Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, we get a 9 game slate with some good games slated to take place.

There are a fair amount of high scoring games tonight. HOU/PHI, LAC/OKC and CLE/SAC are all over 210 totals. That still leaves CHA/NO which should be popular, and potentially as well MEM/BOS, as it appears that Matt Barnes will be the only one returning to that game. If that happens, I would expect that Hairston, Carter and Martin would be affected most. The Milwaukee three are in an interesting situation tonight, as Parker and Giannis have skyrocketed in price, albeit fairly, and Miami doesn’t really give up gobs on fantasy points.

On to my favorites!


Kemba Walker – One team I love targeting is the Pelicans. They play fast enough, miss a lot of shots and are sloppy with the ball. This is a recipe for fantasy success… for the other team. Kemba is having a great year and I like the fact that he is on his home floor. Norris Cole is not going to be able to play along with him, so he should be in a good position to score big tonight.

Kyrie Irving – Another team I love to attack is the Kings. For basically all the same reasons as the Pelicans, except they have better players so it is a little confusing how this happens. Nonetheless, Kyrie should be in for a big game against Rondo. I expect to see Kyrie over the 40 point mark tonight, with an upside for 50 depending on the game flow.

Mario Chalmers – I don’t like targeting point guards against Boston. I believe Avery Bradley will spend some time on Chalmers, as he is probably more offensively sound than Tony Allen. Well, normal Tony Allen, not the Tony Allen we saw Monday. His price barely crept up and he will be high owned in cash games, so take the savings and move on.


James Harden – When you couple the consistency of Harden with the fact that he is playing the Sixers, then you have a recipe for fantasy success. His price is creeping up, but even if he has a normal Harden game, you are still getting around 50 points.

Nicolas Batum – I think with so many games on the slate, Batum could go a little under used. I can’t guarantee that, but with Harden, Wade, Middleton, Booker and then a variety of cheap options available, I think ownership could be down, but the matchup is great. I could easily see him breaking 40 points in this one.

Tony Allen – The Grindfather was in premier form on Monday night against the Cavs. I do not believe for one second that he will do it again, but he needs just slightly over 20 to make value. I think that is certainly possible tonight, and every night with Conley and Randolph out.


Kevin Durant – The Durantula is killing it right now, and there is no indication that it is going to stop today. The Clippers have no one at all who is going to stop him, whereas Paul has always done well against Westbrook. I’m calling tonight to be his biggest game of the year. I think a mid 60-70 point game is coming.

Robert Covington – Not a huge fan of some of the other options on this slate, so Covington in this matchup against Houston presents an interesting option. He is an on and off type player, though he has been on lately. You will take some kind of a risky, but it could be a nice payout.

Corey Brewer – Speaking of risk, here is Corey Brewer. Brewer has two straight strong showings, and something tells me that trend should continue tonight against Philly. He is in a good spot, as he could see some junk minutes if the game gets out of hand. With only needing a little over 20 points to hit value, Brewer is a fine option.


Kevin Love – Sacramento. Kings. Should the analysis go any further? OK, I will. LeBron is only going to be “the guy” when he absolutely has to. I don’t think he will have to tonight. I expect Love and Irving to do the heavy lifting.

Jerami Grant – Noel should be back, but Okafor is still out. I see Houston being the perfect type of defense [and offense] to use Grant against. He hasn’t been great with his opportunities lately, but I think he will be able to turn it around or not.

JaMychal Green – Green was the highest scoring player for Memphis, just absolutely owning the Cavs in every way possible on Monday. His price has risen ever so slightly, and assuming Randolph is out, he has no one at his level of talent to challenge him for minutes and should be in position to exceed value again.


DeAndre Jordan– I love this game for fantasy purposes tonight, and DeAndre, who has been awesome without Blake as always, should be able to feast on the combo of Kanter and Adams. It wouldn’t shock me to see him challenge for 50 fantasy points tonight.

Alex Len – Just know Len is going to be like 90% owned in cash games tonight despite seeing his price jump several hundred dollars. He is still underpriced, and I think he should again exceed value tonight against the Knicks.

Al Jefferson – Man, I really want to run Jefferson in my cash games tonight because of his price, but Len’s upside is way too much to ignore. I will have some lineups tonight with Jefferson against the Pelicans who simply cannot do anything against the center position.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s all win some cash!