Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, we get a massive 11 game slate, and some very difficult decisions to make with roster construction.

One to my favorites!


Chris Paul – I have gone back and forth about Paul or Westbrook, but I decided on Paul. He is priced better and ultimately, for reasons discussed below, I don’t think I can play both. Paul has performed well against this team, and without Blake Griffin, I think we will be looking at a big night for Paul.

D’Angelo Russell – I tend to want to play guys who are in their groove, and there is no question that Russell fits the bill. Since he is so cheap, he should be very highly owned, but I think it is worth it for cash games. It might not be ideal for tournaments, but if he scores big again, you’ll be sorry you didn’t have him

Jrue Holiday – Holiday is one of the main scoring options for this Pelicans team, and gets the plus match-up tonight against the Rockets. I think his floor is about the same with or without Davis, but his ceiling is probably higher without.


James Harden – Harden is another consistent player that is getting it done for his owners. The matchup against New Orleans is nothing to shy away from, and by the end of the night, Harden should be one of the highest scoring players.

Will Barton – I advised to move off of Barton Monday night and that proved to be a good move. Tonight, against the Lakers, I don’t have the same opinion. He could easily eclipse the 30 points mark, and I could see him going over 40 as well.

Zach LaVine – LaVine is getting the minutes and is producing, so in my opinion, there is no reason to move off of him right now. The Wizards are not known for being defensive power houses, so he should see ample opportunities.


Kevin Durant – As much as I want to pay Paul with Westbrook, there is nobody I like more at the SF position than Durant. He has been playing much better as of late, and while Paul has been able to restrain Westbrook to an extent, they haven’t had the same luck with Durant.

Matt Barnes – The Kings are a team I like to target in DFS, and Barnes is one of those guys that I think can exceed his value in this game tonight. He doesn’t need much to do so, but should have plenty of chances for steals and blocks against a sloppy Kings team.

Doug McDermott – McDermott is not the sexiest pick, and is coming off his first poor outing in a few weeks, but he is still in a good spot tonight for a team that could be down another big body in Taj Gibson. While he doesn’t stand to gain as much as Bobby Portis, a few more minutes could trickle his way.


Anthony Davis – Maybe Davis will play, maybe he won’t. Selfishly, I am hoping he won’t so we can get the Ryan Anderson discount. Regardless of which one starts, both are in a good position to take advantage of the Rockets tonight.

Kenneth Faried – Faried says he will play tonight, after being listed as questionable. That never makes me feel great, and because of that I may not use him in my cash games, but he is certainly worth a look in tournaments. The Lakers are constantly lit up and tonight should be no different.

Bobby Portis – Taj Gibson is listed as doubtful for the night, which would open up significant minutes for Portis. He has a crazy range of possible outcomes, but regardless, he should be able to hit value in this one.


Pau Gasol – Gasol had a bit of a down night for his standards last night, but only played 30 minutes, which means he should not be worn down. With Gibson unlikely to play, the team will have to rely on Gasol more, which means he should be the unquestioned top scoring threat.

Karl-Anthony Towns – Last time out, Towns struggled mightly as the Wolves in general could not put together a game plan against the Mavs. Tonight and rested, I look for this to come out swinging, and Towns leads the charge. He carries 50 point upside every time he plays and something tells me we are going to see his best night of the year tonight.

Nikola Jokic – BUYER BEWARE… OK, you get the jist by now. I literally play Jokic in one lineup each time he steps on the floor because he has such big potential vs. his price. The Lakers present one of the best possible opponents for him, and he should have his way tonight if he gets the minutes.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s all win some cash!