sites. If he is in the lineup, I think he should be able to put up a big score, and it makes it just way too easy to toss him into your lineups. If not, I’d look to Al Horford at a similar price.