Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, we get a 7 game slate with some fun games that should be high scoring.

My normal process is to build a dummy lineup for the next day while watching the games at night. It gives me a good feel about combinations, and how much I like players and just general roster construct. Last night, I made my initial lineup, and saw how many thousands I had left over and let out a deep breath. The guys I liked the most left so much money on the table I couldn’t take it. I have put in a few more guys with prices higher than normal just so that you can come closer to hitting the dollar amount you are allotted.

One to my favorites!


Damian Lillard – There does not appear to be a bad time to play Lillard. I think Steph would be my favorite high priced guy tonight, but he is currently questionable, so I will pivot to Lillard. The first thing I think is that he is playing in New York, and that atmosphere could cause him to turn it up a bit more. Secondly, I can’t imagine any combination of guards that will be able to slow him down. Especially if Curry is out, Lillard is my top dollar play, but he is really close even if Curry suits up.

D’Angelo Russell – The Nets/Lakers game should be a haven for fantasy points, but unfortunately, there aren’t enough high dollar guys to fill out a lineup. Russell has been overachieving from a fantasy production perspective since hitting the starting lineup, and a matchup against Brooklyn is one that he should succeed in again.

Donald Sloan – On the other side of the matchup, we have Sloan. Sloan has a vast range of potential, from 12-40. This is a matchup where I feel like he is more likely to be toward the 30 mark, which is great value for his price. I wouldn’t blame you if you played Russell of Sloan, but it could be closer than it appears.


Dwyane Wade – SG is a position I think I am going to be paying up for tonight. It all starts with Wade for me. Something tells me that Wade is going to turn the volume up down the stretch to make sure Miami has the best seed possible for the playoffs. I do not think the Cavs are as good as others do, and I think this is one of those teams that could give them a fit. Regardless, I think Wade could be in store for a good game against a bad defensive Bulls team.

Klay Thompson – I like Klay regardless, but I like him even more if Steph sits out. I would add Draymond to that list as well. I don’t have him mentioned in this article, but it is certainly worth mentioning. Klay did well against the Hawks the last time out, and there are no indications he shouldn’t be able to do it again this time.

Markel Brown – This play isn’t for the weak of stomach, which is why I am going to probably pay up at the position. He has some potential in a favorable matchup against the Lakers tonight, coupled with the Nets potentially being without Wayne Ellington.


Chandler Parsons – This position is barren today as I just don’t like Carmelo against Portland. This leaves me with Parsons, who does have a positive matchup against Orlando tonight. I think he may shoulder the load moving forward being the youngest starter on the team, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he went over 40 today.

Justise Winslow – Even though Joe Johnson is going to cut into his time some, I like the contribution Winslow makes to this team. He is a contributor. If he doesn’t need to shoot, he’ll rebound, or assist. He doesn’t possess as much upside pre-Johnson, but for his price you could do a lot worse.

Doug McDermott – I think while others may look at Bogdanovic coming off a good game or Hezonjia if Fournier is out, I will look to McDermott. Dougie Buckets has been hitting value over the last several games, and I think this game should stay relatively close, and even if it doesn’t, McDermott won’t be the first off the court.


Thaddeus Young – Again, if Steph is out, I will probably move onto Draymond Green, but unfortunately, with the Warriors playing at home, we may not know in time. I talked up Khris Middleton for being Mr. Consistent this year yesterday, and I will do the same with Thad Young tonight. He seems to have found his stroke with the Nets, and he gets a great opportunity tonight against the Lakers.

Aaron Gordon – Gordon had a big outing against the Sixers a few nights back, and gets another good matchup against the aging but capable Dirk Nowitzki tonight. I think there is some potential that defending Dirk could pull him away from the bucket some, but nonetheless I think he should still be in line for a good outing.

Mirza Teletovic –Mirza is getting minutes and if his shot is falling, is a threat to break 40 every time he hits the floor. Tonight, he gets Charlotte that does play slower, but he should still be able to light it up from the outside.


Pau Gasol – I don’t think Amare’ or Whiteside can stop Gasol if he gets going. He is fresh off a 60+ point outing and a triple double and, especially if Rose is out, will need to be on if the Bulls want to stay in this. I think it is easy to spend up tonight, and this is definitely where I will be doing it.

Hassan Whiteside – It is a tough call for me today to decide if I want to go with Gasol or Whiteside, but I am probably going to roll Whiteside out in my cash games. I think his price still offers a little higher likelihood of upside. I think he will be a difference maker tonight, and especially with some wild play by some of the Bulls like Moore and Brooks, he should get some easy opportunities for blocks.

Robin Lopez – It’s amazing how well RoLo has been playing and he gets a strong matchup against Portland at home tonight. It is something of a revenge game for him, having spent some time in Rip City. His quality of play coupled with the fact that I think Carmelo will be locked down make Lopez a very interesting play tonight.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s all win some cash!