Each week, we will take a look at a few players who would make good pickups in your season long fantasy leagues. We will try mix it up to have a good distribution of pitching and hitters to help you dominate your fantasy leagues.


Peter O’Brien – 7% owned – Peter O’Brien is going to struggle for awhile, but he brings a major power punch to this lineup. We’ve seen him hit three homeruns in his short time in the big leagues, and that is something that could definitely continue, as the power is there. I think he is likely to kill your batting average, but he could definitely contribute with home runs and RBI’s. It doesn’t hurt than he’s in Coors at the end of this week.

Matt Adams – 30% owned – Adams is hitting over .300 right now, and despite that, he is available in 70% of leagues. He looks like he will be able to continue to hit somewhat for average, and of course, he’s always a threat for home runs. If you are weak at either first base or utility, Adams is a nice add.

Marwin Gonzalez – 8% owned – I’m a big fan of players like Marwin, as he is a utility player in the sense that he can be used at all four infield positions. Guys like this are great to have, especially when he is playing at the level he is right now. He is highly under-owned, and makes for an excellent add while he is getting regular starts and playing at a high level.

Didi Gregorious – 12% owned – Gregorious is another guy that is going to be under-owned in fantasy leagues, because up until recently, he had been mostly invisible at the plate. That isn’t the case now, as his bat has warmed up, which will normally happen with a trip to Coors. He will be playing against that same poor Rockies pitching at home this week, and that should give him another opportunity to use that short left field porch.


Archie Bradley – 22% ownedBradley’s next start will see him in Coors, so if you pick him up, it is probably a good idea to not use him for that start. Other than that, I do believe he will be able to be a solid source of strikeouts, as his game seems to finally be coming around. I don’t think he’ll be a top tier pitcher, at least not yet, so he will still get blown up sometimes, but most pitchers run that risk anyway.

Tyler Anderson – 13% owned – I mentioned Tyler Anderson in my last article, and since then, his ownership has jumped over 10%. He’ll get nailed for two earned runs in this past start because of a homerun given up by the relief pitcher, but Anderson has looked very good in his initial run. Being in Coors will hurt him to some extent, but this Rockies’ pitching staff is improving and is a tough team to want to target outside of Coors.