Welcome back to another edition of ResearchFantasy’s NBA Breakdown. Tonight, the game slate shrinks down to 5 games, so make sure to not go too crazy when playing. There are certainly some great games to target, and we will be highlighting all of our favorite plays here.

It is important to note a few things. First, I am going to change the format here to provide 3 plays from each position. I am going to attempt to go with one elite play [over 8k], one mid-range play [5-8k] and one value play [under 5k], based on FanDuel pricing. Don’t hold me too that though, as sometimes that formula might not work. I feel like honing into certain players will help to make more successful lineups, as opposed to offering 8 potential plays.

One to my favorites!


John Wall – Wall has been having a tremendous season, and gets a great matchup against the defenseless Pelicans tonight. Do you think either Norris Cole or Toney Douglas will be able to stop him? No. Just no. Add to that, Wall is at home, where he has played better in his career. Don’t overthink this one.

Jrue Holiday – Holiday also benefits from a good matchup, in the same game. Holiday has been very consistent, and can put up a 50 burger for under 8k. I’m fine with that. That is a bargain all day. Holiday isn’t just a scorer either. He will contribute in most categories, giving him great upside with a good floor.

Brandon Jennings – It is tough to recommend a bench player in a situation like Orlando where the rotations sometimes are all over the place. Add to that, this is only his 3rd game for the team. He performed well in those first two games, and nothing makes me feel like he shouldn’t be able to in this situation.


C.J. McCollum – McCullum has been having a great year, potentially being the most improved player of the year. Tonight, he gets a good matchup against Brooklyn. McCollum usually gets minutes in the mid-thirties, and has been hitting value regularly, having only one game out of the last 10 where he didn’t hit at least 4x value.

Victor Oladipo – Don’t look now, but Dipo has been firing on all cylinders, and will go into a matchup with the 76ers tonight. I love targeting players with high energy against them, and Oladipo is at the top of my list.

Gary Harris – Not a sexy pick by any stretch of the imagination, but Harris is a low priced commodity, that gets minutes, is at home and is playing one of the worst defenses in the NBA in the Kings. He has a limited ceiling, but a great floor in this matchup. He is great for cash games.


Gordon Hayward – Hayward gets the Rockets bump, and the team in general should see a great increase in pace. Hayward has been ultra consistent, and should have no problem hitting the 30 mark against the Rockets. With very few mid and low salary options, Hayward may have to be the bullet to bite on this slate.

Danilo Gallinari – Gallinari can from time to time be scoring dependent, but if his shot is falling, he can easily eclipse the 40 point mark. Additionally, he gets the home matchup against the Kings, who have been one of the worst defensive teams in the NBA all year.

Maurice Harkless – A tournament only play, though if you want to fit in Davis and Cousins in cash you may need to use him. His minutes and production have been up lately, but man, his floor is a very scary situation.


Anthony Davis – Are you going to avoid the guy on a short slate, in a plus matchup who just put up 89 fantasy points? If you are, may God have mercy on your soul.

Aaron Gordon – Gordon has a great matchup against Philadelphia. I think it fits his skill set perfectly, and he has been playing at a high level since being inserted into the starting lineup. He’s a thousand dollars away from being priced fairly, so play him while he is cheap.

Derrick Favors – There are no cheap power forwards that I like, so we should toss Favors in there. He gets the benefit of an increased pace, and a matchup against the Rockets. I don’t think they have anyone who can hold him down, so I look for a nice showing here.


DeMarcus Cousins – Coming off a 68 points performance against this same team, how can you not like Cousins to at least hit a 50 burger? He should be your first target at the position and only come off of him if you can’t get he and Davis together in a lineup you like.

Marcin Gortat – Gortat had a big 2nd half last year, and wants to start the second half this year the same way. He gets a plus matchup against the Pelicans that may be without Omer Asik tonight. He is cheap enough that he could get over the 5x cost mark easily.

Jahlil Okafor – He got into foul trouble in his plus matchup a few nights ago against the Pelicans, but has been solid outside of that. Tonight he has a matchup against a softer Orlando interior, and it a good bet to exceed value.

Instead of doing the Fab Five, I am going to begin to post my cash lineups in this post after lineup lock. I will also start keeping track of my progress, and if it cashed or not. It should be a fun little experiment, and I am a big proponent of transparency in this industry.

Good luck to everyone! Let’s all win some cash!