Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, I am hoping to put my frustration from last night aside and win some money! We have a nice 8 games slate, which I think is the perfect amount of games.

On to the action!

Points Guards:

John Wall- Even though he had some concerns with his foot yesterday, I like the spot for him tonight against the Pacers, who have actually been playing the PG position pretty poorly. Both teams are on back to backs, so it will be interesting to see how they come out tonight.

Isaiah Thomas- Isaiah came through for me last night, even though many others did not. Tonight, he comes into Cleveland to take on the Cavaliers, who have been getting beat by opposing point guards recently. If Boston wants any chance of winning, I imagine it is going to have to go through Thomas.

Patty Mills- This isn’t a pick that I love, but with the team playing at home down the stretch, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some of their bench see more run. I cannot imagine the Kings will be giving the Spurs a ton of competition tonight, which means Mills can see a bigger role.

Shooting Guards:

James Harden- As far as cash games go, whenever he is on the slate, I am going to play him. I could easily see him hitting value tonight, and I would just prefer the consistency he provides to take a chance elsewhere.

Eric Gordon- Gordon has been good since returning from injury, and gets a Utah team who has actually been getting taken advantage of by opposing two guards lately. His price is still low enough compared to the amount of time he should get, so take advantage of that while you can.

Markel Brown – I cannot recommend him for cash games, but he does carry some upside for tournaments. He also gets the plus matchup against the Wolves, who are just awful in every way imaginable. He could certainly see 30 points in this game, and he should see time regardless of the pace of the game.

Small Forward:

Paul George- George was a monster last night, and I see no reason why that would change against Washington tonight. This seems like a great position for George, and I will be relying on him a lot tonight.

Kawhi Leonard- Kawhi has been playing amazingly since he has returned from his injury, and gets one of the best possible matchups against an awful Sacramento team. I don’t think he will see four quarters, but I also don’t think he needs it.

Bojan Bogdanovic- Bojan was on fire in the first quarter last night… and then just disappeared. He is priced low enough that with the minutes he is getting he should continue to hit value.

Power Forward:

LaMarcus Aldridge- I like Aldridge for the same reasons as Kawhi, but I actually think it may be slightly harder for him to hit value. He hasn’t been as dominant as Kawhi, but it’s the Kings, and they give up points like crazy.

Kevin Love- Love sat out last nights game, but I expect him back in full force tonight. Boston has struggled with big guys all year, and Love is unquestionably one of the best in the game. I think that the Cavs will try to run the offense through Love tonight, putting him in a good position to hit value.

Bobby Portis- Portis benefits much more with Taj out of the lineup? Seriously, that is a question. He looked disinterested during their last game against Orlando. The Rockets are one of the best matchups for PFs, so I think it is possible he should be in a good spot tonight.


Andre Drummond- Drummond hasn’t had a massive performance lately, but the Knicks provide a good opportunity for that to occur. Robin Lopez cannot matchup with him at all, and this could be a good opportunity for a huge game.

Dwight Howard- The Bulls are a good opportunity for Howard tonight, as they have struggled to contain, well, everyone this year in Thibedeau’s absence. Howard has played pretty good ball for awhile now, and this is a great spot for him.

Rudy Gobert- I never like playing Gobert, but you cannot deny the matchup tonight against the Pelicans. They do not offer any type of rim protection to keep Gobert away from the bucket when he is going what he does.

Good luck tonight!