Each week, we will take a look at a few players who would make good pickups in your season long fantasy leagues. We will try mix it up to have a good distribution of pitching and hitters to help you dominate your fantasy leagues.


Byung Ho Park – 41% owned – I want to try to keep this article to players with low ownerships, at least under 50%. Park could end up being one of the better home run hitters in the league this year. Statistically, he measures up with some of the best in the game, but it is with an extremely limited sample size. If you are looking for home run help in your league, and can sacrifice a bit at the batting average component, Park is a very strong pickup.

Brett Lawrie – 41% owned – Well, I wish I could say we would be advising to pick up Lowrie last week, because he finished this week on a tear, racking up one home run a game in the series against Baltimore. Still, he is playing for a team that is playing good ball at the time, and that in itself is enough of a reason to pick him up. I would like to see him hitting higher in the order, but I can live with where he is at.

Chase Utley – 8% owned – I was a little bit taken back when I saw Utley’s low ownership. I understand he is in the twilight of his career. I get that he doesn’t play in a hitters park. What I do see is a guy who is still performing at a high level and batting leadoff. I really think you could do a lot worse at the position.

A.J. Reed – 16% owned – Many thought Reed was going to make the roster coming into camp, but Tyler White performed so well, and continued it into the first weeks of the season. Well, now we have hit the point where Marwin Gonzalez is playing better than both White and Luis Valbuena, which likely means that Reed’s call-up cannot be too far away. He will be a guy that would likely slot into the lineup where White was, giving him instant value in the Astros offense.


Rubby de la Rosa – 8% owned This could certainly end up being a risky move. I need to clarify that right off the bat. Rubby now has two great starts under his belt, against the Cardinals and the Pirates, both at Chase Field. He has been for a few years one of the pitchers you wanted to pick on when he was on the mound, but has the tide turned? I am not sold completely. He gets a showdown with Miami this week that will further unravel this mystery, but for now, I would label him a speculative pick with upside. 

Tyler Glasnow – 21% owned – I have mentioned Glasnow before, but I am mentioning him now for one specific reason: the ownership percentage is ticking up. Next week, it will be near 25%, then 35%. By the time June rolls around, chances are someone else in your league will already have him. It isn’t often that you get the chance at stashing a player of this caliber. I suggest you do it very soon.