Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, we are coming off a huge night of winning money! Only 5 games tonight, but some injury situations make for some intriguing plays.

On to the action!

Points Guards:

Reggie Jackson- As soon as I say that Lowry was out tonight, I moved to Jackson. I fully expect the Pistons to move to exploit the mismatch in talent between the two guards. I like Reggie a lot based off this and his recent play, and he should be in my cash games tonight.

Raymond Felton- Felton certainly has some risk associated with him, but I like him in this spot tonight against Minnesota. He has been playing well as of late too, so I expect a nice game tonight.

Cory Joseph- I don’t want you to think I have run his name through the mud – he is a talented player. More importantly, he should see a minutes increase which puts him in play for me tonight. With a lot of matchups I am not excited about, I may be looking at this point guard matchup in my cash games.

Shooting Guards:

DeMar DeRozan- I love to play DeRozan when Lowry is out, because both his minutes and usage tend to go up. Tonight, we get our chance off of a poor outing due to the combination of the flu and Lowry being awesome.

Victor Oladipo- Similarly to DeRozan, Oladipo should see a slight bump in minutes due to Evan Fournier being out. He also gets the Sixers. Oladipo is a 5 category contributor and if tonight is one of those nights he goes off, it could be a HUGE score for you.

Zach LaVine – I think LaVine has appeared in every edition of the breakdown that he has played in. His price didn’t move from last nights strong performance, and there is nothing scary to me about a matchup with Dallas. Add to that he should be “coming off the bench” tonight, which just means he won’t get the start, but the minutes will still be there.

Small Forward:

Tobias Harris- Harris started yesterday’s game on a tear before quiet down. That’s fine. The beautiful thing about DFS is that it doesn’t matter when the points get scored, just that they get scored. Toronto isn’t a group I love to target against, but I don’t mind with Harris in his situation.

Justise Winslow- I don’t know if Joe Johnson will play tonight, but regardless, I like the progress Winslow’s game is making. They get the Knicks tonight, but he should see time and opportunity, which is a combination for DFS success. 

Mario Hezonja- The rookie will get his first start against the Sixers tonight, and I am a buyer at close to minimum price. He could see minutes into the 30’s, and that would be a plus in this great matchup.

Power Forward:

Gorgui Dieng- Dieng didn’t come through big last night, but tonight, he will get old man Dirk. I think Dieng’s athleticism will help him in this matchup and he should see his normal time and scoring.

Aaron Gordon- I am looking at consistency tonight, which is what pulls me to Gordon. Oh, he also plays the Sixers. Moving on.

Myles Turner- Turner had a down game against Charlotte, but the rookie has surprisingly struggled against them. Tonight, he gets a good matchup against a Portland team that he should pick apart at will.


Hassan Whiteside- Whiteside has been playing remarkable ball since the break, and the Knicks appear to be his next victims. I don’t think Porzingis or Lopez can slow this monster down.

Karl Anthony Towns- Speaking of monsters, KAT is a monster. For me, it is getting the point where I am not going to write a description for him. In fact, his name is just going to be his description. He is priced under 9k, and he can turn on a 50 point game seemingly at will.

Nikola Vucevic- Except for an inconsistent point guard position, I have nominated someone from the Magic at every position. Should you be amazed? No, you shouldn’t. Vuc just went over 50 points against them a few games back, and there is no reason to think it couldn’t happen again.

Good luck tonight!