Each week, we will take a look at a few players who would make good pickups in your season long fantasy leagues. We will try mix it up to have a good distribution of pitching and hitters to help you dominate your fantasy leagues.


Zach Cozart – 22% owned – Last time I wrote Cozart up, he was 10% owned. He is now up to 22%. He is playing at an extremely high level right now, and his production is showing. He gets to start the week against a Pirates staff that is both lefty heavy and struggling. I think he should really help your teams out this week, and moving forward.

Eduardo Nunez – 28% owned – Like Cozart, Nunez has started the year off very hot. The biggest drawback is that he plays for Minnesota, and that is a team that is just not taken very seriously. He can provide help in a variety of ways, and should be on your radar this week.

Adam Duvall – 3% owned – Perhaps no one had a better week this week than Duvall. Four of his five homeruns came from this week, and this is a great player to target if you believe in hot streaks. I am a big believer, and he has helped me win a bit in DFS. Outfield is very deep, and I get that, but I would ride the streak while it’s there. Like Cozart, he is playing a lefty heavy Pittsburgh team to start the week.

Mark Reynolds – 7% owned – Reynolds plays at Coors half the year – that should be reason enough. Coming into the year, there was thought to be a platoon split between he and Ben Paulsen. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore. He has multi position eligibility, which is something I always like, as it ensures more times than not that I have a full roster. You could do a lot worse on your roster. 


Mike Wright – 49% ownedI think it is fair to say that we should still wait for the other shoe to drop, but man, does Wright look good. He just dominated the Yankees [which may or may not be saying much], and has good control. The biggest benefit with him is that he can be used in both the SP and RP spot, meaning you can use an additional pitcher in the relief spot if you happen to have a full slate of pitchers going that day. 

Julio Urias – 12% owned – I feel like every week I am writing up a different prospect, but it totally makes sense. It isn’t too often that you can stumble in to a pitcher post draft that can turn into a stable, if not excellent starting option. The one drawback is that the Dodgers have tossed around several scenarios including using him in relief, which definitely muddles his potential in the short term. Still, it wouldn’t be long until he would be starting in the league, and that also means it would occur during the playoffs. If he plays to his potential, he will be one of the biggest waiver wire pickups of the year.