NBA DFS Picks – 10/13/16

As the preseason ticks on, I think we are going to continue to see more and more of teams sitting their stars and that opens up the minutes for their backups. We’ve seen this some already, but I have a feeling that this is going to increase moving forward. This is a much bigger slate than we have been used to over the past few days, so it should be very fun.


John Wall – I know that it seems weird to not see Russell Westbrook here, but I cannot imagine that they will continue to throw him out there considering if he goes down, the team could legitimately become a lottery team. With that said, Wall’s minutes should go trending in the right direction, and this is a weak Sixers team that it shouldn’t take too much effort for him to shred tonight.

Kyrie Irving – We know LeBron won’t be playing until the game against the Wizards, but will Kyrie? I don’t have an answer for that, but I do know that if he is playing and LeBron isn’t, he immediately goes to the top of our list of options. He’s one of the best ball handlers in all of the NBA, and can put up points very quickly. He’s an easy play for me tonight.

Jeremy Lin – If Lin plays, I want to use him in some of my lineups. He’s going to see minutes, and he will be very heavily involved in the scoring opportunities. With that being said, he makes an attractive option at a relatively low price. There is no reason to not play him tonight, especially if one of the other top options is ruled out.


Victor Oladipo – Oladipo is going to be a nice value in season long leagues this year, and depending on his price at the beginning of the season in DFS, could be very valuable there as well. I think he should be good to go either way, but if the Thunder were to sit Westbrook, then his value would increase immensely.

Ben McLemore – I don’t love a lot of the top options, so I am likely to go down a bit to a guy like McLemore, who should see some minutes and can score, especially through three pointers. We know the Lakers are a weak defensive team, so the upside is certainly there in this contest tonight. He’s a nice low dollar play.

Nick Young – I didn’t think I would be able to actually do it, but I do like the upside of Young in what should be a fast paced high scoring contest against the Kings. When he wants to, he can put up some good games, and being that it is the preseason, there is good potential that he will see those minutes that will be tough to get in the regular season.


Jae Crowder – Another night, another lack of good options in my opinion at the small forward position. Crowder should be a pretty good option that should be relatively consistent in this matchup. He can contribute in a variety of ways, and I think he is likely to eclipse the 20 point mark tonight, which sometimes is just about all we can ask for.

Robert Covington– Covington had a very nice outing last time out and looks to build upon that effort against the Wizards tonight. He is really capable of doing quite a bit more than just shooting threes, which gives him pretty good upside in this contest. He will likely be very highly owned and is a guy I want to use.

Bojan Bogdanovich – Bogdanovich should continue to see an increase in minutes in the preseason, as the Nets looks to get him into regular season form. He is a very good three-point shooter, which helps on sites like DraftKings that give a bonus for three points made. He is too cheap not to consider, and if he gets into the mid-20’s, he could certainly be one of the top performers at the position.


Julius Randle – I think Randle is set up for a pretty good year, but I think it could be a frustrating one. He didn’t look good in their first preseason game, but he turned things around last time out against the Blazers. I think he should see lots of opportunities for rebounds, putbacks and points, and should be considered one of the top plays at the position.

Enes Kanter – If Steven Adams remains out in this one, I would definitely look in Kanter’s direction. The Grizzlies always use a lot of big guys in their lineups, so there will be a need to have Kanter on the floor, even in the preseason. He’s a good bet for a double-double if he plays, and should be on your radar.

Jerami Grant – A lot of this play depends on who sits out for the Sixers tonight. If they are short-handed again, I don’t mind looking at Grant, as he looks to build on a pretty good 2015-16 campaign. He’s another guy that can put up big games through a variety of contributions, and if it looks like he should see extra time, will be in my lineup.


DeMarcus Cousins – Cousins could end up being the highest owned player on this slate if he plays, because he could end up putting 40 points on the board without trying very hard. There is always the risk that they limit his minutes some, but that is a risk you might have to take.

Dwight Howard – Howard could actually be one of the bigger surprises of the season if he continues to play like this into the regular season. I know the last game was a result of playing a weak Cavs front-court that wasn’t playing starters, but I think he could still have his way with the Pistons in this one. He’s in line for a lot of rebounds, and I expect Schroeder to feed him a lot in this one.